Ami Horowitz: Do White Americans Have White Privilege? (Video)

White liberals trust Jews, thinking they’re all liberals.

Conservative Jew Ami Horowitz got whites to open up about their guilt and white privilege.

God, we have our work cut out for us. THESE PEOPLE ARE TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS!!!

Blacks respond differently, with a great deal more common sense.

Less than 5 minutes.

Published on Jun 1, 2017

What exactly is white privilege? Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz finds out as he interviews attendees at the White Privilege Conference in Kansas City.
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10 thoughts on “Ami Horowitz: Do White Americans Have White Privilege? (Video)

  1. Do White Americans Have White Privilege?
    Yea ! The privilege to be taxed to death & that tax money to be spent on supporting the poor deprived “minorities” & the poor asylum seekers & refugees ??
    For those who can read French ?

    Jean et Martine travaillent à plein temps et gagnent 3000 euros par mois.
    Ils ont 2 enfants et peinent à vivre une fois payés le loyer, la nourriture, les frais de garde et les impôts.
    Mouloud et Rachida ne travaillent pas, ont 6 gosses et touchent 5000 euros d’aides par mois ; ils ne paient ni loyer, ni cantines, ni impôts, ni rien !
    Expliquez sous forme de tableaux comptables pourquoi Jean et Martine ne partent pas en vacances et roulent avec une voiture vieille de 15 ans et pourquoi Mouloud et Rachida peuvent partir au bled tous les ans, pour 4 mois, en Mercedes ML 500.
    Sorry I can get any translation ?? But the above apply as well in Murica ??

    • Translated thru Google –

      Jean and Martine work full time and earn 3000 euros per month.
      They have 2 children and struggle to live once paid rent, food, childcare and taxes.
      Mouloud and Rachida do not work, have 6 kids and receive 5000 euros of aid per month; They pay neither rent, nor canteens, nor taxes, nor anything!
      Explain in the form of tables of account why Jean and Martine do not go on holidays and drive with a car of 15 years old and why Mouloud and Rachida can leave to the bled every year, for 4 months, in Mercedes ML 500.

  2. Let’s open the festering parasite can called (((JU privilege))) that is what we are talking about here ..right? How a mere 2% of the population can have control over banks, Wallstreet, media,print, Hollywood, education, politics….. on and on..basically control of the world through usury! Now that is TRUE PRIVILEGE! I read the comments on this video via JU tube and not 1 lucid commentator ..this mentally weak tards have no clue ..they are actually debating an idiotic issue…I saw a lot of that (((white privilege))) when I was in SAN Francisco and they were all living on the street in the city! So lucky to be white!

  3. Whenever jew or other muds talk, I imagine that they are lip-syncing like the trained chimps in that old children’s show, “Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp”.

  4. For years I am repeating this – Negroids are NOT the problem, Muslims are NOT the problem … even Jews and their Zionist AshkeNAZI Cabal is NOT the problem … the ONLY problem is WHITE LIBERALLY RETARDED LEFT, and this video is like a FORENSIC PROOF to this. Without Left Libretards, synthetic Multicultural shit would NEVER even start.

    ZIONIST Jewish Enterprise is a separate problem, and solution to this is – to EXPEL from White’s world for good, or TOTAL EXTERMINATION.

      • Yeah … I saw it … and as you said, they are not only my favorite, German Shepherd is my weak spot, and I am melting as an ice-cream at a noon in the middle of Sahara whenever I see some. Seeing police dogs and war dogs memorials … I am always at a brink of … you know that choking filling in a throat. What a great step forward from the sad Vietnam era of leaving behind these amazingly decent creatures.

        Nemo (Vietnam Vet-dog) comes to my mind, the one of very rare that was retired from the service and fully permitted to leave the battlefield to return to the US. This site has amazing pictures – – and shows usual adoptions by their handlers … I think you will love it too

        However, thanks for every post of yours on that subject, I never miss it.

  5. Whites said they have White privilege, are racist, but couldn’t give any examples. Blacks basically said there is no discrimination against them from Whites.

    So, where are these Whites getting this white guilt?

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