Puppy Drags Her Blanket Outside so Homeless Dog Could Sleep on It

Here’s a charming story of puppy love that I hope will brighten your day.

There is a serious side to this story, which is the degree to which animals, in this case dogs, can be altruistic. We know that among the so-called human race, that the Caucasian group shows the highest level of altruism. Maybe thousands of years of living with us have taught dogs something about altruism.

Excerpt from metro.co.uk

This is Lara.

She’s a rescue puppy who is keen on helping other dogs less fortunate than herself.

Now eight months old, she was rescued from the streets of Brazil by owner Suelen Shaumloeffel.

And she clearly remembers how tough street life was because when she saw a homeless dog on a cold evening, she dragged her new blanket out to share it with him.

It’s been chilly in the region recently and so Suelen bought a thicker blanket out to ensure that Lana was warm and cosy in her outdoor doghouse.

Little did she know that after being tucked in, Lana was actually taking the blanket out to ensure that her new pal had a comfortable sleep.

One morning Suelen came down to find both lying on it.

Suelen has been leaving food and water out for the stray dog since even though he runs away anytime she approaches.

But she thinks it’s what Lana would want.

‘I thought, “How beautiful that she did that for her friend”,’ Suelen tells The Dodo.

‘My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!

3 thoughts on “Puppy Drags Her Blanket Outside so Homeless Dog Could Sleep on It

  1. And Lana pushed half of the blanket under the fence! Wow!

    A good example of how so-called dog behaviorists get it wrong when they usually explain this type of behavior as “instinct” or some non-human characteristic because animals are incapable, but in this case, it’s very obvious this dog demonstrated human behavior.

    They blame us for projecting our own human tendencies onto dogs when they say there’s none there; however, after having dogs all my life, I have seen some remarkable human characteristics in my dogs that astounded me…the capability to solve problems…it was obvious they were ‘thinking’ about how to solve the problem, then solved it on their own.

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