Disgusting, Explicit, Bloody Photos of Transition Surgery Will Make You Sick

We’re bombarded with messages that tell us that we’re shitty transphobic a**holes if we don’t accept trannies as teachers for our children, neighbors for ourselves, and as priests and preachers showing us the right way to worship God.

It’s not PC to declare trannies, like this Italian tranny surgery addict, to be crazy as a loon.


Children are being declared as transgender everywhere we look.

The ultimate goal for the male transgender is to rid himself of the ugly, hated penis. Some of them don’t get to that step, but many do.

So, what’s it like to “transition” fully from male to female. As one Mexican tranny I knew at the university said, “I’m all woman from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.”

Yeah, right. “She” had the surgery.

Let’s take a discreet look via this Tweet from Microchip.

I hope you’ve seen enough. But if you must see the entire process, I’ve put the link in as “Imgur Transition Series.” You’ll see several closeups of a tranny’s penis, followed by more explicit, bloody photos showing the whole sickening, deranged, degenerate process. I can’t fathom why doctors are allowed to perform this surgery.

Remember, before you click on Imgur Transition Series that what has been seen cannot be unseen:

Final warning: Do not go here

Imgur Transition Series

The Tweet below expresses what I think would be a common reaction if more people fully understood the sickness of the transition.

If you click on this social media post, you can read the regrets of a moron who had his d*ck chopped off. Actually, anyone contemplating such a move should look at the photos and read this horrific tale of sorrow.

If you did look at the photos in Imgur Transition Series, you know how sick anyone must be to even think about transitioning.

No one should cooperate with this madness. Let the latte-drinking professors call us “transphobic.” Let them blather on about how we’re POS for not being “inclusive,” their favorite word.

If those academics really want to show their support for trannies, then let them be the first to chop off their ****s.

16 thoughts on “Disgusting, Explicit, Bloody Photos of Transition Surgery Will Make You Sick

  1. Why would any sane individual invest all of the time, energy, effort, and expense that it takes to become a surgeon and then do this gender-bender butchery for a living? It makes me wonder about (((their))) motivation and if there is something else going on besides the usual and customary money-grubbing.

  2. I was in the hospital last year and since I don’t watch TalmudVIsion at home I got to surf basic mind numbing cable. On the hospital channel they were showing footage of a real HeShe conversion……..I do NOT shock easy, never had a need for a safe space but watching these procedures reinforced my belief that these people and the medical people who perform them are nuts………especially the footage of a male having his junk lopped off and made into a “mangina” ……..I maybe have created a new word m-a-n-g-I-n-a 🙂

  3. Truly demonic as are the “doctors” who facilitate this for shekels. Of course, the docs are most probably sodomites themselves, so no surprises there. These people will be ripe targets for The Days of the Rope.

  4. I’m not going to ruin my day by looking at the photos, especially as I once looked it up years ago. My takeaway was that the new coochie looked positively creepy because the hips weren’t wide enough.

    Even when this small minority of trannies goes through with the operation, they can never get it right because it was never meant to be.

  5. I’ve seen videos like this before, understanding men thinking about how horrible it would be to have this surgery done to them.

    Not many surgeons do this procedure, probably, because it’s so specialized and not wanting to be involved in something the patient may regret later on. Some are repulsed by it.

    But, for those surgeons who perform this procedure, I think about their motivation…an unrecognized motivation, as to why they want to do this.

    But, if you think this is bad, an autopsy is the worst to watch, but at least the person is dead.

  6. Removing a man’s cock without medical need is (or was) illegal. It is illegal for a patient and surgeon to conspire to remove body parts which are healthy.
    Some people want a leg or arm chopped off, due to an amputation fetish. To do this operation is a crime. So only back street operators will do it, and the results are often fatal.
    Why should cutting off a man’s dick and balls be any different? Indeed a man’s tool is more vital than a single leg or a single arm.
    We were put on earth to pass on our genes into the future; maybe cutting off a leg might get a man a lot of sympathy sex, and thus win the fight to make babies.
    Tool removal is a more heinous crime than leg amputation.

    Lawbreakers (sic) have obviously allowed an exception to the law protecting us from our own bad decisions re amputation of healthy limbs and organs. As long as the customer is a mentally ill pervert.

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