Have A Laugh GIF: Slip and Slide

Stupid is as stupid does!

4 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Slip and Slide

  1. Why are most idiots white people? I mean those making videos like this. Watch them on YouTube. Is it drugs, or alcohol? They never wear helmets or any other protection, then have horrific accidents due to showing off before cameras.
    The accidents are shown, end. We are not shown the injuries nor the trip to hospital or the morgue and weeping relatives.
    In the above video it is obvious that all the careful planning and preparation did not include measuring how far the vehicle should drive, or how fast. Or was the driver just an arsehole? Beware who you trust with your life like this.

    • “Why are most idiots white people?”

      To offer a possible serious explanation for discussion, it strikes me that the white man’s desire to explore, to colonize, to make war, etc. is subliminated now into this kind of stupid stuff. The white male seems to have an urge to show off, maybe to impress the female now that he can’t bop her over the head and drag her back to his cave.

      Bungee jumping is something I would put into the same category as this, although it’s allegedly safe due to careful planning.

      • Bungee jumping was started by tinted native men to prove their bravery to women, as in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Whites in NZ adopted it and monetized this as a business. A white man was the first to the top of Mt Everest, first to the South Pole, the North Pole and most other difficult to reach places.
        Now some whites have degraded in to adrenaline junkies with no sense of self preservation. Some sleeping tablets are abused for “recreation” which lead to some crazy antics – like jumping off tall buildings without a parachute. Also running in to walls repeatedly. What fun!

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