List of US Politicians who hold dual US-Israeli citizenship


I have NOT fact checked this list for accuracy or completeness. It’s presented for your consideration as offering insight into a political and cultural problem. Dual citizenship persons should probably not be allowed to hold any high position in the United States government. Divided loyalties is a dangerous thing for the U.S.

Sourced from St. Frexit’s Twitter

The ultimate source of this list may be an interesting Facebook article that covers the issues associated with dual citizenship.

10 thoughts on “List of US Politicians who hold dual US-Israeli citizenship

  1. Jews are victims of racism. Most can only get jobs digging trenches and cleaning toilets. It is very unfair that Jews can never be appointed to any management level job anywhere. What chance do they have when they have so little money? Adolf took all their money and burned all of their relatives.

    For those who have met Jews, have you ever met a single one who did any kind of hard physical job like building, plumbing, gardening. Especially labouring, bricklaying or carrying bricks, roadwork or concreting.
    How ever did they build Israel – the Palestinians must have done all the hard out door jobs, and probably still do.
    An IQ of 95 can go a long way if you were born an AshkeNazi.

    • There’s an expression that I learned so long ago that I’ve forgotten when I learned it or where:
      Whenever there’s heavy lifting to be done, the Jew has a bad back.

  2. Most of these men were probably gay too.

    Regardless, I met a number of military men in DC who were all about Israel. Some bitch who lived in my building was Israeli and one military DL fag was like ‘she’s Israeli’…. so what?

    Fuck israel

  3. There will never be a coup in the Kwa because our military is fubar with DLs; however, got give it to Obama as he pissed off Israel.

  4. And this is the problem! No wonder why they call us Jewmerica! All wonderful high paying jobs with the best medical and pensions..all the perks REAL loyal Americans are told aren’t possible today! All these Zio scums first allegiance is to their satanic state of Israhell..I am guessing this is the short list! They should all be fired/shot whatever! If Trump is genuine and not one of them this is the swamp that needs drained! Swamp =🇮🇱

    • Lawyers is an issue too. I think the USA has about 100 times more lawyers per capita than does Japan, or was it California vs Japan. So maybe the laws/judges are often corrupt and misused to bilk people with money – to give it to people with much more money. (((Swindlers))).
      Plus the most “competitive” “free enterprise” country in the world has the most expensive and least competitive doctors/hospitals/medicines.
      (((Doctors and lawyers))) and often working the same racket. A lot of politicians are either doctors or lawyers.

      • Like the ones who couldn’t hack being a doctor or greasy lawyer! Well they don’t call it the (((JUdicial))) system for nothing!

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