White Man Reports Being Surrounded by Somali Parasites at Tim Hortons Coffee Shop


Contact made with ETs.

Well, the Somali might as well be from another planet since they’re not human. Not in the way that white people understand humans.

A white man has been driven out of a coffee and donut shop after a group of obnoxious Somali came in to hang out.

He’s rejecting the enemy’s propaganda. If they’re not human, how can they be American? And why should working people have to support them?


I’m at Tim Hortons sitting near a dozen UNEMPLOYED WELFARE PARASITE Somalian Muslim Refugees

Here in the Midwest, there is a chain of donut shops called Tim Hortons. I’m taking a break at one and there are at least 12 Somalian Muslims that arrived and sitting near me, talking very loudly in their native language, dressed in Muslim garb and headgear, but every last one driving a piece of shit car. They all shuffle aimlessly when walking, as if used to having a daily routine of having nothing to do. Only two of these welfare parasites even ordered anything. They’re just talking up tables, yelling, laughing, and UN-FUCKING-EMPLOYED.

THANK YOU Libtards for further burdening us working taxpayers with more useless, anti-American Muslim FILTH.

Now, I need to stop posting so I can go back to work to continue supporting these welfare parasites that YOU fuckers wanted to bring here.

By-the-way, they’re ALL black. What a surprise.

In the few minutes since I posted this and was leaving, FIVE MORE of the fuckers shuffled in! Most are dressed either in Muslim robes or old used Goodwill clothes. They are all living off our welfare system and living in section 8 housing.

What’s the fucking point of bringing them HERE???
They’re just a festering pox on our system and there are NO white people in this Tim Hortons!! These Black Muslim fucks have run off all the MONEY-SPENDING WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Last time I’m stopping here myself.

Businesses that go black, rarely come back. Bye, bye Tim Hortons unless you can figure out a way to control the presence of diversity.


16 thoughts on “White Man Reports Being Surrounded by Somali Parasites at Tim Hortons Coffee Shop

  1. Here in Columbus,OH they have imported thousands of these sandniggers. They don’t work, smell like goat piss and can’t drive worth a fuck. Each woman has crapped out 10 kids who have a combined IQ of 45. How did we let this happen?

  2. Africa the continent of “enlightenment “?? Roman bath still standing from almost 2000 years ago, an African bathing in modern times 😂

  3. “I’m at Tim Hortons sitting near a dozen UNEMPLOYED WELFARE PARASITE Somalian Muslim Refugees”

    Send this man a copy of Mein Kampf.

    I am a German Worker. On this day, I arose and I made a difference in this world for the improvement of my folk.

    How many sub-humans can say the same? Ha. You know the truth.

    National Socialism. There is no other way.

  4. Many, many small businesses will have to close due to incidents like this. The workers and owners of the business can go on welfare, just like the Somalis. But no Section 8 housing for whites. Also the fact that you have paid tax for decades puts you at the back of the queue. People who have never paid tax are always more deserving in the eyes of most Govts. Bludgers rule, they are the Queen Bees, popping out babies. Tax paying workers are the drone bees, who have no babies but must pay for all the black babies.

    Meanwhile in Africa, several such countries have 45 babies per year for every 1000 population of all ages and both sexes. This is an astronomically high number of babies, all of whom will have to live in the West, to make the West more diverse, “vibrant” and multicultish.

    • Some small businesses have closed up in West Melbourne because of the new African undertow that has been permitted to invade us.

      • Learn to sail and/or get a boat.

        Half of Kwans cannot swim. I am hypothesizing that most of these 50 percenters are minorities. When the shyte hits the fan, hit the water.


    • And it costs the average white family about $10,000 to have a kid, plus $1,000 a month for Obamacare. Niggers are free. Shenaqua pays nothing. It’s so fucked up. The Repubicans don’t want anyone to lose their healthcare.

      • The Boston burb I live in has become increasingly niggerfuxated over the past 7-8 years; mostly latrine jungle people. sand niggers and Somalis. They opened a Samali cultural and historical center a couple of blocks from my apartment but it closed. I asked a local cop where it went and he rolled his eyes, “they were moved into a bigger facility since they outgrew he old one. I asked him if they caused much trouble, again raised eyebrows, “we get numerous calls per day complaining of harassment, assaults, noise etc and we are told to not respond because we won’t want to alienate our African citizens.

        A few months ago I was riding the jungle bus from Cambridge through Arlington to Lexington and a gaggle of Somalis were seated behind me one loudly yakking into his obamaphone in broken English “You come you bring all your fambly and friends, you come, you get free medical care, free apartment, free car, free food, free legal aid, free education free Social Security for rest of your life, never have to work. The white man owes us this, so you come you bring everyone to America”

        I got off the bus about 10 stops early the disgust I was felling gave me a feeling of vertigo. I was in a chain coffee shop in Lexington (a very rich formerly 100% white town) when suddenly there was a tidal wave of teens of colour (somali and other sub saharan primates. There must have been over 100 that flooded the café….I took my coffee and left.

        Lexington like other wealthy Boston burbs is being bought up by wealthy Chinese, Indian and arab investors….which is helping to drive prices into the stratosphere; unaffordable is an understatement The rich young/millennials are not helping

  5. Clinton started the great nigger migration. It continued under our other worthless cuck presidents. Put on turbo-charger by Obamohammed who wanted these anthropoids brought into the U.S. to make us more muslim. Deporting or terminating these monkoids is the only solution to this problem.

  6. Everyone’s missing the franchisee of Tim Horton’s could be White, purchased before the flood. Now, he’s stuck with only Muslims as customers who come to just sit. No place to sit even if a White wanted to order. No tips for waitresses when these invaders are just taking up tables and not ordering anything. Probably none tip even though they do order. With few ordering, this owner will either sell FAST or go out of business.

    Similar to blacks, invade the place, drive out Whites, take over and trash everything around them.

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