Getting Stalked and Beaten by Antifa at #G20 in Hamburg (Lauren Southern Video)

Lauren Southern and live-streamer Tim Poole are bullied by antifa in Hamburg.

Thirteen and a half minutes of an inside look at G-20 as seen on the streets.

Lauren subsequently posted a second video (below) after she learned that her cqrelessness led to multiple assaults on other journalists mistakenly associated with her.

Published on Jul 7, 2017

Tim’s Channel:


Lauren quickly followed up with an apology. Luke Rudkowski was beaten up by the European antifa, along with two other people.

The Gateway Pundit

Independent journalists Luke Rudkowski and Max Bachmann were attacked, stalked, and threatened with murder by left-wing Antifa terrorists in Germany early Friday outside of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Rudkowski and Bachmann were then accosted by “ten men” according to Rudkowski, Bachmann was punched, and then both were chased and thrown to the ground by the group of Antifa/anticapitalist terrorists. Rudkowski and Bachmann drove 30 minutes outside the city of Hamburg, and were followed and confronted by other Antifa terrorists who told them they would be seriously injured or killed if they did not leave town.

The biggest question here may be what is more disturbing: Is it that Antifa is now effectively an international terrorist network that attacks and threatens to murder even nonpartisan journalists for recording them? Or that they are getting their intel from fake news journalists who refuse to cover the violence they cause?

6 thoughts on “Getting Stalked and Beaten by Antifa at #G20 in Hamburg (Lauren Southern Video)

  1. Copied from above….
    “Antifa is now effectively an international terrorist network that attacks and threatens to murder even nonpartisan journalists for recording them”.

    Why do the police not arrest these terrorists? Is this an admission that the left wing (((fascists))) now control all western countries via their media and their politicians? Police are told to ignore masked terrorists.

    • A simple law against masks could result in mass arrests. There’s a hidden agenda here somewhere. Yours is one theory. Another is that politicians are cowards, so afraid of a leftist backlash or a lawsuit. I’m sure there are other theories too.

      • in England less than 200 years ago there was the death penalty for being out and about at night with a blackened face. They should renew that law – and execute all people seen out of doors with a black face at night time!

        Masks are illegal in many situations. Not permitted in many others such as when entering a bank. In a case like that, or entering a police station, a mask could get the wearer shot dead on the spot. Masks and criminality go hand in had. It is funny how so many amateur mass shooters forget to wear a mask. Antifa types never forget to hide their faces. False flag professional killers always wear masks or disguises.

  2. So, I see the police are good at treating wounds, but not so good at arresting those causing the wounds.

    Melania was forced by the police to stay in her hotel room yesterday morning because these thugs were outside close by, probably waiting for her. Imagine if that happened to Merkel when she was here.

    By the way, Melania sat beside Putin at the banquet. See link below. Both probably ordering their dinners in German. Check out Melania’s rock on her left hand!!!!!! Good grief, she needs someone to hold that up!

    Keep scrolling to see the two of them shaking hands. Notice the expression on Putin’s face! Lol!

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