Feminism Is Leaving A Wake Of Unhappy, Unmarried, And Childless Women In Its Path

The premise of a piece about women published at the Daily Wire is wrong. Feminism isn’t about advancing women or making them happy. It’s about leftist identity politics to entice women into experimenting with life as a lesbian. Feminism is correctly seen as a plot intended to make women unhappy in order to advance big, tyrannical government that pretends to “protect” women from the evil white male.

Daily Wire

Feminists claim to promote the advancement of women and gender equality, largely via the promotion of so-called sexual liberation, but their movement is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, and childless women in its path, a real problem feminists seemingly refuse to entirely address.

According to a recent study from Yale University researchers, liberated, college educated women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with before their natural childbearing years expire. In the U.K., for instance, one in five women is childless when their natural reproductive years expires, as opposed to one in ten women a mere generation prior.

So what’s to blame for this onslaught of college-educated yet terribly empty women?

The short answer is feminism.

Colleged education today offers a heavy dose of indoctrination. Instead of teaching Home Economics (sewing, cooking, household management, child rearing, etc.) professors teach a pseudointellectual Cultural Marxist view, which really leaves women with hostility toward men and messed up minds.

The author of the study, Marcia Inhorn, an anthropology professor at Yale University, concludes that the common assumption about women putting off children to advance their careers is mere myth. The 150 women undergoing the egg-freezing process in the U.S. and Israel who were extensively interviewed for the study, claimed they were not putting off having a family in order to advance their career, but because they simply couldn’t find a mate.

Inhorn blames the problem on a shortage of college-educated men. “There is a major gap — they are literally missing men. There are not enough college graduates for them. In simple terms, this is about an oversupply of educated women,” she says.

“Most women who are educated would like to have an educated partner. Traditionally women have also wanted to ‘marry up’ to go for someone more successful, financially well off,” adds the researcher.

With white men being demonized in the college classroom, it makes no sense for them to attend a college where they have to confess their white privilege and their guilt for everything that ever went wrong in the world.

With women embracing the hook up culture, why would a man want to pair off with a girl who believes that her liberation lies in her sexual promiscuity?


Inhorn then goes on to blame feminism, sort of. Essentially, because of feminism, liberated women are college-educated but unhappy and alone in exchange, she argues.

“As a feminist I think it’s great that women are doing so well but I think there has been a cost that has been paid,” says Inhorn, adding that women have been left in “sadness and isolation.”

But there’s more going on here. Other experts allude to what Inhorn is unwilling to say: it’s not simply an “oversupply” of liberated women that’s driving this trend, or a liberation-happiness trade-in; it’s men refusing to settle down. And for that, I’d like to thank the feminists’ push for “sexual liberation.”

Let start with the evidence.

First off, some of the women interviewed by Inhorn’s own team even admit that it’s not simply an educational gap; women said they would marry a man who doesn’t have a degree but they can’t find one who wants to marry them.

Then there’s Medical Director of U.K. clinic Create Fertility, Professor Geeta Nargund, who hits the nail on the head (emphasis added): “Women tell us frequently that they are freezing their eggs because the men they meet feel threatened by their success and so unwilling to commit to starting a family together.”

It’s plausible that some men might feel threatened by their woman’s success, but overall that placebo disguises a realistic worry about just how selfish a woman is when she’s fixated on her career and not the family unit.

President of the British Fertility Society, Professor Adam Balen, concurred (emphasis added): “We are seeing some big societal issues, in particular in some social economic groups, with young men not committing.”

(((Balen))) is male-bashing. Blame the male! Yeah, right. He’s a dimwit.

And here’s Executive Director of IVI, Dr. Gillian Lockwood, on Inhorn’s findings: “It exacerbates the problem of men not wanting to ‘settle down’ and start a family until it’s almost too late for the woman to conceive naturally. And if she insists, he’s quite likely to leave for a younger woman whose biological clock isn’t ticking quite so loudly.”

Dr. Lockwood’s “own survey of women doing ‘social’ egg freezing found the overwhelming majority of women having their eggs frozen were doing so because they could not find a partner, or because their own partner would not commit,” notes The Telegraph.


And there’s even more!

Professor Simon Fishel, who founded Care Fertility, explained based on his research (emphasis added): “Almost all of the women in the study who employed egg freezing were heterosexual and wanted to become married mothers. Women lamented the ‘missing men’ in their lives, viewing egg freezing as a way to buy time while on the continuing (online) search for a committed partner.”

Search for a committed partner? I think what he means is you have a group of women who are 5s and 6s looking for a man who’s a 9 or 10. Overvaluing yourself is a real problem in the meat market that is the dating world today.

Over 90% of those surveyed were not freezing their eggs to postpone childbearing to advance a career. Instead, “they were desperately ‘preserving’ their fertility beyond the natural end of their reproductive lives, because they were single without partners to marry,” he said.

So back to the original claim: the so-called sexual liberation of women is indeed screwing women, and not in a good way.

Why would a man rush to settle down and marry someone if he can not only have sex with “liberated” women without a ring, but even cohabitate with them, too? Moreover, the less chaste a woman is, the less preferable she will likely be to a man. Not to mention a woman’s increasing age and creeping near infertility as another massively undesirable trait.

If women demanded more from men, did not sleep around in the name of feminism, men would settle into marriage at an earlier age.

But, nonetheless, these simple truths will be rejected by feminists everywhere, clinging hard to their sad, lonely lives in exchange for empty Feminism, as they accuse any dissenter of being a misogynist.

Our ancestors had it right in those old social guidance films I’ve been publishing here the last few weeks. A number of the women in those old films were good role models–thoughtful, considerate, conservative, chaste, and loyal.

Too many males do hate women today, I believe. The question is whether that hatred (or distaste) is justified.

27 thoughts on “Feminism Is Leaving A Wake Of Unhappy, Unmarried, And Childless Women In Its Path

  1. Got a bit bored and did not read every word. One point missed perhaps is that boys by and large find school boring and slack off. Girls love sitting down and swotting and studying and doing homework, relative to boys of mid teen years. So more girls get in to University.
    This could easily be remedied by an entrance test rather than accepting just the best marks from school or college.
    For example, one esteemed Sydney University evaluates potential medical students not just on their school marks, because 99% of new doctors would be Chinks who swot, cheat and study hard and pay for home tutors and so on. Their parents push them very hard, which white parents do not. Nips also push their kids a lot. High marks do not always mean the best doctor or the best anything.

    “Moreover, the less chaste a woman is, the less preferable she will likely be to a man.’
    If men were made of iron, then unchaste women are magnets.
    Unchaste women are as less preferred as female bitches on heat are with male dogs.
    Edward VIII gave up the throne of England to marry an oldish divorced American slut, Mrs Wallace. She was “good in bed”.

  2. Whatever happened to sperm banks? If these women are so successful, intelligent, and empowered what is stopping them from going that route? Of course doing so would deprive these women of a readily available walking ATM, someone to perform all those pesky chores that get in the way of her empowerment, a target that she can verbally abuse anytime she feels a need, and a “trophy” she can show off to the other women. Sorry ladies but I think its too late…enjoy the wine, the cats, and the trashy “50 shades” porn. I am 52 and I have been through one marriage and several LTR’s and I have absolutely NO desire to spend even a moment with another woman.

      • Why would you have feminist men teach real women about anything. Especially how to live your life.

      • Can you respond to any mans opinion without the personal attacks? Why would I want a woman like you?? Insults, strife, and unhappiness. VB you and many other women made your bed now lie in it. The STD information published by the CDC alone is enough to make a normal man swear off sex permanently.

      • U are nothing but a hateful ‘tard, u have nothing in common with the human race, let alone the white race. U are the reason our movement is seen as shit.

    • I’ve had good women and bad ones. There does seem to be a high rate of crazy among the older unmarried ones I’ve dated. The Bible says it is better to live alone in the desert than to live with a contentious woman. I agree.

      • In all seriousness…if I remember correctly you had, what, 2 children via a sperm bank?? Didn’t work out like you thought?? Well get empowered! Show these other women the way. After all guys like me are just waiting to turn gay to further frustrate empowered women like you.


    Feminism is a Jewish racket to incite a war between the sexes, not to empower women, but to weaken men and destroy the family.

    Most of the leaders who started feminism were Jewish.

    One more Jewish racket called divide and conquer.

    Women versus men.
    Blacks versus whites.
    Alien invaders versus native born.

  4. What is wrong with women freezing their eggs? If they just go sperm donor route then they are the dreaded single mother. This advancement allows women to look for a good father to their kids.

    What is the problem?

      • The article is biased

        Problem is entitlement and spoiled brats running about. You want a virgin wife? Be a fucking virgin? Want chastity? Be chaste. Want a woman to good mother, he a father?

        Better yourself. Plain and simple.

        I am glad I am not married. Really. More married people cause more drama than I partnered people. Perhaps we should emphasis partnership less and embrace being happy with oneself.

        Marriage shmarriage

  5. Surprised Yale permitted this study to be published seeing as (((they))) are agents for the (((cause))).

    Everyone ruffles their feathers over symptoms that won’t resolve until the cause is cured. But, pieces like this awaken newbies to the problem.

    Cancer tumors are ugly as are the symptoms. Two ways to treat it. Aggressively kill it, or medications to alleviate symptoms in the incurable. The feminist cancer can be killed, if only Whites had the fortitude. Instead both males and females will continue to whine about symptoms rather than using appropriate methods to kill it.

    (((They))) have been successful with their White Genocide. Soon (((they))) can claim total victory.

    Besides immigration, the most important symptom to us, (((indoctrinated))) child-bearing age men and women repulsed by each other, probably beyond a turnaround. We must look at our youth, those about to be indoctrinated in schools and colleges, to produce a new generation of men and women we want.

    We must change the culture in schools, colleges and elsewhere. (((They’d))) be castrated! I think we are working on that, but will take time with probably the worst still to come before we see improvement. There are some who won’t see it, but die in peace knowing there are loyal Whites who haven’t given up.

    But, we must work harder NOW that we still have the numbers to defeat (((them))).

  6. Heh I get to see this scenario play out in real time and let me tell you it is more than entertaining. My sister in law was a solid 5 at best when she was young and age has not been kind to her but she partied all the time, got the government job that paid for her college classes (as long as she was a “Minority” and not some White Man the government was happy to pay) she was “independent” on the public money anyway. Never needed a Man because she was too good for wifely things and would not make room for one.

    Now she is retired from the government job at 55. Still single and lives her life for her pets.She still sings a song of contentment…kinda… but has a huge chip on her shoulder regarding any relationship others may have.and you can tell the lonely future that is staring her in the face is not something she is looking forward too. She snaps at what few female friends and relations she has left, spends her time on facebook adding and deleting them from her circles and is generally turning into the classic grumpy old woman. Of course it is all the fault of the Men who are just not good enough and won’t change to what she wants.

    She has finally managed to drive a wedge through one of her friend’s marriage and is planning a move in together where they can integrate the friends poodles into the pet tribe, hire pet sitters and travel on the public pension money. Oh her and her friend worked at the state EEOC as well. Imagine that….

    • I intended to comment on this, but yours was so much better than what I intended to write. My only addition is that the best alpha males are banging nearly all the hot chicks. They’re banging several different ones simultaneously and serially. This leaves the 4-6 or 5-7 chicks unable to procure an alpha (plus real alphas aren’t PC indoctrinated) and unwilling to settle for a five-ish beta male who likewise cannot score an 8-10 chick. Said beta male has his feelings hurt by the 8-10’s rejection so he jerks it to porn, obsesses over the “manosphere” and rails against feminism. He’s utterly incompatible with his five-ish female counterpart just on the radical feminism if not their mutual false belief that a “better deal” awaits them out there with the next Tinder swipe or Match.com match.

      Pretty clearly the answer is, “be an alpha male or an 8-10 female.”

  7. We should make governmental assistance for higher education (Pell Grants, student loans) available only to those who are parents. What better way to encourage our ambitious youth to have children while they are still young, healthy and fertile? It’s a thought anyway.

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