Trump Tweet to Plastic Surgery Addict Cher in 2012: Proof That Trump is What???!!! (+Barnhardt Podcast)

Since real estate magnate Donald Trump began his run for the White House in 2015, his Tweets have become the subject of massive public interest.

Many Trump haters say that his Tweets prove he is anything from a deranged lunatic to an immature teenager.

From where I sit, these dismissals of Trump’s Tweets show that their critics fail to understand the Internet and Twitter’s role in shaping public opinion.

As a public figure in 2012, but not yet a politician, Trump hit back at pathetic liberal Cher, as you can see in the above Tweet.

When I was on the front pages of the local newspaper in 2008, smeared with a variety of bullsh*t sexual accusations leveled at me by my university’s president, I learned the hard way that when you don’t fight back, the public wants to believe any nonsense accusation that anyone throws at you. If you fight back, there’s at least doubt in the public’s mind. When the lawyers tell you to keep your mouth shut, and you listen to their advice, you lose.

Trump knew in 2012 that he had to hit back at every false accusation aimed at him. One of the best ways to do that is to ridicule your enemies, as he did with Cher.

With that in mind, I’ve embedded Barnhardt podcast #11, where Ann Barnhardt spends perhaps the first third of her podcast throwing shade on Trump for his recent CNN body slam Tweet.

Ann is wrong, just as she admits she was wrong about the possibility that Trump would ever be president. Throughout 2016 she was adamant that Trump would never ascend to the presidency. Click on the start button to hear the podcast.

Following what I consider her mistaken, but still interesting critique of Trump, Ann moves on to other topics. I listen to all her podcasts by having them play in the background while I’m researching other topics. From Ann’s site:

In this episode we talk about President Trump’s “body-slamming CNN” tweet, James O’Keefe exposing CNN admitting they are publishing fakes news purely for the ratings, and reiterate again that if you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. you are subsidizing the mainstream media leviathan. We also read and comment on a listener’s email on the topic of “What to do about sodomites in one’s extended family.”

Saying of the week: “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.”

4 thoughts on “Trump Tweet to Plastic Surgery Addict Cher in 2012: Proof That Trump is What???!!! (+Barnhardt Podcast)

  1. The Trumpenfuhrer is no shrinking violet. He fights. The Christ-killers and goy libtards are taken aback that someone has challenged them.

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