Suddenly, There is Hope for France, and It’s Name is Emmanuel Macron

I haven’t investigated all of the claims about President Macron of France that are stated in the graphic above. However, that last claim can easily be verified. He understands the population problem in Africa and is willing to talk about it when no one else is.


New French President Torched for Saying Africans Have Too Many Children

The media are calling it his first gaffe and social media users are noting that “the honeymoon is over” for French President Emmanuel Macron thanks to some controversial comments he made at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend.

When a reporter asked Macron why no Marshall Plan existed for Africa, he said that the challenge of Africa goes beyond reconstruction. It is “totally different and a lot more profound.”

Africa, he said, has a “civilizational” problem and women are having “seven or eight children.”

Social media users were not pleased.

Some pundits, like The Independent contributor Nabila Ramdani, called it outright racism, before pointing to his history of supposedly belittling minority communities.

Macron was torn apart on Twitter and Facebook for his crude racism, but there was generally silence from France’s establishment. This is because imperial attitudes prevail in a country that has by no means altered its condescending approach towards those it subjugated, often with immense barbarism.

Politico attempted to provide some cover for Macron, noting that Twitter is missing the full context of his remarks.

In his three-minute discussion of the topic, Macron laid out the differences between a postwar reconstruction program such as the Marshall plan and modern country-level and regional-specific approaches to development. Macron called for the creation of partnerships as he pointed to challenges like trafficking, corruption, weak states, and the demographic transition.

Macron can read a graph, n’est pas?

President Trump is invited to spend Bastille Day (French independence day), Friday, July 14, in France with Macron. That is a very hopeful sign. If Macron decides to follow nationalist policies, while refusing to acknowledge the leadership of Angela Merkel, then Europe will be a better place.

It’s probably too much to hope that Macron will ethnically cleanse France, but he may make it respectable for someone in the future to do that. Remember, he was expected to be France’s Obama, not France’s Trump.

The Leftist British paper The Guardian has slammed Macron in the last few hours. Let’s hope that some of Trump’s resistance to the press rubs off on Macron.


11 thoughts on “Suddenly, There is Hope for France, and It’s Name is Emmanuel Macron

  1. That’s jaw dropping! He ran on open borders and the EU and it’s said it’s the reason he won. He believes Muslims can integrate.

    It’s very curious he wanted to hang around Trump at the G20. Could it be possible, he ran centrist to win, I’d say leftist, but had more right-wing plans in mind if he won. Heard a few days ago he sent 5,000 more agents to guard the border. Let’s hope Trump has influence on him.

    Not getting my hopes up.

  2. “called it outright racism”.
    The truth is the truth. How can the truth ever be racist?
    Racism is unjustified hatred of another race. Racialism is recognising true racial differences.
    So Macron is not racist, he is a racialist – as I also am.

    Actually the real crime is not blacks pooping out babies like mice. the crime is white countries paying to vaccinate and feed these babies, then educate them (maybe) then give them a one way ticket to the West, welfare for the next 1,000 years for them and all of their descendants, actually for the next million years. As long as the West hand wringing do gooder States survive – a decade or two at most! There will never be 4 billion blacks alive as per the gloomy UN chart – the Earth itself will kill the Coons one way or the other.

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