‘This isn’t the Ghetto’: Indiana man says he got racist letter about his lawn



Now, it’s “racist” to ask blacks to keep their lawns up to neighborhood standards.


FISHERS, Ind. – An Indiana family wants to know who put a nasty note in their mailbox.

The Sullivan family, of Fishers, received an anonymous, typed letter criticizing them for not taking better care of their lawn and telling them they didn’t live in the “ghetto.”

“The biggest thing is just disheartening,” said Chris Sullivan, who told WXIN-TV they feel they’re being targeted because of their skin color.

Sullivan said he found the folded piece of paper in his mailbox Wednesday.

“(I) opened it started reading the first few lines and checked to see if anybody was watching and I finished it and was just like here we go,” Sullivan said.

The letter criticized Sullivan’s yard and said he needed to mow and get rid of the weeds. It went on to say, “This isn’t the Ghetto and your home looks trashy.” Whoever wrote the note also listed the cost of taking care of the lawn and threatened to have someone else do it, then bill the Sullivans.

Sullivan called the note racist.

“Sucks that it happened to me, sucks that it happens to anybody in 2017,” he said.

A couple of neighbors who didn’t want to go on camera told WXIN the subdivision is strict about cutting grass and they didn’t see the letter as an attack. The letter was signed “the neighborhood Britton Ridge association,” but Sullivan is confident the association itself isn’t behind it.

“There’s not a lot of bad apples, there are probably just one or two,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan moved to Fishers a couple months ago from California. He’s from Indiana and felt it was time for him, his wife and two kids to be closer to family.

“In the end result you can’t fight fire with fire, there’s other ways to go about it and that’s what I intend on doing,” he said.

Sullivan wants the sender of the letter to know there’s no need to be nasty, he or she can just be a neighbor.

“We are not moving and if you had enough courage you would just say ‘Hello’ and ask me to trim my tree down. I’m human, I eat, breath, sleep just like you do.”

Since getting the letter, Sullivan is planning to install security cameras around his home as a precaution. Sullivan says he is also reconsidering sending his 6-year-old son to school in the area.

Hey, you white people in Fishers. Learn how to do it right. They will mow the lawn after that appears in their yard.

8 thoughts on “‘This isn’t the Ghetto’: Indiana man says he got racist letter about his lawn

  1. Straight to racism, it’s never their fault, they are a race interested only in sensation and never reflection. What’s all this current year nonsense too? Is it that it’s now 2017 and nobody should give a damn about anything? This is how far down we’ve been driven, he needed telling that he was turning the neighbourhood into a ghetto, there was a time when people would take pride in the upkeep of one’s neighbourhood, not anymore now we’ve been forced to live with people that we would rather stay clear of. Thanks jews.

  2. ““There’s not a lot of bad apples, there are probably just one or two,” Sullivan said.”

    This Coon is 100% correct. He just does not realise he is the bad apple. If he had half a brain he would have kept schtumm about the note, mowed his lawn and pulled out the weeds.

    The USA has a lot of weeds that need pulling out and exterminating. In the case of head lice, every last egg must be destroyed, lest the infestation starts all over again. Politicians do not realise that there are a lot of louses out and about amongst the human population.

    Spell checker here converts “amoingst” to “monogamist” only. The code for the spell checker must have been written by Indians of the Hindu variety, or comedians who do not speak English.

    • Maybe Monsanto could finally develop a useful product “Difficult social weeds that you just cannot seem to control. Now there’s new Monsanto KoonBGone same great technology that brought you Roundup, but now for unwanted predatory weeds in the human genetic garden

      • We seem to be reading from the same Hymnbook. They could secretly add KoonBGone to Roundup and their GMO products and Bobs your Uncle.

  3. Just took a vacation from my home in a major southern city and didn’t see a negro for two weeks. Bliss. Pure bliss.

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