Portugal: Entire Police Station ARRESTED Over RACISM Accusations

I believe the police officers’ story, not the Africans.

Sky News

Eighteen Portuguese police charged over alleged torture of young black men

All the officers at the station are charged over claims of “torture and other cruel treatment” against the men.

All the police officers at a station in Portugal have been charged over the alleged kidnap and torture of six young black men.

It means every one of the 18 officers working at Alfragide police station, northwest of Lisbon, is implicated.

They will go on trial for “torture and other cruel treatment” and other charges stemming from the alleged incident, the Lisbon prosecutor’s office said.

In February 2015, five of the men, aged 23 to 25 at the time, went to the station to protest against the “arbitrary and violent” arrest of one of their friends from the Cova da Moura neighbourhood.

The area is known for its large population of immigrants from Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony off Africa’s northwest coast.

The five friends were also detained.

Over 48 hours it is claimed they were all “victims of tremendous physical and psychological violence by officials of an authority dominated by feelings of xenophobia, hate and racial discrimination,” Portuguese daily newspaper Diario de Noticias reported, citing a judicial investigation.

The officers said at the time that dozens of young men had tried to force their way into the police station to free their friend.

But these claims were contradicted by the victims and other witnesses.

Police have responded by invoking the principle of the presumption of innocence, adding that two officers had already faced disciplinary sanctions.

Anti-racism groups were outraged and an association was set up to highlight the plight of young people living in the disadvantaged neighbourhood.

Diversity fuxates society no matter where diversity lives. Eighteen Portuguese cops are feeling the vibrancy and cultural enrichment. I wonder how it feels to have the word of a group of primitives taken over your word. Not good, I’ll bet.

4 thoughts on “Portugal: Entire Police Station ARRESTED Over RACISM Accusations

  1. “Resident groups were outraged and an association was set up to highlight the plight of young policemen working in the disadvantaged neighbourhood full of black invaders.”

    I have made some small changes to the quote. All Govts should back their own police forces. All foreign invaders should have fewer rights than local born citizens. Genuine tourists must be protected but should be one rung on the ladder below locally born citizens who speak the local language. Invaders should be on the bottom of the totem pole. Arresting these cops will embolden these black thugs to a terrible degree. Portugal police should call a national 24 hour strike. All black invaders in Europe should get a severe beating and given a one way ticket to Africa. Otherwise, put 100 invaders in a steel cage with 100 lefties and leftie do gooder politicians. Those that survive are allowed to stay in the country.

    “disadvantaged neighbourhood” is any area where black invaders are allowed to live, even if they get full welfare payments. It is a great disadvantage to any country to have black shitskins living there. Even African countries. Especially African countries.

  2. Reminds me of YouTube video of British soldiers kicking the sh*t out of Iraqi teens and men when the Brits made their way north through Iraq when we invaded them. Good stuff.

    • About 15 years ago a black as spades Coon was beaten by some righteous skinheads in Moscow. The darkie went to the Police Station to get some justice. The cops said “What do you want, nigger?”

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