Fake News Media Working Hard to Destroy Putin-Trump Detente



A search for “Trump news” will lead you at the current moment to a variety of stories about the historic first meeting between America’s Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Most of these stories have settled on a narrative: Trump was soft and the Russians are spinning the story with lies.

Always remember that the MSM is the propaganda arm for the globalists. Expect no truth, because you’ll likely get little of it.

This ABC News article offers a sample of the propagandizing media reaction to today’s meeting.

Kremlin and White House disagree over remarks from Trump-Putin meeting

Both Russia and the United States declared Friday’s first meeting between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin a success. But hours after the two sat down at the G20 Summit in Germany, the White House has found itself fending off criticism Trump had been too soft on Putin, as the Kremlin seemed to outflank his administration in shaping how the encounter is being presented.

Obviously, different people have different takeaways from their conversations. It’s natural and normal. What is unique is how the press is trying to blow it up into a scandal.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was in the room with the two presidents, said that Trump had “pressed” Putin on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Almost simultaneously, however, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who had also been present at the talks, told a separate news conference that Trump had informed Putin he “accepts” Russia’s denials that it was behind the election meddling.

“The president said that he had heard the clear statements of President Putin that it isn’t true, and that the Russian leadership had not interfered in these elections, and he said that he accepts these statements. And that’s it really,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov makes sense. He’s seeing the glass as half full, not as half empty.

That appears to be at odds with Tillerson’s account, but the U.S. secretary of state also suggested that Trump had indicated to Putin that he wished to move on from the accusations of interference, which he said had become a hindrance to better relations.

“The two presidents I think rightly focused on is, ‘how do we move forward?’ Because it’s not clear to me that we will ever come to some agreed upon resolution of that question between the two nations,” Tillerson said.

“There was not a lot re-litigating history,” he said.

Tillerson added that the over two-hour conversation had revealed “very clear positive chemistry” between the presidents. “Neither one of them wanted to stop,” he said.

Tillerson just distilled the meeting into the one important thing we should understand: positive chemistry.

Taken together, however, Lavrov and Tillerson’s comments have prompted an outcry from some that Trump had effectively signaled to Putin he was dropping the issue, despite assessments from U.S. intelligence that Moscow had unleashed an unprecedented operation against the election involving cyberattacks and propaganda which many officials suggest could be repeated.

“For Secretary Tillerson to say that this issue will remain unresolved is disgraceful,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

“Working to compromise the integrity of our election process cannot and should not be an area where ‘agree to disagree’ is an acceptable conclusion. Congress and Americans of all political persuasions and parties should do all they can to increase sanctions on Russia and prevent the reduction of any sanctions by the executive branch,” he added.

Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Moscow under the Obama administration, wrote in a tweet that: “Agreeing to disagree on the FACTS of Russian violation of our sovereignty is weak.”

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, however, was less phased by the comments, saying he wasn’t surprised Putin had denied Russia had interfered in the election.

“It comes as no surprise to me Vladimir Putin would deny what we know they did,” Ryan told the Associated Press.

Nobody cares what Schumer, Ryan, et. al. have to say. They are lying politicians to the core, not truth tellers.

The controversy recalled Trump’s last encounter with top Russian officials. During his May meeting in the Oval Office with Lavrov and Russia’s ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, Trump later was alleged to have accidentally revealed classified information to Lavrov. This saw the White House caught flat-footed by the Russians, who released photos showing the president guffawing with his guests hours before the U.S. side managed to get its own photo out.

The White House said it had been “tricked” by the Russians into allowing in a Russian wire-agency photographer while barring American outlets from being present.

Today, the Russians seemed to move similarly quickly to set out their account of the event.

Putin himself gave the first remarks on the meeting, telling reporters in a news conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he and Trump had discussed major issues, including Syria and cybersecurity.

Lavrov spoke shortly after on-camera to reporters, where he suggested Trump had indicated his scepticism about allegations in the U.S. about Russia’s interference.

“President Trump, I’m sure either he himself or Rex Tillerson will talk about this, said that this campaign is already acquiring quite a strange character because for many months when accusations have been voiced, not a single fact has come out,” Lavrov said.

By contrast, Tillerson, who began his news conference after Lavrov, imposed a no-camera rule on his briefing and a temporary embargo publishing the audio. White House officials, asked about Lavrov’s claim that Trump “accepted” Putin’s denials of election meddling, declined to answer for hours afterwards, despite the discrepancy.

Ahead of the meeting, many analysts had suggested the Kremlin’s primary goal from the meeting had been to be able to present the encounter as friendly. At the event, the two sides also agreed to another Russian goal — a joint ceasefire in southwestern Syria, to be enforced by Russian military police with U.S. endorsement.

In Moscow, senior foreign policy officials lined up to hail the meeting as a success, saying it had halted the slide in U.S.-Russian relations and perhaps heralded a turn towards friendship.

“The results of the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the U.S., I confess, surpassed all of my, and I’m sure, not only my, expectations,” said Konstantin Kosachev, head of Russia’s senate committee on international affairs, speaking with the news agency Interfax.

“On many concrete issues, Russia and the U.S. are starting either to collaborate in practice or to discuss the most important questions that define the character of bilateral relations. In some sense that’s a breakthrough,” Kosachev said.

Another politician, Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, cheered that the meeting “could mark the start of a process of halting the degradation in Russian-American relations.”

Aleksander Baunov, a political analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center and former Russian diplomat, said that given the low expectations, things had gone well for Putin.

“Diplomatically it’s ok,” he said in a phone interview. “It’s at least more than the expectations we had before.”

If the cause of world peace was truly advanced, then things did not just go well for Putin, but for all of us.

8 thoughts on “Fake News Media Working Hard to Destroy Putin-Trump Detente

  1. Why would two organ grinders take their monkeys in to a private meeting? Why would they let these monkeys describe the meeting afterwards? Putin and Trump should have met alone with only one translator each present. They then should have released a brief joint statement maybe 24 hours later after only the most trusted senior advisers had a chance to vet the statement for blunders and errors. Most of the private meeting should have been kept secret between the two leaders. IMO. If Trump really wants to finish ISIS, this was his big chance. He did not take it. Trump is a captive of the JWO. The most powerful political leader in the world is not the most powerful man in the world. Not by a long shot.

    Only a Russian said this and not one single American politician…
    “Another politician, Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, cheered that the meeting “could mark the start of a process of halting the degradation in Russian-American relations.”

    Can the USA survive as a nation without external enemies? Apparently not. Many powerful people are very determined that Russia will be the new Soviet Union. Those people are in the USA – not Russia.

    • I agree with the common sense you express about how to meet and then issue a joint statement. I’m less certain that Trump is a JWO puppet, but I’ll keep looking for evidence. I don’t mind posting negative Trump stories here. He’s been a huge failure on health care, for example. His attitude toward Putin for the last six months, his attack on Syria and his ramping up tensions with Nork are also examples.

  2. If looks could kill!

    It’s obvious from Trump & Putin’s body language, they hit it off. And very surprising Putin is so receptive considering the Syrian bombing after the WMD lie.

    Does the U.S. ever admit it interferes in other countries’ elections? It’s known Obama interfered with France, and NOW, trying to sway other countries to his side while Trump is visiting or right before and after his visits. What about him interfering in Trump’s election?

    So, why would Putin admit anything if Russia was involved in the election?

    Alinskyites (liberals) always accuse others of what they are doing.

    Both Putin and Trump are after ISIS, so there’s common ground there, not to mention Christian values, as well.

    Of course, the media and other Communists are trashing him, he’s promoting what they have been trying to destroy for a long, long time.

  3. I think it was after the Cuban missile crisis that a hotline was installed direct from the Kremlin to the White House desk. To prevent nuclear annihilation.
    I have a horrible feeling that this line no longer exists. It may be needed now more than in those Soviet times.
    Putin is much more dynamic that Brezhnev and the ancient dinosaurs that came after him. Sclerotic, is that the word. Gorby was younger but hardly a man to touch off WWIII.

    I think Putin has more real power, popularity and control than any leader of Russia since Stalin. The West should treat him with caution and respect. US politicians should stop baiting the Russian Bear. Who voted for that policy?
    Ideally Trump and Putin should have a private chin wag by secure telephone line at least once a week. “Flapping the gums”.

    If the Germans played cricket and Hitler had been a fan, WWII never would have happened. I think there has never been a big war between cricket playing nations except some minor wars between India and Pakistan, and maybe the US revolution. The Afrikaaner Boers were not cricket fans. Cricket did exist in the USA, even George Washington played at least one game.

  4. The wailing wall is going to be very crowded for a long time to come.
    The schekelfressers must be scared dreckless at the thought of any kind of understanding between the USA and Russia.
    Remember that the Russian people and the Russian Orthodox Church withstood 70-plus years of oppression and hostility from the the (((Bolsheviks))) and they prevailed. They’re good people. I’ve worked with a lot of them. Imagine what could be accomplished by the USA, Russia, the British and the Euro nations all acting together.

  5. Putin is grateful that he no longer has to deal with AA grifter monkoid negro Obamohammed. It was always beneath him.

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