Dindu Creep Urinates on Sleeping Woman’s Face During NYC Subway Ride

New York City is sometimes called the Concrete Jungle.

The jungle is winning, beating civilization. When you have a third world population, you get third world behavior.

At least the perp in this case didn’t take the #2 train.

New York Daily News

So, it wasn’t the No. 1 train?

A creepy straphanger relieved himself on a J train early Thursday — right onto a 26-year-old woman’s face, police said.

The woman told police she was sitting in the middle car on a Brooklyn-bound train as it left the 75th St.-Elderts Lane station in Woodhaven, Queens about 1:50 a.m. Her eyes were closed as she listened to music on her headphones. Then she felt something wet hit her face.

When she opened her eyes, she found a complete stranger urinating on her, cops said.

The peeing perp said nothing as he ran off the train as soon as it stopped at the Cypress Hills station in Brooklyn.

The woman reported the incident at the nearest NYPD Transit police station.

Police said the suspect is black, about 5-feet-3 and was wearing a red shirt and black pants. Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

If arrested, he could be charged with public lewdness, cops said.

“5 feet 3?” Just look for a Nigger Napoleon, New York and you’ll have your man.

17 thoughts on “Dindu Creep Urinates on Sleeping Woman’s Face During NYC Subway Ride

  1. Why would anyone live in that cesspool of NY? And unless she just got off work somewhere, women should not be out at 1:50am alone. That is not to excuse the sicko sleaze guy, but face it, ladies, the world is not a safe nor sane place. Use wisdom!

    Proof of “Subway Insanity”;

  2. Do not shut your eyes at 2 a.m. on public transport. Do not listen to headphones in the street and public transport unless you like the occasional sucker punch to the head, or iPhone snatching. Anyone wearing headphones in a jungle is reckless and foolish. Quite a few get hit by cars due to lack of concentration. The iPhone obsession also takes people away from their real world surroundings.

    “Be alert, the world needs more lerts”.

    The Coon has a classic case of Short Man Syndrome. He is guilty of lewd behaviour by flashing his cock near to a woman’s face. What about pissing on her face? This is surely an aggravated assault with health risks and should have a separate charge and penalty. Nobody likes being pissed on by a midget black bastard, or even by a tall handsome man. Except a few fetishists, even they do not expect or want to be pissed on some random nigger on the subway.

    Was this woman on drugs, or drunk? She could have punched the nigger in the balls, hard, while he was still pissing. New York, New York, city of nightmares. She probably could have fought this dwarf, and won.

    • It’s gotten beyond scary here in Marxachusetts. I take mental notes of my surroundings on buses and subways and with very few exceptions almost all are wearing earphones and/or staring into tablet and smart phone screens. Equally scary (to me anyway); I’m finding I’m one of the few white people on bus, subway and any healthcare waiting room compared to 10 years ago when whites made up the majority.

      • You still have it relatively easy. I just got back to the south from vacation in RI. Saw maybe 5 blacks the whole 2 weeks. I swear to god, that alone took so much stress off me it was palpable. Those people are intolerable to any civilized human being.

      • Talk about the life in Marxachusetts
        Speak about the people I have seen
        And the whites all went out of Marxachusetts
        And MadMaxachusetts is one place I have seen

        I will remember Massachusetts

    • I wanted to make this comment on the article you linked, but I don’t do faceberg, so I’ll do it here. In every city that has been ruined by niggers, send in overwhelming military units to round up and deport the entire citizenry. No exceptions. If you live in the most blighted areas of the worst inner cities in America, no matter your race, you are either an outright criminal or a welfare parasite. There won’t be much resistance, even from the most violent gangs, however, this must be done in a coordinated nation wide sweep. If it happens in only one city at a time, word will get out and then there will be organized resistance and national outrage and riots. The majority of blacks who are now aged 50 and up will not protest much. They are the last remaining semi civilized blacks and most of them are disgusted by what has become of the current generations of blacks. When that generation of blacks dies off, we will be left with Zimbabwe level savages. Anyone that has been in a public housing project knows what I mean. When the cities have been cleared and order restored, a rebuilding effort funded by the unused welfare funds will commence using only white architects, engineers, and tradesmen. An armed perimeter and temporary free housing for all workers and security would be established. I believe workers traveling in and out of the city would be targeted by liberals and minorities. Upon completion of reconstruction, the housing would be occupied by police and military until such time as full order is restored and the people in the surrounding areas see the benefits of the effort that was undertaken, new businesses, schools, hospitals established, etc. I think it would work. I would love to hear thoughts on this.

      • I left out where I’d send the deportees. I don’t really give a shit as long as they stay gone. Thoughts on that and what laws would be enacted or repealed are encouraged. I’ve got to get to work, but hope to see some input on this and perhaps some coordinated outreach to the Trump administration. He has said he’s considering sending in a federal force to Chicago. Let’s see if he’s for real.

      • One more though….
        Deport every prison inmate from these cities along with them. Lifers and death row inmates are to be executed and used for neurological studies and other possible useful study.

  3. OK, I’ve related this story some time ago but it definitely relates to this incident.
    About five or six years ago my work would occasionally require my traveling to Lower Manhattan. All the way downtown, below Wall Street to the Bowling Green station. So, on one hot, muggy, humid summer evening, right in the middle of rush hour, I made my way back to Bowling Green to get the number 4 or 5 express train uptown to Grand Central so I could get a New Haven line train back to CT. Now, getting a seat on a rush hour train is almost as rare as shooting consecutive holes-in-one. There was the normal crowd on the platform looking down the track for the train coming in from Brooklyn. When the train pulled into the station you could see that all of the cars were already packed as usual – except one car was completely empty. This was an absolute miracle! Everybody on the platform rushed to get into that empty car and then turned around and rushed right back out again. Some miserable SOB had taken an enormous $hit on one of the seats right in the middle of the car and it was unbearable.
    This is what Mayor David Dinkins (typical dindu NYC Democrat) called “vibrant diversity”.

    • Yeah, the MARTA in Atlanta( Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta) originally had carpet flooring. Needless to say, every car smelled like piss and vomit. That was my first and last time on that ride.

  4. I have noticed that too about people wearing headphones ALL THE TIME! I have cautioned my child numerous times about the dangers of headphones. I know people who wear them at home, alone. WHY? Not to mention what they do to your hearing. Situational awareness, or lack thereof, can mean survival or not. That is what I told my kid. People can’t go 2 min w/o some kind of sound coming from those phones. I mean, I love music too…but there are places when you must be on high alert at all times. I would think public trans. would be one of them. That woman would call me a racist, I am. I would have done something. I mean, you already pissed on me, I guess I would try to rip off your dick or your face. At least if I got a beatdown too I could show I have some self-respect. Stupid ass girl, thinking you could be safe on White man’s public trans (cause we’re all the same, don’t ya know?). Sitting with eyes closed AND headphones. Nothing says, “I am prey”, better than that. LOL. And people call me crazy. But, in that situation, I think a knife in the balls would get my point across. Hell, I would’ve done something. I guess it could have ended a lot worse for her.

    • Man, I was at home a couple of years ago and ate some shrooms and threw on the headphones. God damn it if my red pill mind didn’t kick in. I started thinking ” Jesus. What if a negro kicked in my door? The government? If there’s a “list”, I’m sure as fuck on it. What if a crackdown on dissidents went down?” Tripping my face off. It was terrible. Went and grabbed my gun and played the tunes quiet. What a fucking world…..

      • Headphone wearers and iPhone stares are oblivious to their surroundings. They often expect people walking towards them to get out of their way. I perhaps help educate them, because moving out of the way of someone who is not even looking is not my style.
        In Sinny, Orstraya, about 70% of all peak hour public transport commuters are immersed in headphone and/or Smartphone activities. For those going to the city, most are not white. 20 to 40 year old Chinks, Indians, pakis etc. Especially Chinks. More niggers are needed in Sin City – to wake folks up to jungle dangers and sounds. The Govt is obliging with a nigger express free one way trip from Africa.

  5. Ray,

    “hope to see some input on this and perhaps some coordinated outreach to the Trump administration. He has said he’s considering sending in a federal force to Chicago.”

    He did, started with only 20 though, but I think it’s more a training force to show those idiots how to police. If that doesn’t work, maybe many more sent.

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