An American in Paris, Trump Style

American President Donald Trump is having a great visit with his new buddy, French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump has described Monsieur Macron’s wife, Brigitte, as “beautiful.”

What a charming, gentlemanly thing to say.

Even the usually dour Melania, along for the visit, must be having fun.

The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump was captured complimenting the French president’s wife’s body in video posted by the French government’s Facebook account.

The footage shows Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, and their wives chatting after their tour of the museums at Les Invalides.

Trump at one point turns to Brigitte Macron and tells her: “You’re in such good shape.”

He repeats the observation to the French president before turning back to the French first lady, and remarking: “Beautiful.”

Brigitte Macron was her husband’s former high school teacher and their relationship has drawn international attention because of their age difference.

But many have denounced the comments as sexist, noting that the Macrons’ age difference is identical to that of Donald and Melania Trump.

In a news conference, Trump saluted America’s “unbreakable” bond with France.

He made the gushing comments during a news conference in Paris today as part of a trip to France for the Bastille Day celebrations.

Setting aside the fluff, it’s a dazzling development to see Macron take so well to the older Trump. If he thinks of Trump as an older brother or confidant, then so much the better. Everyone had Macron pegged as a politically correct liberal, but so far he’s showing signs of independence from Angela Merkel, who must be jealous at what’s unfolding in Paris.

There are more pictures and story at the Sun.

7 thoughts on “An American in Paris, Trump Style

  1. POTUS will get blasted as a sex maniac/pervert by Trump-haters for commenting on Macron’s wife’s BODY, reminiscent of Trump saying Ivanka had a great BODY, etc.

    Not smart on Trump’s part but at least he was honest in that he skipped faking a compliment re her/Macron’s deformed face.

    France is doomed. I wouldn’t bother schmoozing up to them until they stop destroying their own country. Why doesn’t Macron get off his butt & clean up the trash heaps & mattresses in Paris streets due to all the “refugees”?

      • Ehh, it shows how desperate they are.

        Saying “Beautiful” is like the word “Awesome” that everyone was saying for awhile.

        And in the old days, “Cool,” “Groovy,” etc.

        What do the snobs at WaPo say,

        “That’s Very Nice”


        “Isn’t that Lovely”

        etc.? (sarc)

  2. I guess everyone knows “You’re in such good shape” and “beautiful” really are put-downs. This woman is 64, Macron, 39.

    As for those age differences, it’s usually an older male except in schools where female teachers swoon over the ‘boys’. This woman, whatever her name is, has wrinkles, jowls, turkey neck, and bags under her eyes, not that there’s anything wrong with that and expected in older women, men, too, everyone, but Macron has some kind of mother complex. At least Trump looks much younger than his years.

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