Cops Seek Black Suspect Who Broke into Electric Substation, Causing Massive Power Outage All for Five Feet of Copper Wire


Slavery wore them out. They’re too tired to work. So they steal. And cause massive damage for a few bucks worth of wire.


Rickey Telsede, 32, is accused of stealing copper wire from an Entergy substation, triggering wide-spread power outages on June 29, New Orleans police said Monday (July 10).

Entergy was notified that there was a trespasser inside the substation in the 1800 block of Julia Street about 4:30 a.m. An employee noticed a hole had been cut in a chain-link fence and discovered three to five feet of wire missing from 21 breaker boxes, 20 tower legs and three transformers, police said.

Repairs resulting from the theft forced Entergy to cut power to thousands of customers for about an hour.

Detectives received a tip that a homeless man living in a lot near the substation was responsible for the theft. They later identified Telsede as the suspect, police said.

A warrant has been issued for Telsede, who will be arrested for unauthorized entry into a critical infrastructure, theft of utility property, and theft of copper wire and other metals, police said.

Police also are investigating whether Telsede is responsible for earlier thefts at the substation. A total of about 50 pounds of copper-weld wire were stolen, police said.

5 thoughts on “Cops Seek Black Suspect Who Broke into Electric Substation, Causing Massive Power Outage All for Five Feet of Copper Wire

  1. Very dangerous thing to do. Many medium sized and large wired off substations can cause instant death just to go inside the fence – the power must be switched off first. About ten years ago, British Rail had 900 incidents in one year where many trains stopped running due to some thieves stealing copper from the Third Rail – which is down low. All this started after Britain got involved with Europe, allowing scum to enter Britain and live and work there. Many of the thieves are from Romania, other are various tinted scum, none are Anglo Saxon British stock. This is a very serious and dangerous crime. So bad that British Rail had to have special unmarked trains full of cops trying to catch the thieves. This British racket was so bad that the thieves were exporting the copper directly by ship – cops were monitoring all legal scrap metal yards. This crime should be rated as terrorism and punished as such. Same for the substation thefts.

    I read once that unoccupied homes in the USA are often stripped of their copper wire and plumbing. The profit to the thief is about $1,000. The cost to the owner is about $20,000 – lots of damage to walls and tiling for example..

    All of these are the reverse of “adding value” as demanded by economics. Taking valuable finished products and melting them down makes no economic sense to the community as a whole. It is vandalism.

    This is what happens when you open your borders. Most white thieves do not steal copper from substations because they know it will black out a region, or shut down a rail network and may inconvenience one million customers or more. Diverse multicultists do not care as long as they make a profit.

  2. Same as the nigger crack-heads who started that fire under Interstate 85 in Atlanta, brought down that section of freeway, and took six weeks to restore it. F*cking niggers are a what that dyke Janet Napolitano calls “man-caused disasters”. Spooks are worse than ebola, pneumonic plague, and a CAT 5 tornado together.

  3. Tell the tinted thieves that Smart Meters are valuable computers* & they should begin stealing them from all the houses.

    Now THAT would be a True Public Service!

    *(They really are computers, technically.)

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