Jared Taylor Talks Jews

Two minutes and 30 seconds of Jared talking about the Jewish influence on gentile society at an American Renaissance conference.

5 thoughts on “Jared Taylor Talks Jews

  1. I haven’t quite arrived at an answer that I am content with, but I suppose I agree with Jareds nuanced one. Religious Jews that actually believe in God are mostly on our side, but secular Jews are the hand on the door as he calls it.

  2. Some of those Jews in the audience could be spies. Probably, ADL, ACLU, and SPLC sent them. I would bet on that! Taylor forgets 80% are liberals. Some of the other 20% are neocons.

    I do agree with Jared on the following point. It was Whites who allowed the enemy in and gave this enemy free rein to do what they wanted. Should each one of us as individuals take the blame when we know one person without influence can do very little? I’m inclined to blame our White legislators and presidents since it was their job to protect their citizens, but Whites elected them prior to Obama. Whites as a group could have been more outspoken, adamant, protesting in huge numbers. They didn’t! Exactly, as Whites don’t today!

    Studies confirm depression, hopelessness, and anxiety (fear of the future), can lead to suicide. Is this possibly contributing to White apathy, a non-expressed, unaware death wish, the reason why they aren’t fighting? One of the main reasons Whites voted for Trump as shown in a recent study was fear of becoming a minority.

    Obviously, Whites are easily brainwashed. If we could control the narrative, the media, we could change them to our way of thinking. Trump should break up the (((monopoly))).

  3. The jews are insidious like the Sith Dark Lords. How, oh how did they get their fangs/claws into our nation’s guts?

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