White Fox News Babe Accuses Black Fox Host of Sexual Harassment AFTER HE ENDED THEIR AFFAIR



Blonde mudshark Scottie Nell Hughes admits she went after a black guy who could help her TV career. Now, I expect she’ll be seeking a payout from Fox as a reward for her whoring.

Daily Caller

Fox Business Network suspended host Charles Payne Thursday night after political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes accused him of sexual harassment.

The “Making Money” host has been suspended pending further investigation, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We take issues of this nature extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for any professional misconduct,” a Fox representative said. “This matter is being thoroughly investigated and we are taking all of the appropriate steps to reach a resolution in a timely manner.”

Payne admitted to having an affair from 2013 to 2016 with Hughes, a former CNN employee who was often a guest on Fox News. Hughes is married. He made a statement to the National Enquirer Wednesday, apologizing to his family and friends.

With Trump:

With husband:

The sexual harassment allegations came after Hughes went to Fox News’ law firm and accused Payne of misconduct, saying that he snubbed her after she tried to end the affair in 2015. She told her lawyer that she continued the affair “because she believed he would help her chances of landing a position at the network,” according to LA Times’ sources. She alleges that Payne threatened unfavorable consequences if she did not acquiesce.

Now Hughes is targeting Payne, arguing that her appearances on the network declined remarkably after she ended their relationship.

Payne’s attorney, Neal Pavel, said that Payne “categorically denies” committing any kind of sexual harassment.

These accusations of sexual harassment follow similar allegations against Fox News’ founder Roger Ailes and evening talk show host Bill O’Reilly.

Watch Scottie Nell talking about Donald Trump and sex on CNN:

21 thoughts on “White Fox News Babe Accuses Black Fox Host of Sexual Harassment AFTER HE ENDED THEIR AFFAIR

  1. Blond bimbo whores herself with a spook to further her career and sees opportunity for a ghetto lottery. It is true that all women are tetched in the head by virtue of their DNA/biology. The Payne spook has been on (((Fox))) for many years now. Fox presented him as a good negro. He carried a brief-case as a boy growing up in Harlem and became successful. Always spoke like an evil YT, at least in front of the camera. Of course, he could not control muh dick, and now will be let go from his gig. Fox will have another multi-million dollar pay-out to Miss Mud-shark. Serves all of them right.

    • What a slut. Check out the Trump photo. His thumb is about the exact angle of an erect penis. Is this an admission he shoved in in to this tart?
      OTOH his left hand is visible, rather than groping her arse, which she would have liked.

    • Perhaps this story is bogus and created by FOX to further the blonde bimbification that the West wants to put on Germanic women? Perhaps this story has been created to deflect attention away from the Cos Debacle?

  2. From the times I saw Payne, he was a Trump supporter, so the fact that he’s black really has no place in that respect. As for his personal life interfering with the professional, he’s stupid. Apologizing to his family sounds as if he’s guilty of the affair.

    As far as Hughes, what a difference between the photos and her appearance on CNN. Fairly professional attire, shorter hair, and speaks rather well. Looks like she’s a chameleon changing colors for the culture she wants to enter…and everyone should know by now, Fox is one of female sex objects.

    I don’t see sexual harassment here, but I do see the ultimate sin of crossing over, but that doesn’t come into play in a Communist culture. Sounds as if both agreed to the affair, so what’s her beef? He wanted to end it and she didn’t, so she pesters him, he moves far away from her. What were the threats and how can she prove them? She will be paid off under the table. Her career is ruined.

    Looks like she may have put the moves on Trump, too. Trump’s ‘thumb up’ was nothing more than a kind gesture, and for those who might say it’s indicative of a sexual message, like CNN and MSNBC might say, he’d be highly offended if anyone suggested he’d do that for a photo. He’d say “Filthy minds.” We don’t know the background story of how the photo came about. His ‘thumb up’ might not be about her at all.

    IMO, this says more about Fox than anything else. Evidently, this gal dresses differently for Fox and CNN cultures. The Murdoch boys should hire all professional traditional women with proven intelligence, male staff would less likely to be attracted to Greta Van Susteren, Dana Loesch, Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, and Maria Bartiromo, but Maria is the only one with a show of her own on Fox Business. Greta is gone.

    It’s been covered here before, women wanting to enter entertainment and cable news is entertainment, it should be well-known they had to go down before they got a job. While the norm in the past, it’s less so today, but, still obviously practiced. This gal should have chosen someone much higher up at Fox, then keeping notes, audio and videotaping their encounters. HA! Not that I approve of any of this disgusting behavior, nor would I ever compromise my integrity for any amount of money or position, but he’d deserve it if requiring sex from women before they could get a and keep a job. But, women are also guilty for agreeing to do it. If they all stopped, and with AA, men would have to hire women without ‘favors’. Both men and women are guilty. Choosing a black ‘once in a while’ guest was really stupid. You go to the decision makers! In this case, he was obviously conned because he might not have known she was involved with him in hopes he could get her on Fox more. He never appeared to be the stereotypical black to me, but who knows.

    Since viewers are mostly older men, Fox needs something to keep them watching. Looks like sex objects works and Hughes knows that.

    • Greta was a great role model for women and she’s off TV. That tells us a lot there. Here’s Angela Hill, New Orleans favorite newswoman in an old video. She’s 68 now. Recently retired, I think. In the 70s she married her coanchor, Garland Robinette, who was supposed to have replaced Walter Cronkite, but it never happened. TV news is a pretty bizarre place.

    • Here’s a better look at the legendary Angela Hill. She’s now married to a Jew doctor since the divorce from Garland. This video is a tribute, showing her career and public acceptance of women in the newsroom.

      • Well, she loves animals, that’s a huge plus in her favor. Don’t know what to think about her on camera skills. Haven’t seen enough to evaluate her intelligence and talent, but she’s done a lot of good things off camera. She wasn’t lured away from local TV by the big boys unless she didn’t want to move.

        Those huge earrings she wears are too much, but was the style in the 80’s and early 90’s. At least she keeps her body covered.

        I think Barbara Walters was the first female to make it big, but IMO, she was best as an interviewer.

        I think Diane Sawyer was also good at presenting the news and interviewing, but later became too liberal for me.

        Jessica Savitch was very good, but she died drowning in a car accident in 1983 or 84. Probably, most don’t know or remember her. Her days were numbered as a news anchor on NBC when she appeared on her nightly news program very erratic and slurring her words. No one seems to know exactly what happened, whether it was alcohol, drugs, or she had been placed on a prescription drug that caused unexpected side effects. She had been the epitome of a professional, intelligent female that I’d expect MSM would want.

        But if you noticed none of these women dressed suggestively or masculine.

        If interested here’s a documentary on Jessica Savitch. Hope the video works on here this time.

  3. There was a big scandal in Australia this year with the married Chief Executive of the Channel 7 network exposed in a court case by a young woman going for big bucks. She did not get them, and was lucky not to be charged with blackmail. It turned out she had already been paid off by the network for about $200,000 or so. She and the boss both worked there and indulged in lengthy mad shagging.
    He apologised, kept his job and toughed it out. She had already been fired, or asked to leave.
    The Murdoch press gloated over this man’s embarrassment.
    It could be argued he was corrupt by allowing her to be paid off by the network for his own behaviour – he should have paid the money personally.
    The moral if there is one, is that men must always pay for sex – one way or the other.

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