Anne Frank Center’s Tweetstorm Attacks President Trump’s Actions in Poland


The entire Anne Frank legend is very likely to be fake history.

There is actually an Anne Frank Center dedicated to ending what it calls all prejudice in the world. There’s some real chutzpah.

Henry Makow, among others has called out the fraud. Click on the link to the Truthseeker to get the story.

Yesterday, the Anne Frank Center spewed out four Tweets highly critical of American President Donald Trump for his failure to kiss Jew ***. The odd thing is that Trump is a much better friend to Zionism and Israel than one could imagine.

6 thoughts on “Anne Frank Center’s Tweetstorm Attacks President Trump’s Actions in Poland

  1. By hook or by crook they’ll shove their Jew nose into the center of any ones book.
    You got to hand it to them; the Yids can’t help themselves. They must get to the front row even if there is nothing in it for them. Anything to get attention, and change the rhetoric to please themselves.
    There were two Warsaw uprisings. The first,1943, got rid of the Jews. The second, in 1944, was by Polish Christians whose resistance was so fierce that the Germans had to use bombers to totally flatten the city. No food, no water and no ammo made the Poles surrender.
    The POTUS honored these Poles by ignoring the Kike distraction.
    So the Sheenies kvetch. So what? It’s all they do.

  2. “Murdered Jews’.
    These were not murdered. The German Occupation Govt was the lawful authority in 1944 Poland. The Jews that rose up in the Warsaw uprising were terrorists and criminals. Also stupid as they had no hope of winning. The Soviet Army watched and did nothing, allowing the Germans to wipe out these armed terrorists.
    The Jews killed German soldiers wearing uniform, while the terrorists were in civilian clothes. This is a crime in every country at all times, but especially so during war time. There is always a death penalty for trying to kill uniformed soldiers of the occupying Govt during wartime.

  3. I was fed the Anne Frank B.S. while growing up. Of course, I now know that it was another jew hoax/lie to keep muh Holocaust in the public eye. The Poles do not like or want the jews in Poland. This Twatter nonsense is another one of the Christ-killer’s fake controversies with which to beat over the head us goyim and especially our Glorious Leader. F*ck them.

  4. Since when did the Founders offer hope and freedom to the refugees of the world? They offered no such thing. How (((they))) lie to advance their own interests!!

  5. Anne Frank was a Dutch Jew, not Polish. Holland tried to remain neutral. Whereas dopey old Poland was one of the two idiot countries that started WWII. Hitler was not entirely to blame. When he made threats, he kept them. The Poles (a heavily Jewish country in 1939) could have joined Hitler and wiped out Soviet Communism for ever, which was their only logical choice – not to trust far away Britain and France to save them, which was impossible and they should have known it. As a result Poland became Communist from 1945-1990.

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