Following “America First” G-20 Appearance, Press Doubles Down on Stopping Trump at All Costs

During the G20 meetings in Hamburg, Germany on Friday and Saturday, you may have noticed that American president Donald Trump was wearing an American flag lapel pin, unlike other world leaders who wore a special G20 pin. His pin truly did put America First. See the Daily Mail for more details.

Since the G20 meetings ended on Saturday, I’ve observed a big uptick in negative stories that feature Trump in a bad light.

For about 36 hours there was a bit of a moratorium on Trump bashing, probably because there was nothing but positive news coming out of Hamburg related to Trump.

All of this has abruptly changed. A Guardian headline offers an example: Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: ‘biggest threat to the west’.

While there are too many to go through, among the biggest negative stories out in the last few hours:

1. How dare Ivanka Trump sit in briefly for the president at a G20 confab?
2. Did former KGB agent Vladimir Putin get the better of Trump in their meeting?
3. Team Trump met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign.

All of this should be recognized as nonsense. It’s nothing but Trump hating reporters writing fake news in order to meet an editor’s deadline to come up with a story.

It’s not clear as of this writing, but we may get a new firestorm of liberal protest as Donald Trump, Jr. has retweeted a video of the President in a fighter jet shooting down another fighter labeled CNN.

Here’s the retweet:

Don Jr. also posted it on his Instagram page.

The Daily Mail is covering the fighter jet meme story under the headline “Meme War-round two.”

You have to wonder if this footage from the movie Top Gun will cause CNN to accuse Trump of threatening to crash reporter’s planes.

By the way, I don’t recall, but is that a Russian jet that is being shot down in the film?

One more thing. Watch what racist Trump does to help a black man.

13 thoughts on “Following “America First” G-20 Appearance, Press Doubles Down on Stopping Trump at All Costs

  1. Good video at bottom which proves that black men can be trained to obey orders. Some of them at least. This particular marine will not be dealing drugs or playing the Knockout game and so on. Maybe will never go to prison.

    • I knew 2 black Ex-Marines who loved the USA were dedicated, who were ashamed of and hated black ghetto porch monkey culture, got their college degrees and not via AA but busting their butts. too bad 50-70 million domestic biped primates could not follow their lead.

      • Just one doing it equals proof-of-concept. It also removes a layer from the excuses all the others make for their uselessness.

  2. I love how Trump is a healthy male. He loves to pat guys on the back or, here, arm. Imagine how cringey it would have been if 0b4ma had tried the same (not that he would condescend to notice someone so much his inferior).

  3. Should all children be as loyal to their fathers as Donald Jr. is to his dad. He’s tweeting daily in his defense. I see he inherited some of his father’s wit and spunk.

    Trump was probably not supposed to do that, but it shows retrieving a black man’s cap is not beneath him as president.

    • Rules are for underlings. He at the top makes his own rules. Though Kings maintain their dignity and power by obeying certain protocols – such as never standing when meeting someone, where the King is already seated that is. Only non Kings do that. Also no subject may turn their back on a King.

  4. Uhlmann (the Australian journo referenced above) is usually a bit better than that, even allowing for the fact that he works for Australia’s national (as in State-funded) broadcaster (which always seems to be run by one of the Chosen, purely coincidentally I’m sure).

    • His wife, who has one of those (((names))) as well is a Member of the Leftist Labor Party here. Her website is full of the usual SJW crap culled straight from the compendium of required Leftist beliefs.

    • I saw a Tweet that said his article has gone viral among leftists. Or maybe it was not a Tweet but an article some where. It’s interesting how there was that brief respite from stupid news, but now it’s back in full force.

  5. You know what would really piss CNN and their(((owners))) off ..a tag team of Trump and Putin attacking CNN! All kind of ((fake news)) attacks on that meme!

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