Black American Tourist Beaten to Death in Greece for Harassing White Women


An American Nagger has learned the hard way that Greeks and Eastern Europeans won’t put up with “muh dik” aimed at white women. In Texas, his home base, miscegenation is widely accepted. Muh Nagger’s Facebook is filled with photos of him with white chicks he’s been “kooning around with.”

Bakari Henderson, the American tourist beaten to death, is being praised by the media as a business genius and an all-around super-Nigga. The media story is that he’s the greatest human being who ever lived.

They are playing this tale of muh dik gone wild as a horrible example of the tragic loss of a great young Nagger who would have ruled the world, if only.


A 22-year-old American college graduate was beaten to death on the Greek island of Zakynthos on Friday, local media reported.

Bakari Henderson, 22, who recently graduated from the University of Arizona, was drinking at a bar with friends before being approached by a man who instigated a brawl.

Bar employees consequently asked the men to leave the bar when several other people, including bar employees, took the fight onto the street, ANA-MPA reported.

A total of eight individuals, including a 32-year-old Serbian and a 34-year-old Greek national, have been arrested in connection with the incident.

“Greek police in Zakynthos notified the US Embassy of the death of a US citizen in the early morning hours of Friday,” the US State Department said in a statement. “We are in communication with authorities and providing consular assistance to the deceased citizen’s family.”

“We offer our sincerest condolences to family and friends, and out of respect for the family during this difficult time, we have no further comment,” it continued.

Henderson was in Zakynthos working on a photo shoot to launch a clothing line at the time of the incident, his family confirmed in a statement.

“Bakari loved spending time with family and friends, traveling, and meeting new people. He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures. Bakari was an inspiration to all he met. He loved life and lived it to the fullest,” his family told CNN affiliate KXAN in a statement.

A number of politicians, including Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) paid tribute to Henderson, who previously worked as an intern at the Texas legislature.

Meanwhile, Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) said in a statement: “My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Bakari Henderson, whose life was senselessly and brutally cut short this weekend. The loss of our recent University of Arizona graduate is truly tragic and shocking, and I offer my deepest condolences to all who knew him.”

Zakynthos, a small island on the west coast of mainland Greece, is a popular destination for tourists around the world, known for its stunning cliffside beaches and sea caves.

Security cam video:

TV news report:

Another TV news report:

From the Breitbart comments section:

Other reports say that he was harassing women and was highly agitated because they wouldn’t have anything to do with him and he started calling them racists. When he went too far and groped a woman that set off the chain reaction leading to his death. In other words, he was engaging in obnoxious thug behavior, thought he could get away with it and found out the hard way that he couldn’t. Report was in a British newspaper.

A black woman gives her perspective of Blacks “swirling” (f*cking) white people, who she calls Caucasoid devils. This is a far more interesting video than you might think. This black woman hates white people. She also disapproves of Niggas who swirl.

Bakaki was down with the swirl. He ran into some folks who weren’t.

33 thoughts on “Black American Tourist Beaten to Death in Greece for Harassing White Women

  1. Good riddance, those whites are heroes. Do not forget Paladin that you should not ape the (((MSM))). For this one article you should have half a dozen or more about whites being murdered and beaten to death by blacks. Maybe in Africa also. After all, this was Greece, not the USA. Whites get beaten to death by blacks all around the world. But who reports these crimes? Pretty much nobody, it is taboo to tell the truth about Coons.

    I was talking to a friend today who saw this on (((MSN))). “Nobody should die like this” he said. My irritable reply “I wish every nigger in the world was beaten to death”.

    Then we argued with my beef being that he learns a lot of shit from the (((MSM))) yet never learns the true facts of black on white crime, due to MSM poopaganda anti white bias. He says it “is good to watch the enemy”. He does not see that he believes all the horsepoo the enemy pumps out. He is lazy and prefers to watch videos rather than to read. A typical TV watcher – though he hates the invasion of the West by Coons and Yellows and Browns.

    i saw a young male nigger today in Eastern Europe. He was not walking – he was swaggering. He was looking at his smart phone non stop. Is it racist to report what my eyes see?

    • You don’t hear a word about the whites in S. Africa being horribly genocided by the black savages on jewish media. Women raped and killed in front of their husbands and children. Burned with blow torches and boiling water. Raped with broken bottles. These mentally retarded SJW assholes aren’t gonna know what hit them if they ever succeed in marginalizing whites in this country. The little faggots, feminists, and dykes won’t be able to defend themselves and their little BLM sign on their front lawn isn’t going to mean shit to a nigger with an IQ of 70 and a machete.

    • SWAGGERING … yeah, that’s the word … I am “lucky” now too, as I can watch those charcoal black African (“refugee”) Humanoid Apes daily, how they stare in their “smart phones” with STUPID looks, and pretending being Humans. What angers me the most is how comfortable they feel here. This shit will go on and on until … the only question is how long it will last before Native Europeans would commence general cleanup from these vermin, and not forgetting Lefturds of course.

      As of Serbs and how they handled this Negroid shit … well, they sent message and I hope Negroids got it – STAY AWAY FROM DECENT WHITE WOMEN, as you have plenty of volunteering and crazy coal-burners, more than willing to infect themselves with your apish fluids and rotten scent

    • The difference between my reporting and the MSM is that I call out the super-Nigga narrative as a fraud and in this case, I got right to the real cause of his ass stomping. The MSM would conceal has “kooning around” at all cost. I won’t.

  2. From the video above, it does look like the black boy swung first. They are all supra-nigs after they are dead, LOL. He found out real quick that he wasn’t in the US anymore. No great loss after all. You know what else? The black always comes out. No matter how many White friends you have. He may have been a successful one later (I kind of doubt it tho), if so it was only because he was “acting White”. LOL

  3. I had to watch that again. He shouldn’t have hit that Serb. You can only do that with beta-white men, which are the ones who are his friends. It looked to me that the Serbian’s friend tried to get between them as he knew after the hit (slap?) what was coming. It appears that this boy loved to get photographs with beautiful non-black women. In almost every, single photo I have seen, he is next to, or, has his hand on a pretty White girl. That is very sad to me…a tragedy. His death…not so much.

  4. When do we hear about the death of a white male and learn of his academic successes? NEVER. Truly Orwellian. The Jew fulfilling the Protocols is so bloody obvious but yet we are all ant-semitic, racist Nazis!

    what would be more influential — taking away all forms of media from white society for 50 years, or forcing every white person to read something like Arthur Butz classic, “The hoax of the twentieth century?”

    Probably taking away that bloody one eyed Bolshevik! Hardly a white can even read anymore.


    This black thug used the classic pick up tactics of the negroes, which are:

    1. Go approach the girl aggressively and DEMAND she go out with him. Some gullible girls will because they are too scared to say no.

    2. If she does not, call her a “racist”. Keep screaming “racist”, “racist” until she gives in. Many will.

    Looks like these tactics backfired on this black thug. These men are heroes as they acted in self defense and should not be criminally prosecuted.

    This is what good heroic white men do—protect white women from associating with the gutter (or “sinking into the gutter with the nigger”, as they say), or associating with “kala kakoos” (a word used by Indians students at the uni which technically means melena, or black stools, and loosely translated means “black sh..”).

  6. No loss here. Stupid jig thought his ape privilege would protect him like in the JewSA. Pisses me off though to see those pretty white girls associating with that spook. Sad jew-brain-washed girls. Can not wait for The Days of the Rope.

  7. Looks to me this orc wasn’t as bright as he and his White neighbors thought he was. I am guessing he is one of the top 1% of Blacks and came from a Black family that actually benefited from affirmative action by getting dad and mom into a high paying government job or private industry that needed the black employees to get government contracts. He grew up in an all white (except for him and his family) neighborhood and went to a mostly all White school and was able to actually keep up enough to stay. As I said the top 1%. The magical negro.

    He made sure to take those pictures with every good looking white girl he could find to show them to other white girl prey as if to confirm that all white girls are mudsharks. Prolly worked quite well for him in the states where most White Men are afraid of their own government too much to do anything about it. He avoided the typical Female harassment claims, that constantly plague White men his age, because he is black and then like a complete idiot he took this 22 years of conditioning to another country and didn’t adjust his actions accordingly.

    Dead magical Orc…..

  8. I thought the whole world loved blacks and their whacky antics. Oh well, another martyr for the shitskin hall of fame. Let’s pause for a moment and crack open another cold one.


    I don’t know why you took this article down.

    I am not supporting Grant’s actions in picking up a hoe; however, interesting how Divine Brown used the whole hoe blow with Grant to bolster her life, just as this young man appeared to do with his token white girl pics.

    There are also those that hypothesize that Grant became famous in the USA for the Divine blow. Prior to the incident he was barely known.

    I have often surmised that this whole situation between Grant and Divine was a set up.

    Anyway, guess this young man overstepped his boundaries.

  10. Quote: He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures.??
    What a loss to mankind ?? He was going to find a cure for Cancer ! Find a way to tap free energy from the Cosmos, so that we stop burning fossil fuel & stop the GLOBAL WARMING ??
    Will mankind recover from this loss ??

  11. As a White woman, I can confirm that the racist label is used to try to coerce White women to date non-Whites. It was easy for me to just laugh and say I want my babies to look like me. I mean, hey, I had to eat a lot of shit too, as a White person who needed my job. I mean, instead of saying, “you nasty ape, I’ll burn your face with this brazing gun if you don’t get away from me”, I had to laugh it off with a joke. But, rest assured, one could never make me date or go out with a non_White. I think that those who worked with me a long time, black and White, knew how I felt.

  12. The lady talking in the “swirling” video does not sound very “black.” Maybe she’s a Northerner? (Update: “Birfday” she said twice; yes, she’s black & she can’t be from up North!)

    Her YT channel name: “Cynthia G Advice Channel” w/photo, so yes, she’s black.

    Another error, she assumed (around 27-min. mark) that the Jenkins guy who said Bakari was always the peacemaker, was a black guy “from a family of coons,” she said. Nope, he was one of the white guys/friends of Bakari in the news videos.

    She also kept saying REPEATEDLY that those white guys/his friends were the same “friends” mentioned in news articles as being there in the bar with Bakari. One of the news videos says that “his childhood friends back in Houston” (white guys including Jenkins) but it also said he was traveling with college friends, one named Daniel Brown (there’s a shaded photo of 4 guys on he trip at 7:43 in the video; Daniel Brown is maybe Hispanic? The other 2 probably white, & Bakari). Of course she’s mad that, in her reasoning, because those friends are white guys, that they CHOSE TO DO NOTHING to help their black friend. The news report says his friends did CPR to no avail.

    Lastly, her incessant hating of whites (Caucasoids) due to HER BLACK BRETHREN CHOOSING to “embed themselves in white society,” is grating. Why blame us for what your “brothers” do? Tell them to go back to the hood, girl!

    As for Bakari, his face in the photos resembles a very young Cassius Clay. If he had the same ego, no wonder he’s no more.

  13. Some of the comments at “Cynthia G Advice Channel” YT channel are rather sane, by blacks that are awake to preserving THEIR OWN RACE & other multi-cult issues. Very interesting. Good to know & good for them. Just don’t blame us for it anymore. Wake up to the (((real)) agenda behind forced multiculturism upon ALL groups, us & them! Several were blaming black “baby boomer” parents for not teaching black kids correctly, etc. Some examples, since I’m reading them all anyway… copy/paste…

    –One black guy (ID photo) wrote: “I’ve traveled extensively, from Ethiopia to India. Black people…please do not travel to white countries. White supremacy is everywhere, you can’t escape it, domestically or internationally. Go and visit Africa, or areas where you and your people are native too. Greece is a white supremacist country. They think ALL black women are prostitutes and whores, the men will rape you and the judicial system will let it go. I know black women who visited Greece, and were sexually harassed and grabbed by these devils just to be told it was their fault. Leave those Devils alone. Black men can be arrested for any reason they see fit over there. It’s a beautiful place, but the residents do the ugliest things. Go to your homeland and leave that parasitic, pale faced, Devil and his cave crumb to itself.”

    –Another black guy (ID photo) said re the brawl: “They were all running away from the brawl but dude got caught in it. One friend was close by and tried to push them away but was also getting beat up. He survived coz he wasn’t the main target, Bakari was.”

    –“The video just came out. His friends were actually trying to save him whilst getting their asses beat up. I’m all about Black Empowerment but I don’t like false narratives being spread even by black people.”

    –“Black on Black Violence and Black Self-Hate are 2 sides of the same coin. Blackness is killed or it’s diluted, end result is basically the same. How is pseudo-whiteness helping advance Black Manhood? Swirlish blacks don’t have a logical explanation for the bs, all they can do is be emotional. Logic trumps Emotion 100 out of 100 times. Interracial is a Lying Game. It’s been nonsense from the jump. Understand, putting another race of women above our own is not natural…It’s Not!”

    –“Dating and Marrying Whites is Destructive for the Black community. Nothing good comes out of Swirling with Caucasoid Devils.”

    –“Yes! please read Joshua 23, Deuteronomy 7:3-4, and Nehemiah 13:23-24-25-26.”

    (Me: Those are verses from the Old Testament/Bible where God told the Hebrews to NOT INTERMARRY but God was referring to becoming entwined with godless heathens; he never mentioned skin color. But CULTURE matters just as much, & if those verses help blacks &/or whites &/or any other culture/ethnicity to wake up & realize they relate to their own better than “outsiders,” then good!)

    –“coons who date and marry their oppressors are spending all their money in massa Communities. because they want to live in white suburbs and spend all their money on massa products. while the Communities they come from is still poor as shit. shit is disgusting and makes no fucking sense to me!”

    –“Exactly my brother, that’s why I say, Coons are traitors, and should be treated as such. Coons are more Dangerous to the Black community than White Supremacists themselves. Coons like Jesse Lee Peterson and Tommy Sodomizer are a threat to the well being of the community.”

    –“Unfortunately the black victim left his black privilege in the U.S. and forgot Greece isn’t America anymore. In Eastern Europe the Greeks and Serbs don’t believe in “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.”

    –“He should have done his studies on modern day Greece. Because them Neo Nazi’s, White Supremacist groups are heavy up in them Mediterranean , European countries. Brothers better not fool themselves, about them olive eating Greeks Portuguese and Spaniards. They can be even more vicious than Anglo Saxon Caucasians.”

    • Some blacks felt Bakari must have been raised by white parents/guardians because of his white-desires.

      Another said his brother was killed similarly in Texas a decade ago:
      –“And I also read that his brother had been killed in a similar way in Texas 10 years ago.”


      Update on the killing:

      –“Cynthia is right it was over a white woman. In the article it says the bouncer got angry after he tried to take a selfie with a Greek waitress. They followed him outside and beat him to death. Story is real fishy. Where was his two “friends” when he got beat to death? I went to college with white Boys and they will fight for anything even stuff as trivial as sports or frats……but they wouldn’t fight for their “friend.”

      –“white friends don’t come to Black defense against white, it happened to the soldier who was waiting with his white friend, not even Nate Parker wife publicly defended him,.. black people, you gonna learn today.”


      Another person told of a Memphis death, black lady found at bottom of pool, there for hours & no “whiteys” who lived there came to rescue her; she had a JEWISH boyfriend, they said, but were not suspicious of that; they were mad at the white folks who lived at the same complex.



      –“Totally agreed … so much for the notion that swirling cures racism.”

      –“If anything it increases it and makes white supremacy easier to practice.”

      All this “white supremacy” talk amazes me. Do you walk around feeling like a “white supremacist”? Me, neither!


      Now, for some of the even NASTIER comments…

      Talking re very gross body parts/functions, as usual.

      Calling all white women “Becky” + body parts — that’s a new one on me, Becky, never heard that before.

      They call white people “cave dwellers” & “cave beasts” for some reason. You ever lived in a cave? Me, neither!

      They are oblivious to the (((REAL)) AGENDA & blame white people for everything. Even (((Hollywood))) movies:

      –“in every caucasoid movie the black always dies. that’s what happens to coons. they see you as that blacky in the movie.”

      –“You’re right. That’s Hollywood white supremacist propaganda.”


      They think Samson in the Bible was a black guy & it was a white lady, Delilah, who duped & destroyed him. (Samson was one of the judges in ancient Israel; he was a Hebrew, his father was from the Tribe of Dan. Some of the blacks at that video think they are the Biblical OT Hebrews & we are the evil white Romans who God will destroy!)


      They say white people are serpents & they were taught that whites are very “disloyal.”

      They call us Neanderthals.

      –“all white pple ain’t bad”……. lol yeah right.

      Some of them warned of the Golden Dawn Nazis that are strong in Greece.


      Samples of blacks with no sympathy for Bakari – they blame us, as usual:

      –“I want to feel bad but, I’m sorry I just can’t. People like this don’t learn. Neanderthals are not your friend. They are your natural enemies and you didn’t make it that way, they made it that way. I’m loving every story that comes out about these coons and coonettes getting murdered by the “love of their lives”. fucking weak minded bastards.”

      –“I feel no sympathy for this man or ANY other black man that swirls or goes out of their way to make cave beast their all. This goes for black women as well. We are in a race war if you put yourself in these situations you got what was coming.”


      Others are mad at Trump now:

      –“I notice Donald trump didn’t get outraged by this like he did with the white dude that was in Korea.”

      –“These cave beast don’t give a damn about Black people. This is not the first time a Black American has been harmed abroad. Remember how they turned Aruba upside down for Natalie Holloway? But, for this Black guy all you hear is crickets.”

  14. More comments of “How Black People Think” – from the same lady’s YT channel that you posted further above:

    –“And this is why I don’t make white friends. I can either have non-white friends or no friends at all.”

    –“People of Color can not trust the intergrity of a friendship with Caucasiod members in times of need. Facts!!!!! His so-called BFF’s were MIA.”

    –“True. Besides work I really don’t see any other reason to voluntarily be around caucasoids.”

    –“His caucasoid “friends” set him up. White people are our NATURAL Born enemies. Again, the ALWAYS unaware NEGRO can’t comprehend this.”

    –“Bakari Henderson and Darian Brittany Towns were in the same boat. Both Swirlers DEAD.”

    –“Am I a coon for hoping more white ppl kill bl ppl who are very close to them because I think after that happens enough times maybe black ppl will stop trying to be close like this and realizing THEY DON’T WANT US AROUND THEM!!!?? Idk just asking.”

    That last comment got a half-dozen agreements from other blacks! Why don’t they try educating each other EN MASSE (if blacks ever get wind of who their real (((enemy))) is, that would spread through their communities like wildfire!) Finally one smart likely-white guy spoke up:

    –“Ya’ll are calling for the killing of your own people. This is sad. Even whites wouldn’t call for the killing of whites in the KKK even though they don’t like them.”


    –“I’m pretty sure the people of Greece sold his melanin-Rich organs.”

    (They need to wake up as to who are the leaders in (((organ trafficking))) !)


    –“there’s been an ongoing war in Greece between Neo Nazis and the black panther party in Greece; a deep ongoing gang style war.”


    More re Black Parents’ Fault?

    –“This nigga’s parents are the sole blame for this shit. He ate, drank, slept, and shitted white people ALL HIS FUCKIN LIFE!!!!! This is his mother and father’s fault. And now since their son is dead they should, if they have a trace of decency, take a gun and blow their own fuckin brains out.”

    –Channel owner’s reply to that > > > “How is it his parents fault when he’s a grown man? My mother didn’t raise my black brothers to love and worship white women, in fact she adamantly told them not to, and yet they both ONLY date and procreate with white women. It’s not his parents fault that he valued whiteness over himself. He was grown and choose to ingratiate himself with white people.”

    –“Cynthia G Advice Channel, I hear your point. It’s unfortunate that your brothers chose to ignore the wisdom of your mother and from your earlier videos, your sisters too. I think I speak for more than just myself when I say thank God you were the anomaly. You said yourself with us having a inferiority complex caused by the bombardment and never ending onslaught of messages and signals we receive daily through this country’s educational system, media and advertising, you can see how a black person can put him or herself in this position. That’s where the parents come in. The parents have lived and should have a healthy awareness of the harsh reality and danger of white supremacy and the wickedness of these people. His parents could have taken the initiative to counteract the poison this country dishes out to black males and females and equip him with a shield of protection such as the knowledge of self, jim crow savagery and black/ white relations past and present starting from as early as kindergarten. The information is available just not in this country’s school system. I truly feel in my heart, by black parents not doing that we’re feeding our young to the wolves. I realize what I said seemed harsh and if I offended you that was not my intent. It’s just that when I hear these incidences I get enraged and it effects me sometimes to the point where I loose sleep. … I really feel that if his parents would’ve equipped him with the knowledge of himself, his history and his culture he would not have constantly surrounded himself in a sea of devils and he might still be here today.”

  15. The type of hippie white women who like Afro-centric blacks:

    –“these women are on the hunt, so it seems. i was approached like 6 times yesterday by different white women, and sadly niggas are really falling for it, i saw at least 15 couples yesterday black dudes with white women. seems like they like the afrocentric look; most of the dudes were either in some type of african beads or they had dreads or they would be in some kemetic gear. surprisingly tho, it’s not the usual fat girl or the average looking ones. it was all average dudes with either a fly one or at least an above average looking woman.”

    –“African beads and kemetic gear with white woman on their arm? Typical fake conscious negroes.”


    Smart black mom!

    –“My mom taught me that Black men that chase white women and dogs that chase cars had one thing in common….they will both end up dead.”

    –“But many white girls from such relationships end up dead 2. Jus sayin.”

    True that; your blog documents that very thing.


    Blacks & Their History vs. Dominicans:

    –“Actions speak louder than words or hash tags. I’m pro black and would NEVER swirl and only want to do business within our own community. The clue of being really pro black is knowing and,appreciating your history! If a black person doesn’t know thier history then stay away from them!”

    –“People who don’t know their history about being black in the AMERIKKKAS is a fucking BLACK LATINO SELF DENIER A.K.A. Dominicans!!!!! I gave another name for a sambo. It is the Dominican Effect!!!!!! BTW not all are like that but enough are like that.”


    There’s been lots of TRAVEL Advice, here’s just a sample:

    –“no time ever have I Entertain the ideal of traveling to or vacation any place or country European/hybrids are. In fact it’s one of the top questions I ask to weed out coons.”

    –“Exactly, the ones with common sense want to be far away from them but IRR creates the illusion of acceptance.”


    Oh brother, THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE!

    –“Chasing that white stank! It is unfortunate that this brother had to die to get his wake up call, but, few survive the actual event in order to learn the lesson that white people are not your friend. They are incapable of such higher emotions such as love and, honest friendship.”

    White people don’t love nor have honest friendships; are incapable of “higher emotions”? I am dumbstruck!


    –“He lived by white supremacy and he died by it, case closed.”

    –“Why this type of nonsense wouldn’t happen to a Black person with common sense: 1. Smart BP do not associate with whites unless absolutely necessary (work/professional). 2. Smart BP know better than to travel to a white country. 3. Smart BP don’t trust whites, period! therefore would not be in the position to be found alone with a bunch of demons unless against his will.”

    –“there were countless eye witness says he was making advances at white girls. That did not sit right with those Greeks/Serbs. He should have least kept a low profile but he thought he had every right to make advances with cave Becky. That was his fatal mistake.”

    –“black ppl and black men in particular never learn. The simply won’t listen. It’s sad that he got killed but this is yet another example of the black man’s weakness for non black women getting him in trouble. From what I know the guy was flirting with the women in the club and tried to take a selfie with a waitress and the bouncer hit him, the black guy hit the bouncer back and then a bunch of guys jumped the black guy. How many times does this have to happen before black men stop messing with non black women. Black men constantly bash black woman and they put other kinds of woman on a pedestal and they believe that their life will be perfect when they get a non black woman. What black men fail to understand is that a woman is a woman no matter what race is is. Stop villianized black women. That dude probably felt it was beneath him to date a black woman now look at him.”

    –“Cyn look into the dejuan Gulliary case. 27 year old beautiful man killed by a racist sherif because he slept with his ex wife. it’s a mess.”


    Many are suspicious that Bakari’s white guy friends set him up on purpose; they were jealous he was getting all their white women; &/or they were jealous that he was going to have a successful business/clothing line, etc. Example:

    –“ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THESE NEANDERTHAL DEMON BEAST SAY.. Case and Point. “Act Aggressively Like That”… Question… LIKE WHAT? The statement in and of itself? Reveals Underlining Racist Beliefs… Now do you understand why his Neanderthal Demon Beast “Friends” Didn’t Help Him Cynthia G. ? In a Nut Shell? The Negro FOOL? Was their Pet “Black Friend” that they wanted to get rid of… So basically? They Took Him For A Ride In The Woods because he became to much for them to Bare… So To Speak… SET UP…”


    Another who thinks they are the biblical Hebrews:

    –“Mellaninated Hebrew Israelites Have Achieved Highest Level of Taming Caucasoids here in AMURDERCA (Civil Rights Struggle) an there still Wild Weeds !!!…..Caucasoids in Europe are far Worse Not Tamed at All As A WHOLE !!!”


    Europe started out black ?

    –“Uneducated negros would think Europe started out white. Europe was never white; do your research.”

    –“Well said lady! Europe was ruled by black aristocracy and blacks were 100% natives of Europe but that truth shall never be brought out.”

    If that were true, why are there zillions of blacks still in AFRICA? Oh sure, they got booted out of Europe & went South & became “jungle people”? Why didn’t they BUILD AFRICA into another Europe?


    The Evil Englishmen:

    –“rural british men are dangerous and brutal. the english are very racist.”

  17. Great quote: “ASSIMILATION IS A MYTH”:

    –“Very good points made here. Assimilation is a myth….period. The self-loathing of the People is truly a sad thing to see. This is evident in the US military. A lot of males will go to those foreign countries and live out their swirling fantasies. I would say that this is yet another learning point that will be completely ignored.”


    Bakari threw a bottle at the girl?

    –Greek-named guy says: “He was harrasing a girl and he even throw a bottle on her and made her bleed which is really a really dangerous act. We are not Americans here anyone who is touching a girl without her approval or hurting her will get a punishment ,if you want to do things like that go back to America.”

    –“MASSIVE BAR BRAWL. According to media reports from Greece, the fight started after a man from a group of Serbians walked up to a group of Americans that included Henderson and broke a glass on their table. One of the Americans then reportedly grabbed the 32-year-old Serbian and punched him, which is believed to have sparked the MASSIVE BAR BRAWL. The security guard and a 34-year-old Greek bartender chased Henderson OUT of the bar and beat him to death, allegedly with brass knuckles. Eight others are believed to have joined in the assault, which was witnessed by several horrified ONLOOKERS passing by. Witnesses reported seeing Henderson surrounded by a crowd of as many as 10 people during the attack, which was said to have lasted for about 30 SECONDS.”


    African blacks hate American blacks moreso?

    –Black guy writes to the YT channel owner: “You ain’t s***…. I don’t know why you niggas in the states think your 100% black….YOUR NOT!!! I’ve been to AFRICA….and I’m tellin you….THEY HATE YOU MORE!!!! A man lost his life, in another country….and all you can say is he’s swirling, and call him out his name. Your no different then that bitch a** fraud, Umar Johnson….And your probably single and lonely as ****. Smh….And there is no WHITE SUPREMACY…I hold no other race nor man over me. Ignorant a** b****. And yeah, I’m married to a black woman.”


    “Black Island Beauty” is smart, her people should follow her advice, let us have the beautiful & COLD Rocky Mountains & they can have the HOT HUMID SWEATY ISLANDS:

    –“NEVER would I ever nor do I even have any desire to enter onto dangerous grounds where my people do not dwell and where I look completely different from everybody and stand out like a sore thumb. For some strange reason, we still keep thinking all whites or most of them are now our friends and we’re safe with them especially in their territory, such fools who believe! I will not give whites from any other country my hard earned money vacationing or visiting their ugly cold unnatural white countries. Where my precious black people are, that’s where my heart naturally gravates to visit and see and where I want to spend my money. I LOVE being around my OWN people! It brings me GREAT & COMPLETE comfort, joy, peace of mind, happiness and true rest in my soul like nothing else on earth! I encourage every black person to visit the Caribbeans and Africa! It’s a different world from the USA when it comes to our black people. It’s very disgraceful and unlike what I’ve known how the blacks treat black here. It’s baffling to us. Love each other and stick together!”

    Another “Europe was Originally Black” comment:

    –“I agree with you but Europe was always ruled by black aristocracy and this is something that will never be taught in the schools. Don’t ever think Europe has always been white! Everything was wonderful until these inferior non-blacks started to impose themselves on us. The caves are where they belong!”

    Oh brother! Where do they get this stuff?

    • Smart black guy:

      –“To tell you the complete truth, it said it started because someone sat their drink down at a table that was occupied. Knowing he was the black one in the group, he probably held the title among the group as the “rowdy black guy who could fight”. He likely tried to talk shit to these dudes, and they whooped his ass. I’m a black male so I’m not being racist, but I’ve seen this shit happen far too often. Black dudes can fight, but aren’t smart. They will pick a fight and not realize what the situation could potentially evolve into, given their surrounds. If I’m fighting someone, you’d better believe I already know for sure how the end will come, and am okay with the outcome. I damn sure wouldn’t go starting a fight in another country.”


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