Third Mistrial for White Ex-Cop Who Killed Daughter’s Black Boyfriend




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Mudshark Lisa Kepler’s mother and father through adoption were originally arrested for the shooting death of her black boyfriend. However, no charges were filed against her mother. They had kicked her out of their home a week before the shooting. Given the hell that everyone has gone through, they should have just left her to die of a drug overdose or a beating from a gang member.

Excerpt from CBS News

TULSA, Okla. — For the third time in less than a year a jury deadlocked on Friday and forced a mistrial in the murder case of a white former Oklahoma police officer accused of killing his daughter’s black boyfriend, astonishing prosecutors and frustrating the boyfriend’s family.

Judge Sharon Holmes declared the mistrial after four hours of jury deliberations over the fate of former Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler. He was accused of fatally shooting 19-year-old Jeremey Lake in August 2014, not long after Lake started dating Kepler’s then-18-year-old daughter, Lisa.

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said he was shocked that a mistrial was declared after such short jury deliberations.

“I’ve never encountered a dynamic like this in 25 years of practice,” Kunzweiler said after the mistrial was declared. “In my opinion, there should be some compulsion placed on jurors to reach a verdict.”

Kepler and his attorneys cheered loudly in the elevator leaving the courthouse, CBS affiliate KOTV reports.

“It’s a six-six mistrial,” Kepler’s attorney Richard O’Carroll told KOTV “And these jurors specifically told the court and the state and the defense that they needed more evidence.”

O’Carroll said he is prepared to defend Kepler five more times.

Holmes had instructed jurors that they could convict Kepler of first-degree murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter. Manslaughter carries a sentence of four years to life in prison, while the sentence on a first-degree murder conviction is life in prison.

The jury deadlocked 6-6, but Kunzweiler said it was unclear if the breakdown was six for conviction and six for acquittal or six for murder and six for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Kepler, who retired from the force after he was charged, was a 24-year-police veteran who said he was trying to protect his daughter, who had run away from home and was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood. O’Carroll said Lisa had been in and out of a homeless shelter after her father prohibited her from bringing men into his house.


Kepler told investigators he was acting in self-defense because Lake was armed, but police didn’t find a weapon on Lake or at the scene. Lake’s aunt said her nephew was reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself when Kepler fired.

Pam Wilkins, Lake’s aunt, said his extended family is deeply frustrated by the third mistrial.

“But I’m not giving up hope,” she said. “We’re believing in God and justice for Jeremey.”

Jurors in Kepler’s previous two trials, in November and February, deadlocked 11-1 and 10-2 in favor of guilt and Judge Sharon Holmes was forced to declare mistrials. Although they couldn’t agree on the murder charge, jurors in the first trial convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm.

Lake’s killing was among a series of fatal shootings of black people by Tulsa-area law enforcement officers in recent years.

Lisa Kepler looks as though she might be part American Indian. Mixed race Native Americans are common in Oklahoma. Whatever her racial mix, she’s 100 percent bad news. White couples should only adopt pure white babies.

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10 thoughts on “Third Mistrial for White Ex-Cop Who Killed Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

  1. Gee, I am shocked completely that an Okie jury dead-locked unlike the jew DA (the kikes are everywhere). Mr. YT Father did not want his daughter to become a drug-addicted, mud-shark single mom with a choco-baby by a fugly mulatto father. I imagine that the jury included niggers, so the proper term might be a “dread-locked” jury. Too bad for the parents. I agree that the daughter has mud genes and is predisposed to liking mud meat. I wish that all evil YT men would kill/terminate muds who take-up with their daughters. The U.S. has had enough micegenation. So much for our “jewdicial” system trying this guy over and over and over. Should be a law against that. The jury spoke. Let him go.

    • Three trial for the same charge is a misuse of taxpayer funds and Unconstitutional.

      “Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that prevents an accused person from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges and on the same facts, following a valid acquittal or conviction.”

  2. This case is a classic proof of the otherwise mysterious saying…
    “no good deed goes unpunished”.

    Adopt a mud blood – a good deed which will always be punished
    Adopt any stranger – a pretty risky thing which is most often punished. Most babies for adoption are unwanted and often have dubious parents, e.g. drug addicts and alcoholics. The biological father is almost certain to be a selfish bastard, the female is often very young and gullible.

    Rescue your child from a gang of Coon drug dealers – this will be punished also.
    Shoot a Coon dead – a Good Deed which is almost always punished.

    Sambos in the USA are like cows in India. Useless parasites which are believed to be Holy.

  3. “her father prohibited her from bringing men into his house. ”

    This is probably a media lie. He only banned niggers – unless she was selling her body as a prozzie to pay for drugs. Happy Families! Adopt mystery meat today, and never be bored again.

  4. Hum… Personally, I wouldn’t have given a f**k about her, she was adopted ! So I would say, go ! F**k off with whoever gangsta you want ?? & you can end up in the gutter I don’t give a crap ?

    • Good point Mr Reynard. Maybe this father took her bad behaviour as proof that he was a failure in life. So he had to rescue her to prove to himself that he was a good father. If so, he should be convicted and get a life term.

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