Travelogue: California 1935 (Color Educational Short Film)

This film offers an enjoyable way to spend 10 minutes. The diversity emphasized by society then was diversity of terrain, natural resources, and industry.

The great industrial and agricultural power of California seen in this film is a testament to the constructive abilities of the European-American people.

One error is present, though. I spotted autos from the early 40s, so this film is from a few years later than advertised. The announcer even uses the phrase “Before the war” at around the 7:20 mark.

Published on Jul 20, 2014

An educational film by Carl Dudley about California in the mid 1930s.

4 thoughts on “Travelogue: California 1935 (Color Educational Short Film)

  1. The Golden Gate opened in 1937 so this film was probably made later. Brings tears to the eyes to see California portrayed before it was so screwed-up by minorities, libtards, and jews. To see all of the Caucasians in the film, how clean, organized, and bright everything was then. I was born and raised in the Bay Area in the 60’s-70’s. This was California’s Golden Age of development (the university system, highways, etc). Though, it was not long after that things started to go down-hill with sprawl, the Civil Rights nightmare which affected there too, the libtards/jews and their chicanery/chiseling). I visited there six months ago. It is a nightmare of sprawl, third-world road-ways, home-less and mud people everywhere. The niggers, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Indians (dot), muslims, and Chinese have become the majority there now. Of course, enabled by all of the jews who infest the city and state governments. Evil YT is now officially a minority in California’s population. Oh, that we could flush away all of them and reclaim it once again for the white man. The difference between our country from that era and present day is like something out of a Twilight Zone episode.

  2. Funny thing, I didn’t like Southern California at all when I lived there. Snobby wealthy Whites, too many Mexicans, hated the Spanish architecture, Los Angeles the pits, and San Diego a city where everything is wrong except the Pacific ocean, IMO. Very few beaches and trees. Inland was infested with Mexicans.

    Disliked the weather…almost the same every day. No reason to stay inside and loaf when there’s hardly any rain.

    After living in New York state, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Texas, for some reason, my experience was Pennsylvanians are the friendliest to newcomers. Texas the worst.

    • I agree with you about Texas being unwelcoming to newcomers. Also, in San Antonio, the summer weather stays cloudless and super hot for two or three months on end. At least there is a bit of a rainy season starting in September most years. Sunny and warm every day such as in southern California is not the kind of climate I like at all. If you think LA has too many Mexicans, be glad you stayed away from SA. The local white population has taken on Mexican values to a large extent, regarding honesty, sex, drugs, education, etc.

  3. This film is so glaringly from about 1955 that I’m disappointed in y’all. Hell the USC football team is even wearing plastic helmets for goodness’ sake. The hardshell football helmet wasn’t introduced until 1950. Still amazing to see what our grandparents had, and gave away.

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