How to Deal with Antifa Protesters Blocking the Highway (Video)

Don’t worry. The vehicle is OK. No damage.

Actually, I think these may be Black Lives Matter, not antifa. The video publisher offers no details.

Published on May 19, 2017

The highway is made for cars not for activist!

It may be legal in some places to do whatever it takes when confronted by a threatening mob. It might be an interesting experiment to call your local police department and see what they have to say.

7 thoughts on “How to Deal with Antifa Protesters Blocking the Highway (Video)

  1. Give that driver a Congressional Medal of Honor. Blocking a highway is the ultimate anti-American crime. Worse than burning the Yankee flag.

    For precedent, an Israeli Army bulldozer driver deliberately crushed a blond female American citizen protesting in Palestine. He was deemed not guilty of any offense. A car is a lot less deadly than a bulldozer. The protesters were blocking a major road illegally. The driver was “in fear for his or her life”. Then drove with just enough speed to get away and give the people a chance to get out of the way – probably was tooting the horn also as a warning. The protesters created the situation with criminal intent and are responsible for the outcome. A bank robber cannot complain or sue if he gets shot. Let the run over ones enjoy paying their “competitive” astronomical medical bills themselves.

    • What gets me is that there are always some of the assholes who run after the car. Do they expect to actually catch it? Even Jesse Owens couldn’t catch an SUV, especially one with a head-start.

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