New Zealand Lawmakers APOLOGIZE to Faggots

Sodomy is a violation of natural law, God’s law, and was a violation of man’s law until Man took it upon himself to be God.

The incredible debasement of society by sodomites is evident all around us. The spread of sexual diseases, the extraordinary promiscuity where men number their sex partners in the hundreds, and the recruiting of children into this vile death-style are well known and well-documented.

Lawmakers should be apologizing to normal people for allowing the degenerate perverts to escape punishment. They should be apologizing to God for normalizing what He calls an abomination.

Instead, it looks like New Zealand is heading in the direction of paying reparations to perverted degenerates of the rainbow flag variety.

Associated Press

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand lawmakers unanimously apologized Thursday for the “tremendous hurt and suffering” of hundreds of men who were convicted of homosexuality during the years it was treated as a crime.

Parliament took the rare step of issuing a formal apology to all those unfairly convicted under the antiquated laws. Lawmakers also approved the first stage of a bill that will allow the men to have their criminal records wiped clean, legislation that comes four years after the South Pacific nation legalized same-sex marriage.

The measures were passed with unanimous approval among lawmakers from various political parties.

“Today we are putting on the record that this House deeply regrets the hurt and stigma suffered by the many hundreds of New Zealand men who were turned into criminals by a law that was profoundly wrong, and for that we are sorry,” said Justice Minister Amy Adams.

She said it was unimaginable today that consensual sex between adults would be considered criminal.

“It is never too late to apologize,” Adams told lawmakers. “While we cannot ever erase the injustice, this apology is a symbolic but important act that we hope will help address the harm and right this historic wrong.”

The government estimates about 1,000 men will be eligible to have their convictions quashed. Most were prosecuted after 1965 and before 1986, when New Zealand decriminalized homosexuality. They were convicted of crimes such as indecency, sodomy and providing a place for homosexual acts.

Those with convictions will need to apply to have their cases assessed because the law didn’t distinguish between consensual and nonconsensual gay sex, Adams said.

Sex between women was never explicitly illegal under New Zealand law.

Opposition lawmaker Grant Robertson quoted from a man who was forced to resign from the Army because of his sexuality.

“This conviction still leads, after 53 years, to self-hatred, worthlessness, unjustified guilt and shame,” the unnamed man said, according to Robertson. He said the law change would allow the man to feel some dignity in his final years.

Robertson, who is openly gay, said he stood on the shoulders of those who had been convicted.

“The fact that I, as a gay man, can be out and proud and a member of parliament is but a small tribute to you,” he said.

Adams has said the convicted men will not receive any compensation, although Robertson said that should be reconsidered.

9 thoughts on “New Zealand Lawmakers APOLOGIZE to Faggots

  1. It is not true to say that no one is hurt by homosexuals. Society is hurt, by a decrease in the birth rate. It is hurt by an erosion of one of its pillars, marriage.
    If there are two countries on separate islands, and one has no homosexuals, and the other has fifty per cent homosexuals, which country has a better chance of thriving in one hundred years? It behooves a society to promote live births.

  2. Laws change all the time. Should apologies be made to all law breakers for past activities which are now legal, such as prostitution, or a man living as a pimp by owning a brothel? Should those convicted crims get compensation also?

  3. “a formal apology to all those unfairly convicted under the antiquated laws”. The Botulism faith is much younger than the law against Sodomy, yet the religion was called “venerable” by a Western judge – not “antiquated”.
    Murder is an antiquated law. Should it be repealed?
    “unfairly convicted”. (((Media))) bias. They were all justly and fairly convicted under the laws at the time.
    The Foul Crime of Buggery is still a crime and an abomination.

    ““It is never too late to apologize,” Adams told lawmakers.”
    When will poofters apologise to normal people? Probably never.

  4. “The last two men hung for homosexual acts was in 1835.” In the UK. Should those guilty swine get an apology also?

  5. This is how disgusting homosexuality is. The demons, fallen angels, still retain their angelic personage/nature such that when two twisted homos are engaged in homo sex, even the demons turn away from their degeneracy. That is as bad as it gets.

  6. It seems that Putin is the only remaining sensible leader of a nation. we need a prime minister like him here.
    The big problem is that the media is so full of faggot promotion that even decent leaders like Bill English are forced to say they agree with poofter marriage just to get them off his back for long enough for people can listen to anything else he has to say.
    The state shouldn’t stand in the way of personal morality and people should be free to make mistakes but they should not be allowed to push their filth in public and promote the fantasy that this stuff is normal or even moral!. Normal citizens should be able to live a decent life without this stuff being stuffed into every TV show, every movie. Overt self proclaimed poofters should not be allowed to stand for parliament because they can not fairly be able to represent normal people their constituency. Public advocacy of indecency should be criminalised.

  7. The least cost effective way of dealing with promoters of poofterisation (instead of filling up prisons and exposing inmates to risk) is to give them jobs in piggeries shoveling pig shit (that would be right up their alley) or they refuse, sending them on a glamorous holiday to Iran or Saudi Arabia where they can discover alternative legal rewards for their perversions .

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