Pointless Times Square Naked Body Painting Experiment Proves What???!!!

Take one plus sized naked woman and one thin naked woman and have their bodies painted in Times Square, New York city, and what do you have?

It beats the hell out of me.

This is not the first post on nudity in Times Square. It’s still not clear why anyone with any sense would want to join the crowds of morons gawking at the clownshow.

It isn’t any surprise that gawkers in the main found the thinner woman more attractive. This social experiment is pointless, like a lot of things in Times Square.

Daily Mail

Two women with vastly different physiques stood in the center of Times Square and had their bodies painted before strolling around naked to see how members of the public reacted to their appearances.

Nicole, who is plus-sized, and Irina, who is thin, both agreed to let body painter Andy Golub cover them in colorful paint in the center of the busy New York City landmark, before both wandering through the crowds in order to see whether bystanders’ reactions differed based on their body types.

Nicole went first, and attracted some shockingly harsh critiques from passers-by. ‘It’s disgusting,’ one woman said of the body paint performance, while a second woman deemed it: ‘Not for my taste at all’, and another called it ‘a hot mess’.

‘She’s ugly,’ one man said before suggesting that maybe his opinion would change if a younger woman was getting body painted instead.

One woman, however, had a positive reaction to Nicole’s appearance on Times Square. ‘I think it’s a beautiful thing,’ she said. ‘We’re celebrating the human body.’ She then pointed out: ‘You know, on Times Square, she’s not the only naked person.’

Irina, meanwhile, attracted more enthusiastic responses—although not everyone felt at ease seeing a naked person on the street.
One woman directly referred to Irina’s figure in her comment about the body painting session.

‘I think it’s cool!’ the woman said. ‘She has a great body, why not show it off with some beautiful art?’

Another woman revealed that her husband had just admitted he was only looking at Irina’s figure, not the artwork.

One bystander, meanwhile, declared she would do the same thing and she found the performance ‘cool’.

10 thoughts on “Pointless Times Square Naked Body Painting Experiment Proves What???!!!

  1. Of course, a jew “painter”. A new coat of paint can do wonders for a house. For a fat blobby broad, no so much.

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