Juleps in June: A White Tradition Lives On as Debutantes Come Out

Nine lovely, classy young women and their families came together in New Orleans recently for a debutante event called Juleps in June.

The coming out of a young woman traditinally announced her availability for marriage in the future to an appropriate suitor.

What a great tradition. Although the left strongly disapproves of white traditions, this one lives on for now.

One more thing. I don’t believe I saw any Jewish names at this event.

More photos, with IDs at NOLA.

6 thoughts on “Juleps in June: A White Tradition Lives On as Debutantes Come Out

  1. With all due respect I hate debutantes. All though I attended school in the North, we had debutantes there. Balls etc. snobbery. They believe they are ‘better’ than other girls.

    Debutantes suck

  2. Hope everyone knows this tradition was only done in wealthy WASP families, usually to introduce daughters to sons from wealthy families. These families were often seen in the snobby Town and Country magazine. With their mansions, yachts, fancy cars, jewels, furs, Louis Vuitton luggage and handbags. Mostly in the past the New England preppy types, but now covers more territory.

    Looking at the weight, dresses and shoes on some of the debutantes, looks like they needed some coaching before ‘coming out.’.

  3. They look like they have “come out” of their clothes & are standing in their slips & undergarments (in the top photo).

    Juleps in June is a very nice title, though. Any neighborhood could have gathered together to have less-luxurious “coming outs” for daughters of any “socio-economic class,” but parents at that “lower middle class” level (from which I originate) probably never even thought of such a thing. It would have been nice if fathers actually cared as much as the rich dudes evidently do.

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