Jim Stone Freelance: The Jews are Begging for the Holocaust to Happen for Real

In all honesty, it seems that it would take an entire enclopedia of books, labeled A through Z to lay out all the crimes of the Jews.

As the world wakes up to the magnitude of Jewish mischief, Jim Stone theorizes that there will be an ethnic cleansing of Jews in the future.

Jim Stone Freelance

The more astute will realize that the Jews pulled the six million crap with World War 1 also, but it failed because nothing at all happened. Up until the late 70’s the world war 2 six million crap flopped also because despite Hitler actually doing something, there was no extermination campaign, only an imprisonment campaign and it took them that long to re-write the history. Quite a few people died in the prison camps, they were not nice, but the numbers were no where near what is presently claimed and included all prisoners, not just Jews.

Whatever happened, they made a full recovery and in this day and age, they are:

1. Openly and actively subverting the President of the United States.

2. Ensuring they own the future of food by making everything GMO so they own the patents on the seeds, and deny everyone the god given right to plant seeds that are the product of subsequent agriculture. Additionally, the GMO variants do not even register in tests as being legitimate versions of what is claimed. Worse, the Jews have infiltrated many governments, and at that level have successfully made it illegal to plant heirloom seeds, with their greatest success stories being in Africa. It is obvious what their end game is with this.

3. Rigging ALL elections to the maximum extent possible, so the will of the people is not heard, only their agenda is.

4. Destroying as many children as possible as much as possible with intentionally tainted vaccines that wreck all that receive them, with the most damaged showing the damage as autism.

5. Causing the bankruptcies of nations via rigged central banks, only to receive 10 or more times the amount of the actual bankruptcy values in the form of “bailouts” which are then used to buy up assets and establish Jewish monopolies on everything in business. This will ensure Jewish supremacy over anyone who rises up to compete in business because if the Jews own all the major stores (they now do) they can kill any competition by simply refusing to put the competition’s products in their stores.

6. Destroying the entire backbone of Western civilization via brainwashing in college, destruction of men in family courts in an effort to make sure their influence is greatly diminished, and forced and unwanted immigration no Western nation is actually asking for on a root societal level.

7. They have attained approximately 95 percent ownership of all media and communications, which they are now using to crush legitimate discussion and bury the truth to the maximum extent possible. This extends to the intelligence agencies which have been fully infiltrated and now act only as arms of a great hedgemony that will quickly isolate and/or kill anyone who presents a threat to the Jewish agenda.

8. They have successfully usurped the entire medical industry and system of checks and balances, which is supposed to keep destructive drugs (like antidepressants) out of the hands of the greater public. While doing so, they have increased the cost of medical care by up to a thousand times in some cases, and at least 10X in all cases. Obviously they see the medical system as a weapon that can be exploited to destroy a nation.

The Jews may be facing a holocaust for real this time around, because despite the fact that they have overtaken a lot, it appears to have been a day too late, and too many people know too much. What is the fitting revenge for destroying countless millions of children via tainted vaccines? What is the legitimate revenge for the pain and suffering they have caused with the family courts? And I did not even mention their wars and extermination programs (like what happened in Ukraine) which are widely known, or their expungement of our historical record via the destruction of the libraries, and subsequent wiping of the internet, indeed, the list of their crimes is so huge that it is impossible for an individual to even scratch the surface.

They did too much while being too vulnerable, and what has happened to CNN proves it. Too many people see right through them at this point, and if they try to spring their trap (they probably will) at this point, it will likely backfire badly, and trigger a real extermination effort. And I won’t cry.


Ann Coulter notices the CNN Jews:

17 thoughts on “Jim Stone Freelance: The Jews are Begging for the Holocaust to Happen for Real

  1. They don’t have to be exterminated. That would be problematic and simply barbaric. A simple program of DNA testing and mandatory sterilization would be sufficient. The first step in such a program would be to automatically revoke their citizenship rights. Then employ the standards established at Nuremberg in 1935.

    One could make a legitimate argument that feminism is a primary tool that they have used to sterilize us. As Hitler said, we shall apply the old Jewish law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

    • You’re right. Starting in the old days when I commented every day on Amren, the point I made about blacks was that they had to be sterilized or else no welfare for them.

      Redistribution of wealth would also help with the JQ. The Russians under Putin clawed back stolen wealth from billionaire Jews. Take away their wealth and sterilize them. Soon, no Jews.

      • Right and it is absolutely humane. They cry genocide but that is a red herring. They may have a right to exist by Nature, but they have no natural right to exist among us or upon us. We owe them nothing.

  2. Well that about sums it up..This is the worlds problem and it is called ((JEW PRIVILEGE)) how else do you explain only 2% of the population controlling 90 % of everything?????? This Jew privilege must be stopped ..maybe they should all kill themselves ..or take a page out of their own books on how to handle white privilege! OPEN BORDERS for ISRAHELL!

      • How about we seize all their banks,all over the world every chicken shit compromised country takes back control of the cash, jail or shoot those in charge! You know I could be the greatest banker in the world if I print my own cash!!!!

  3. Vaccines may be harming whites. The Bill Gates vaccines in Africa have boosted the African population explosion into overdrive.
    So the African vaccines are no good – the blacks are living to adulthood and having huge numbers of babies. Back to the lab Bill, and make sure Vincent Price is in there mixing up the next batch, for Gawds sake.

      • Maybe so. The conspiracy theory that Bill is out to wipe out blacks is a cover story for the real genocide.
        If Bill is out to wipe out all humans then he is a man without prejudice and a Friend of The Earth.

      • Off topic,but you folks may find this interesting. I actually thought HIV / AIDS would put a huge dent in the African population. Alas no. It’s completely under control,not that AIDS is no longer being transmitted,it is,3 out of 5 sexually active people have HIV,it seems that the treatment,care and training has worked and it’s no longer seen as a terminal disease. All fear of AIDS has vanished thanks to WHO and other western NGOS. There is a theory though,because of that we may see the entire population infected silently and a major mutation or resistance to current treatment may cause an explosion of deaths. It’s known that HIV is continually mutating,hence the varied cocktail of drugs currently needed to control it. This i was told by an expatriate NGO official.Such a possibility would wipe 3/5ths the population out.

      • “The conspiracy theory that Bill is out to wipe out blacks is a cover story for the real genocide.”

        Has to be because if his game was to wipe out Blackie, then his results suggest the opposite.

  4. The Yids Have a country. Isn’t this what they wanted? It’s owned by Rothschild and planned by Zionists. Why don’t they go there?
    2014 / August / @ 28th – Guatemala – San Juan Laguna – village Elders kicked out recently arrived Orthodox Jews, because they were disturbing the social fabric of the local community. 230 Yids left after being told that water and electricity would be denied them.
    They did not want to go to Israel, nor to Canada where they came from. Bussed out to some promised land in Guatemala. The wondering who? That wretched Jew!

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