Britain: African Beats White Girlfriend’s Mystery Meat Son to Death



We know because we follow the news that the African is often stupid and cruel. But by our normal standards, the defendant in this case is much more stupid and cruel than usual.

A white mother of a mulatto looking child (not fathered by his killer) has learned the hard way that the slogan, “Avoid the groid,” was crafted based on the bitter experiences of many white people victimized by black thugs.

White women who take up with the African are probably going to suffer pain and possible death. A woman can expect that her chocolate jungle bunny may kill her children too. It’s the law of the jungle with the primitive savage. Am I wrong? I think the crime statistics bear me out.

Mudsharking violates the laws of nature and is Satanic at its core.

The Sun

THIS is the “raging” stepdad accused of beating his girlfriend’s five-year-old son to death because he lost his shoe in a park.

Marvyn Iheanacho, 39, allegedly battered Alex Malcolm against a park gate, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

A witness overheard the child apologising for losing his shoe as he was killed in Mountsfield Park, Hither Green, southeast London, jurors heard.

Iheanacho then allegedly carried his limp body into the park and rang the boy’s mother, Lilya Breha, to say he had fallen asleep.

Alex lay dying on the park bench in front of pedestrians with Lewisham University Hospital just five minutes walk away.

When the lifeless boy was brought home in a taxi, Iheanacho attacked his partner, Ms Breha to stop her calling an ambulance.

Alex was not taken to hospital until 8.30pm and died of severe head injuries two days later following an unsuccessful surgery.

A post-mortem showed Alex he was covered in bruises from head to toe with cause of death given as bleeding on the brain.

The pathologist identified at least 22 bruises as well as internal bruising of his abdomen.

Iheanacho is now accused of murdering Alex in a trial expected to last three weeks.

He insists the injuries were accidental, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Eleanor Laws, QC, said Iheancho had done everything to avoid responsibility.

She said: “The deceased victim was a little boy named Alex Malcom.

“He was just five years-old when he died.

“Iheanacho, a man who was looking after him, acting as his step father, but who on early evening of 20th November last year, lost his temper and violently assaulted the boy, causing him fatal head and stomach injures.

“The defendant is a man who has, ever since done his best to avoid being held accountable for those injuries.

“Alex suffered injuries that were to end his life, whilst in the defendant’s care.

“There is no one who saw exactly what happened – there are no eye witnesses or CCTV of the actual attack – of the defendant landing blows on Alex, there is, however, clear evidence as to the defendant’s anger before Alex sustained his injuries.”

Witness Sarah Strugnell said she saw the park gate rattling as if someone was being punched against it, hearing around eight punches in quick succession.

Miss Laws said: “She heard some one walking through the gates from the park and went to have a look.

“The defendant appeared to bend down to the child and ask where the child’s shoes were.

“The child appeared to indicate that the shoes were in the park.

“The man was very angry indeed and Sarah Strugnell describes how he was raging at the child who was keeping very quiet.

“Soon after this, she describes hearing repeated booming noises, and the gate was vigorously moving as if it were being punched by someone using both fists in quick succession, about eight punches in total.

“It is the prosecution case that this banging could well have been in fact banging from repeated assaults upon Alex.

“At some point, whether during this confrontation or between this confrontation and the next sighting of the defendant by dog-walkers, soon after, back in the park, the boy had received extreme injuries.”

Her partner, Gavin Richardson said he heard the boy saying sorry as he was beaten against the gate by a screaming Iheanacho.

Another couple walking their dog saw Iheanacho talking on his phone a few minutes later and saw Alex lying unconscious on a bench.

They overheard Iheanacho on the phone saying they were looking for something and “he has fallen asleep and is heavy”.

Miss Laws said Iheanacho gave Alex a bath when they returned, and choked Lilya after she told him he was “dangerous”.


She added “Lilya wanted to call the ambulance but the defendant tried to stop her. He got angry and she thought he would hit her.

“The defendant suggested they put him in the bath which he did. Alex had wet himself.

Whilst in the bath, Alex’s eyes remained closed.

“The defendant took him out and they wrapped Alex in a towel.

“Lilya was now screaming. The defendant told her to stop. She called him a danger to her family whereupon he assaulted her.

“He kneed her hard in the chest, then jumped on her back and started to choke her so she couldn’t breathe any more. He stopped suddenly and then laid Alex down on his own bed.

“Lilya’s mother noticed that Alex was getting cold. His face had turned blue and he stopped breathing. Lilya grabbed the phone and called for an ambulance.

“The defendant was not able to stop her. The call connected at 20:34 and an ambulance was dispatched.

“The injuries did not arise from a simple fall.

“His previous convictions demonstrate that he has a short temper and has a tendency to lose that temper.”

While the boy was in hospital, Iheanacho pressured his partner into telling police she was with him during the trip.

He was accused of grievous bodily harm at 2:00am the next morning, but was later charged with murder.

He gave no comment interviews to police following the boy’s death.

Despite initially telling police she was with Alex at the time, Lilya broke down during her police interview and accused Iheanacho.

Iheanacho, of Wesley Avenue, Hounslow, west London, denies murder on November 20 last year.

The trial continues.

6 thoughts on “Britain: African Beats White Girlfriend’s Mystery Meat Son to Death

  1. Looks like mud-shark mom already had a choco-baby or mated with a muslim dune-coon. The African savage will get no real justice. This is Britain after all. All of this points to a society and country gone mad. Mud-sharks mating with towel-heads and throwing their genes into a cess-pool, pushing out miscegenated abominations, shacking-up with African savages. Too bad the coon did not kill both of them. PJ, good to see that some of your terminology has become less “delicate”– “Mudsharking violates the laws of nature and is Satanic at its core.” We can not solve a problem unless we can recognize it and verbalize it for what it is.

  2. England is enjoying diversity, multiculturalism and diversity. All good and all is going according to (((plan))). Feel the vibrancy as little boys slam in to park gates. Boing, boing, boing. Where is the Coon deadbeat dad by the way, a man should protect his children.

    • A lot of women don’t want the man involved with the child. That may be what happened here, although your assessment is more likely. Dad may be deadbeat.

      Alternatively, she may have mated with a gaggle of Niggers and not even know Dad’s name. The kid was so ugly Dad had to be the ugliest Nigger she f*cked.

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