Coincidence? Polish Government Seats Trump Beside Painting of Polish King Famed For Routing Islam from Europe

There are no coincidences.

Excerpt from Breitbart

President Donald Trump’s first photo-call in Poland after his arrival in Air Force One was with President Andrzej Duda and saw him sat beside an oil painting of a prominent figure in Polish history and folklore — the 17th-century king who kicked Islam out of Central Europe and is remembered as “the Hammer of the Turks”.
Warsaw’s Royal Palace, where the meeting took place — lavishly reconstructed after it was dynamited by Nazi German troops during the Second World War — benefits from a surfeit of grand rooms and hundreds of works of art.

From oils of kings and statesmen by artists such as Rembrandt to impressive murals and sculpture, the Polish authorities had a great deal of choice for where to host the symbolic first meeting of President Trump’s first European visit.

It may be seen as a remarkable coincidence, therefore, that of all the rooms and of all the paintings, they chose to sit President Trump besides a portrait of one of Poland’s best-known warrior kings. King Jan (John) III Sobieski is today remembered and celebrated in Poland, and elsewhere in Central Europe, for his pivotal role at the Battle of Vienna in September 1683.


From the comments at Breitbart comes a great idea:

I have vowed to support Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Russia and other SOVEREIGN CHRISTIAN EASTERN EUROPEAN STATES with my tourist $$$$$$$!!!


2 thoughts on “Coincidence? Polish Government Seats Trump Beside Painting of Polish King Famed For Routing Islam from Europe

  1. Yes never be a tourist in a cuck nation which loves tinted people. Punish them by withdrawing you money and spend it in a white nation, if you can find one. There are a few still, none have English as their main language. English is the language of the Jew controlled cuck.

    Speaking of Coons. I buy some second hand DVDs and books in Eastern Europe, English language. If there is a nigger on the cover, I never ever buy the item. Neither does anybody else in Eastern Europe.

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