MUST WATCH! Heroic Englishman Confronts Idiot Anarchists at Million Mask March!

About five minutes of an Englishman not taking any guff from masked men with FOREIGN ACCENTS. Our hero stays calm, cool, and collected throughout the incident. His language is also very effective. The dark scum in masks would probably have beat him up if the police weren’t nearby.

Given that the confrontation took place in England, the authorities are probably looking to arrest him for hate speech.

Same video below, in case youtube takes down one of them, you can watch the other.

5 thoughts on “MUST WATCH! Heroic Englishman Confronts Idiot Anarchists at Million Mask March!

  1. 2 minutes was enough for me. This guy was unwise to trust the “Old Bill” to protect him. Any masked antifa supporter could have chainlocked him to the head then run back in to the crowd. Or thrown a brick at him from a safe distance. There are no criminal convictions for people wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Mass shooters should learn from antifa.

    Yes he may be charged with Hate Thought. Sorry, speech. Thought crime laws and being drafted now, by Jews near you. Coming Soon.

  2. He was a riot! I like that guy. He stood his ground & kept smiling & could not be provoked, which is all they were trying to do, was to provoke him, stupid fools.

    “Go back to where you came from, Sunshine.” (LOL!!! He’s from our era with the lingo.)

    “I’m an Englishman telling you to p*** off.” (Funny. 😀 )

    ANGLO-SAXON ENGLISH, he adds later. 😀

    I think he finally removed his eyeglasses in case he had to throw a few punches.

    One of the idiots is screaming, “You don’t even know me.” Um, yeah. And who wants to get to know a bozo with a mask!

    “You’ve got NO BUSINESS HERE.” (Exactly!)

    I like how he warned them, “GET … YOUR … HANDS … OFF … ME.”

    He reminds me of Henry in appearance.

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