White Woman Killed, 8 Wounded as Men in Black Invade Gender Reveal Party and Start Shooting


Police have revealed no details about the hoodie-wearing gunmen who recklessly shot up a house full of women and children in Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday.

The neighborhood in which the shootings occurred appears to be working class, as seen in the photo below, which shows one of the victims on crutches after being shot in the leg.

Fox News

One woman was killed and eight other people, including three children, were injured late Saturday after two men wearing all black opened fire at a gender reveal party in Ohio, officials said.

One of those injured was the pregnant woman who was giving the party.

A gender reveal party is where friends and family gather to announce the sex of the baby. The unidentified woman told Fox 19 that she lost her child, a boy, after being shot in the leg.

Officers responded to the home in Colerain Township, outside Cincinnati around 11:30 p.m., said police spokesman Jim Love. He told Fox 19 that five adults and three children were all watching television in the living room when the men began shooting handguns.

“They were all there for a very positive reason when somebody opened fire,” Love told FOX 19.

At a news conference Sunday, Colerain Township Police Chief Mark Denney said that none of the eight people wounded appeared to have life-threatening injuries, including the children, who are ages 8, 6 and 2.

The 22-year-old has been identified as Autum Garrett, of Huntington, Ind.

Denney said the two gunmen who fled on foot haven’t been identified or arrested. He wouldn’t discuss details of the investigation into the shootings.

There were no indications of a forced entry by the gunmen, who entered the house through the front door, Denney said. He said it’s unclear why the victims were shot.

“We don’t know if they were targeted, or this was intended for someone else,” Denney said.

Colerain Township called in the Cincinnati Police Department to process the crime scene, which included a search of the home after police obtained a warrant.

Did someone owe one of the shooters money for drugs? In general, when the shooters are white they are identified as such by police, but when they’re black, race remains out of the picture.

Whoever the shooters, opening fire on children watching TV is a despicable thing to do. Both shooters should face the death penalty for premeditated murder and attempted murder.

8 thoughts on “White Woman Killed, 8 Wounded as Men in Black Invade Gender Reveal Party and Start Shooting

  1. “Gender Reveal”. At first I thought this was some gender bender LGBTQHIV thing. The shooters were dressed in the antifa uniform. The calibre used would be useful. Sounds like maybe .22 calibre.
    Than man in the photo has horrible dreads. Is he a mudblood or man of colour?
    Yes a drugs debt is likely. Perhaps the worst thing about illegal drugs and gambling is that free credit will always be advanced. To the dealers also, by the Mr Bigs. If you do not pay, you get killed. Maybe non fatal like this, in which case the debt is still expected to be paid.
    The murder of the debtor druggie or gambler is rarely prosecuted and often is recorded as suicide. Other customers know what happened and pay up. Nobody grasses out the criminals, those that do can also get killed or suicided.

    Perhaps the jail penalty for advancing drugs free on credit should be doubled as against selling for cash. Same for illegal gambling – severe penalties for advancing loans by illegal bookies. Those that pay cash will never be killed for bad debts.

  2. It seems gender reveal has taken the place of the traditional baby shower. Or maybe its 2 different parties, who knows these days. I only attend baby showers if the parents are married and expecting. I figure if it is a single mother I don’t need to attend or give a gift as I’ll be supporting the illegimate bastard with my tax dollars anyway, so there’s my gift. Needless to say I don’t attend very many baby showers in this day and age. And it may be quite cold to say, but damn I’m tired of muzzling myself. If they are non-White or mixing with non-Whites then I don’t care if they all get shot. Life is tough enough without making it harder by mixing with non-Whites.

  3. No doubt in my mind this is blacks. The fact that the story doesn’t give description tells you that it is. Wouldn’t a description help people be on the lookout for them? If they are black, that eliminates 88% of the population, which should narrow the hunt down. Do they not want innocent people to know who did this horrible crime. Feelings are important, but not at expense of public safety. If you are walking down the street and 3 Afro Americans are coming at you, You SHOULD cross the street. Likelihood is that you are in danger. If you are not, what is the harm. Someone gets their feelings hurt?

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