I Have in My Hands Absolute Proof the Holocaust is a Hoax

When people move out of the apartment complex where I’m housed they often put out good furniture, electronics, washers, dryers, beds, and so forth next to or in the dumpsters.

Last week I fished a complete set of the 1971 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica out of the dumpster. I had a 1960 edition which was destroyed by my house fire. The books saved from the dumpster are similar in appearance. I’ve posted a picture of what they look like above.

There’s around 24 volumes of dense reading in each book. They’re heavy too. I could only realistically carry a few volumes at a time from the dumpsters up the stairs to my apartment. They probably weigh about five pounds each. Taken together, there must be at least several million words or more in the set.

Volume 11 covers Halicar through Immingham.

There is no entry in this volume for the word “Holocaust.”

Following the brief entry for Holmium, the next entry is for Holography.

Encyclopedias follow alphabetical order. The entry after Holmium should be Holocaust. It’s not there.

Currently, we are told that the Holocaust was the defining event of the 20th century. We are told that we must make it up to the Jews for all eternity, even self-genociding ourselves because of our evil nature.

The Encyclopedia Britannica was the authoritative source for information for the early years of my life, and indeed for many decades, if not centuries. The cover dates the books as going back to 1768. If the Holocaust were a true, recognized historical event there would be an entry for it in the book.

My recollections of high school and college history are that the Holocaust was not taught at all.

It seems that the Holocaust hadn’t been invented yet.

Today, I’m sure that every encyclocpedia has an article for the Holocaust. It’s a big industry. There are monuments and museums.

But somehow between the 1940s and 1971, no one had yet discovered the Holocaust.

The only reasonable conclusion is that the Holocaust is a work of fiction, designed to enrich Jews, protect Israel, and provide cover for the extermination of the evil white race.

If you’re inclined to disbelieve me, grab an old enclopedia when you find one and look up the term “Holocaust.” It won’t be there.

I’m not sure what year the fictional Holocaust narrative was created or who specifically created it. I suspect that it came out of someone’s fervid imagination in the latter part of the 1970s. If I come across another set of encyclopedia books from a later date, I’ll check it for an entry for the Holocaust.

36 thoughts on “I Have in My Hands Absolute Proof the Holocaust is a Hoax

  1. Wish I had good news for you, Paladin. My parents had a 1958 set of World Book Encyclopedia (1st publication 1917) that covered the holocaust extensively. More than most other subjects. Photos of lampshades, piles of ‘gassed’ dead bodies, and coverage of other so-called atrocities. No mention of Typhus or starvation. Probably, the compilation of World Book was under Jewish management. Jim O’Rourke is President, but having an Irish surname doesn’t mean he’s Irish these days. Doesn’t look Jewish, though.

    • Interesting. I have some older World Books, but not as far back as 1958. They’re in storage so I can’t look at them. I’m going to keep researching this area, but you have thrown cold water on my evidence.

      • World Book was my initiation into the holocaust. It wasn’t taught in my school. No mention of it in the textbooks.

    • Was all of this detailed information listed under the heading “Holocaust” or something else?
      I think I’m somewhere around PJ’s age and I can’t recall having heard the term “holocaust” in grade school, high school or even college (and I went to school with some real snotty little yiddishe brats who wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to flaunt it).
      So, are we talking about the term or the event?
      BTW, check your encyclopedias for “Holodomor”. It think that’s the spelling for the Stalinist famine in the Ukraine.

      • Charlie,

        I remember it being included in the World War II section; which covered quite a few pages. I came upon it reading about the War. All those gruesome photos and details were quite shocking to me as I was in grade school. It made a lasting impression! I wouldn’t want my kids in grade school reading that! My parents wouldn’t have wanted that either, but I don’t think they knew it was in the book. I hounded them for a current updated edition and the holocaust was in that one too, but I think it was in a separate section under Holocaust.

  2. The Hebrew meaning for “holocaust” is fire. The term “Holocaust” came into being after WWII. It was a most useful tool or club for bashing over the head us goyim just like the niggers like to use muh slavery. The Christ-killers finally settled and occupied a society in which they obtained complete control of our institutions (legal system/judiciary, banking/finance, media/press, academia, goverment) using our own laws and freedoms against us and no one challenged this or said a word. After WWII, the kikes became insufferable, even more so than they had been before. Before, they were somewhat kept under control by our “anti-semitic” fore-fathers. In past times and other countries, they were terminated/deported/exiled when they became too insidious and obnoxious. Again, after WWII, they brilliantly utilized muh Holocaust to cement their hold to what we have today– jews fomenting all of the evils and ills we face in America and western society. The National Socialists had the right answer to their evil– forced labor camps and eventual deportation. Sorry, the “gas chambers” did not exist.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, disregarding if Holocaust had been mentioned or not in the early Encyclopedias editions, the FACT IS that the number 6,000,000 is a MONUMENTAL HOLOHOAX.

    We KNOW who and what Jews are, and what scoundrel sort of lying-cunning creatures they are.

    First, Jews were the victorious side from WW2, of course they didn’t fight the war, and as usual the others did that. In contrast to fighting, they WROTE a lot about their victimhood, the same way Blacks are abusing NEVER ENDING story about their slavery. You can NEVER unconditionally trust the “TRUTH” written by victorious side, because you just CAN’T do it without letting the other side to say something about the same.

    There is also plenty of evidence that these numbers had been incrementally modified in a first decade after the war and why it ended at number six millions.

    • A very large number of WWII histories have been written by Jews, especially in the last few decades. I read a 900 page biography of Albert Speer by a Jewess only to learn on the last few pages her real agenda was to pin his presence at a meeting where some dude said “We did a few kikes in so all of you listening are also guilty”.
      This premise is absurd when you think about it. Knowing of a crime does not make one guilty.
      Anyway Speer was a war criminal and did his time in prison. He never ordered the death of a single kike, faggot or gypsy, unfortunately. Many of his slave laborers died, so German women would not have to get their hands dirty. Such as the 1100 or so Ukrainian women drowned by mass murdering allied bombs busting civilian dams – a war crime. The raid was led by the legendary Guy Gibson, aged 23 or so, using bombs which bounced on water. About half the bomber crews died. The bombs were dropped at night from a very low altitude.

    • Agree re the 6-mil hoax number. Proofs below:

      1_Publications/newspapers/articles, etc. had been using the six million figure as early as 1890. Excellent page here with old newspaper clippings:

      “140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust & The Number 6,000,000 Before The Nuremberg Trials Began”;
      –Update 2017: The origins of the gas chamber story – British Wartime Propaganda: Brilliant research of recently released war-time British government documents reveals that the story of alleged German homicidal gas-chambers was a propaganda-lie invented by the British Secret Service as early as December 1940: Britain’s Rumour Factory
      by ANDY RITCHIE, London, January 2017 (pdf)”:


      • 2_Here’s one youtube with literal copies of 10 OLD newspapers re the same figures:

        “SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD:
        –Published on Feb 19, 2013: 10 newspapers from 1915-1938 before the Holocaust allegedly happened. Here’s some more articles…”

        (He included searched links to the Library of Congress & the New York Times):

        The video’s creator added in the comments that Google informed him that his video had been banned in Martinique, Poland, Mayotte, Israel, Italy, Reunion, France, Switzerland, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Austria, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, Czech Republic, Wallis and Futuna.

        Great comment left by another person there:

        “What is history but a fable agreed upon?”

  4. For what it’s worth, I have a 1956 edition of the American College Dictionary that defines “holocaust” as “a great or wholesale destruction of life, esp by fire” “an offering or sacrifice devoted wholly to burning; a burnt offering”. No mention of Jews or ww2.

  5. Aww that’s a bummer as I loved your story of rescuing the encyclopedia volumes from the dumpster. What a treasure to find!

    (Don’t the low-lifes who moved know they can donate unwanted books to LIBRARIES!? SMH.)


    Nat Kapner says he never heard of the holocaust until the 1960s:

    In the comments section at his article here, he added:


    “To be frank, growing up in the fifties we as Jews were NEVER told about this so-called ‘holocaust’ (Jews didn’t start hyping it until the late 60’s when I was already a teenager) and of course we NEVER learned about the horrible crimes perpetrated BY THE ALLIES against German civilians.”

      • Ha! That’s funny that you have to rescue books from a bookstore! Pretty bad, though, when a bookstore throws out books. 😦

      • Paladin, do you know dumpster diving is so out of character for a professor? Lol.

        Are they so large, you have to crawl in? Aren’t you afraid of what else you’d find in there? A dead body, maybe?

      • I used to dive in, but no more. I’m allowed to take stuff from a local thrift shop dumpster that throws out a dumpster or two a week of stuff, but not allowed to go inside of it. I can’t stand to see good stuff go to waste. One of my best finds, inside a book, was an invitation card to to go have lunch with JFK on November 22, 1963. Where I live, I’m not afraid of dead bodies, but am afraid of finding dead animals.

      • Haha, good question, wullfe! Very brave of PJ to “investigate” dumpsters.

        A lady workmate ages ago said she & her sister used to dumpster-dive but ONLY at the dumpsters BEHIND THE MALL where they would find all sorts of great stuff, clothes, shoes, scarves, etc.

  6. Good score ..dumpster diving made fun and rewarding! It’s like the speech Benjamin Freedman gave in 1961 about the ruthless history of the JUs (he was also a JU) not a mention of the Holohoax! If you can get your hand on the JUish encyclopedia they state the number of JUs on earth at that time and it may have been 1million yet 6 million killed in the Holohoax. Is that info in your encyclopedias ..number of JUs in the world at that time?

      • If you’re in a hurry, quick scan for comments with links to videos, etc.

        Also, in your other comment further above re lower numbers, I added a direct link to Dr.E’s comment re 135,000 (which you may have seen already).

        Henry still believes Jews were gassed because his grandparents supposedly died in the camps that way. Do you think he’s brainwashed by family stories & sentiment?

        Did I tell these next stories before?

        I had a Jewish girlfriend decades ago whose mother, still living at the time, supposedly survived the camps but her siblings & parents were supposedly killed there. That girlfriend said her mother had bad health her entire life due to the deprivations while young & in the camps. The girlfriend despised Germans, & one time when I was at her & her Gentile husband’s apt., a German person came on TV, speaking English but with a heavy German accent, & she went near psycho > she turned beet red in the face & her body began trembling & shaking all over, & she began breathing hard & huffing & puffing with anger. It was totally bizarre! After she calmed down, she turned & said something like, “I hate Germans because of what they did to my mother!!” >>

        Which was odd since my birth family’s last name is German (from a paternal immigrant/guy who came over from Germany nearly 200 years ago).

        Back then I knew nothing, but since learning re Holohoax, I’ve wondered if that Jewish friend was faking her “hate attack” re Germans. I did meet her mother plenty of times. She was small, frail, & a huge whiner (bitter, complainer, etc.) always in the nasal voice, so much so that the girlfriend’s sister couldn’t even stand their mother.

        That same decade I worked for a Jewish atty. I asked him once re Holocaust & he just went like “Grrrr” under his breath. I figured then that maybe he had had relatives who were gassed in the camps & didn’t want to talk about it. Now I’m thinking, Maybe he knew it was all a hoax & didn’t want to talk about it for THAT reason. 🙂

        I guess what I’m wondering is: Are people like Henry & my prior girlfriend deceived by family stories handed down? I guess so.

  7. Just an FYI to all:

    The PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion > Recently posted “Summary articles” By Henry Makow, Ph.D., from his 2008 book: “Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World”:

    PROTOCOLS SUMMARY-PART.1 – dated 7/9/17:

    PROTOCOLS SUMMARY-PART.2 – dated 7/10/17:

    PROTOCOLS SUMMARY-PART.3 – dated 7/11/17:

    PROTOCOLS SUMMARY-PART.4 – dated 7/12/17:


    7/13/17: “Protocols “Forgery” Argument is Flawed”:

  8. This is one of the most disgusting websites that I have ever seen. It really shows how some humans can be brainwashed into believing fascist and racist lies and misinformation. No wonder Trump has managed to fool so many people in the US. Birds – no – putrid poltroons of a feather.

    • Out of all the disgusting pornographic, beastility and pedophlia websites out there and this one disgusted you the most?! Is it so disgusting to talk about history and political topics and Why? Btw not everyone here is deadset on Trump so I wouldn’t assume that

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