Barnhardt: 90 Percent of the Vatican is Made Up of Sodomites and Freemasons

Ann Barnhardt makes the case that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by anti-Catholic clerics.

It should make sense to everyone that a Church filled with those who deliberately revel in sin is no true Church at all.

Excerpt from Ann Barnhardt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The past two years or so have been EXTREMELY illuminating on this topic. The sodomites are EVERYWHERE in the Vatican, transcending all “right-left”, “liberal-Traditional” and all other categories and spectra. In fact, many of the most diabolical and sacriligious sex perverts inside the Vatican, of which actual, real, practicing Satanists are a subset, hide not only amongst leftist groups such as the Jesuits, but so many are hiding among what are branded as “conservative” groups such as Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ, which are actually two of the most powerful and wealthy organized crime syndicates today. There are also, as we have discussed, many sodomites amongst people, both clerics and laity, attached to the Traditional Rites, both the Roman Rite and the Byzantine Rite in Rome. Remember folks, for sodomites, the top priority is the sodomy. For them, sourcing sex partners/victims and the code of silence, or “omertà” which perpetuates the paradigm, trumps everything, including politics, and certainly any liturgical paradigms or preferences. This is why “tribalism” is so spectacularly dangerous.

Which brings us to the sad truth. I have very high-level and unimpeachable sources in Rome who have recently said that among the handful of remaining Catholics in the Curia, including senior-level officials (that category could literally be counted on one hand – do the math), there is now a resignation to the fact that the infiltration of sodomites and Freemasons (that Venn Diagram has a massive overlap) is so severe that it is not humanly possible to remove the infiltration. This can ONLY be solved by supernatural means, which all understand means a Sodom and Gomorrah type event, except on a much, much larger scale. Massive destruction, with many, many people dying on a level never before seen by mankind, just as the Blessed Mother has warned so many times, particularly over the past century.

Think about it. If there are literally just a handful men in the Vatican, which is a massive, bloated, corrupt bureaucracy, that are NOT Freemasons and/or sodomites, that implies that in order to purge the infestation well north of NINETY PERCENT of the people in the Vatican would have to be permanently expelled. And what of the entire college of bishops? FAR North of 90% of them would need to be fired and purged. And what of the priesthood? Same. And what of the staffs in the chanceries all over the world? Same.



Bottom line, start praying for the Blessed Virgin to hold back the arm of her Son no longer. Let the supernatural purge and cleanse come, even if that means that most of us will die in it. This spitting in the face of Christ and the raping of His Holy Church must stop. We’ve heard enough about the rights of men. Let us now return our focus to what we should have been focused on all along: the rights of God – to paraphrase Pope Leo XIII.

In the mean time, we must focus on INDIVIDUAL SOULS. Explain what is happening. Tell people the truth – the blunt, clear, unvarnished truth – no matter how “ugly” it may be. First and foremost we should be explaining to people that Bergoglio is an Antipope, and that Pope Benedict XVI remains the one and only living pope. That true premise is essential to building the rest of the case on a valid logical truth table. The truth of Catholicism falls flat on its face if a man who is not the pope is called the pope, which then necessitates the secondary false premise that the papacy is irrelevant, and that Christ’s promises to Peter, and thus to all of mankind, were either lies, or had an unknowable expiration date. BLASPHEMY!

Lifesite offers 12 facts about the recent gay Vatican orgy.

Ann’s prayer for a supernatural cleansing could and should go far beyond the Vatican. Tel Aviv, Hollywood, and New York City are just a few of the abominations that God might consider destroying.

3 thoughts on “Barnhardt: 90 Percent of the Vatican is Made Up of Sodomites and Freemasons

  1. When you consider all of the pedophilia/homosexual activity perpetrated by so many Catholic Church church officials in recent history, you can deduce that it could not have continued then or now without the higher-up Church officials knowing about and facilitating it. The senior officials (Bishops and Cardinals) of today and recent past must have been part of either perpetrating or actively covering-up the buggery and pedophilic activity. There is no other way that all of this degeneracy could have continued and continue now in present day. I would submit that the Popes themselves knew of this and did nothing to expose it and squash the perps. This includes the lesbianism within the nuns/sister-hoods.

  2. Ann is both partly right and partly wacky.

    “This can ONLY be solved by supernatural means,”

    This will not happen, ever, IMO. Even the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was not supernatural. It was natural. Same for the Pompeii wipe-out. Second the 90% evil number is too high in my estimation.

    I was told by a volunteer working with child sex abuse victims in Australia that he estimates 50% of all Catholic Priests in Australia are buggers. He estimated that 20% of Anglican priests are sodomites – which is worrying in that Anglican priests are allowed to marry. These faggots are not all pedos. Thus many perverts, homos and pedos are attracted to a job which will give them private access alone with children, and bereaved, depressed and other vulnerable adults. Most of all – men who like being alone with men, and playing with their dicks. There must be 2000 years of this. One hates to imagine how many boys were buggered in the olden days by bishops.

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