Bill Gates Urges End To Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe

Africa for Africans, White countries for white people?

No, that’s not what Bill Gates is saying.

He’s not become a white nationalist. He’s advocating that whites bribe the Africans to stay in Africa. So, instead of them stealing our property when they get to the West and parasite, we just voluntarily ship our wealth to them.

This clown is really putting on a clown show now.

Hey, Bill, let the West start enforcing it’s borders (like Poland) and the problem is solved. Why don’t you call for armed military force on the high seas and on land to turn back the black tide!

Do us a favor while you’re at it. Stop vaccinating the natives. It only contributes to the African population explosion.


In an interview published Saturday, Bill Gates told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag [4] that Europe will be devastated by African refugees if they don’t “make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent,” and the solution lies in European nations committing billions of taxpayer money towards overseas aid.

According to Gates, the combination of explosive population growth in Africa combined with Europe’s notoriously generous open-border migrant welfare programs – as illustrated by the ‘German attitude to refugees’ have incentivised migrants to flood into Europe.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this – which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa.”

While Germany has been one of the pioneers of the open door policy, it cannot “take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

Thus Gates advised European nations to take action in order to make it “more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes.”

–Bill Gates [4]

How to stop them?

Gates, whose third world vaccination programs have contributed to Africa’s population explosion, suggested that heaping tons of money onto Africa while taking steps to prevent transit into Europe is the best solution.

After calling Germany’s commitment to allocate 0.7% of GDP towards foreign aid ‘phenomenal,’ Gates encouraged ‘other European nations to follow its example.”

(Because Africa is of course known for efficiently managing billions in foreign aid without corruption to ensure that their people are taken care of [6]. Surely Europe’s donations will create an Africa that rivals downtown Hamburg.)


Gates’ comments come as European leaders discuss the surge of Africans washing up on Italy’s shores every week, with Rome calling on other EU nations to accept more refugees.

On Sunday, Italy’s interior minister Marco Minniti begged for help [7] – telling an EU summit in Tallinn “We are under enormous pressure”S

“If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question” –Marco Minniti

Italy has taken in over 82,000 migrants in the first six months of 2017, 19% more than the same period last year.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the rescue organization SOS Mediterranee which runs an aid vessel along with Doctors Without Borders said that it would be logistically difficult to redirect migrants to other European ports.

If the order came “we would have no choice, we would obey. But it would be completely impossible with more than 1,000 people on board,” Mathilde Auvillain told AFP.

So there you have it

After years of liberal open-border policies predictably resulted in a flood of North African (economic) migrants into Europe, the EU is panicking. And the solution to preventing millions of migrants from upgrading their lifestyle by picking up sticks and moving is to throw more money at Africa…

Meanwhile, President Trump is in Poland this week – one of the only European nations to refuse refugees.

However, as SHTFplan’s Mac Slavo asks [10], does this represent a major shift in the way globalists view immigration? And if so, why would this shift occur?

If I were to guess, it has nothing to do with the fact that mass migration is ruining Europe and Western civilization. The globalists have always advocated for the disintegration of Western values and borders. It has to do with the indirect results of mass immigration.

The refugee crisis is what has spurred the most resistance to globalism in recent years. It has ignited countless nationalistic political parties in Europe. It has contributed to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the slow motion fracturing of the EU.

What Bill Gates is saying, is a sign that the globalist may have realized that they’ve made a fatal mistake. By promoting open borders, they’ve sown the seeds for their own destruction. Their decision to allow millions of refugees into Europe has solidified populist conservative movements across the West that threaten to dethrone them. Now they’re trying to close this can of worms.

Unfortunately for them and us, it may to be too late.

10 thoughts on “Bill Gates Urges End To Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe

  1. “Gates’ comments come as European leaders discuss the surge of Africans washing up on Italy’s shores every week, ”

    Uh, no, they are not “washing up on Italy’s shores”, that is a complete falsehood. I have read numerous articles describing Italy’s “coast guard” sailing 250 miles across the Mediterranean to pick up “migrants” 50 miles off the shore of Libya. That isn’t “washing up”, it’s the Italian government ferrying savages from Africa and DUMPING them on Italy’s shores.

    And then Rome has the nerve to demand the rest of Europe accepts their deliberately imported garbage?

    If that isn’t kiked, then I don’t know what is.

    • Don’t worry, Germany goes the same. It’s actually the reason so many of them are coming. And then when germany gets flooded and it can’t handle them, what does it do? Shift the responsibility to other countries as well, because it can’t be the only one suffering or having to deal with “refugees” (invaders).
      Typical womanly politics, when you fuck up, don’t try to remedy it and take responsibility, put the blame on others not doing their job.

  2. ““If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question” –Marco Minniti”.

    He is Interior Minister but does not order these boats towed back to Africa? Italy picks them up and brings them all the way from Libya, then expects Germany to pay for the black bastards. Italy is a treasonous nation of wogs, trying to wreck Europe by giving them more nigger genes than Italy is already stuck with.

    Gates has it all wrong, as usual. Australia stopped the invasion of blacks via Indonesia via a sweetheart deal with Indonesia – not Africa. All invading boats were towed back to Indonesia. Those that sank their boats were put in large orange liferafts and towed back to Indonesia. The illegal invasion of Australia ended and Europe was furious about it and they still are. Australia is still being swamped with millions of tinted scum – legally.

    The EU just has to pay Libya to take these Coons back, and tow all the boats back to Libya. With luck, Libya will kill all those towed back.

    Is Gates trying to wreck the whole world? Who told him that more people are needed? The Zero Population Group (((ZPG))) are silent today. 40 years ago they said there was too much breeding by whites. Now that niggers are wining the demographic game hands down, the Jew ZPG has shut down. I just checked out Friends Of The Earth, an olden days leftie group. (((FOE))). They have not one word to say about the Sambo population explosion!!!

    The earth has no human friends. Unless a mad (i.e. very sane) scientist is working now on how to eliminate all Coons and Muzzies with a deadly disease.

  3. “the solution lies in European nations committing billions of taxpayer money towards overseas aid.”

    Huh? So basically, bribing invaders not to invade?

    No, those billions should be put towards war ships patrolling the waters and either diverting them back or shooting any ship that doesn’t want to stop.

    That’s how you deal with invaders.

    • That’s what the EU was doing with Gadhaffi, paying him to keep the hordes back.
      Sarkosi was pushing the “Europeans must be forced to breed with the blacks” thing shortly before he led the “coalition” to unseat Gadhaffi and we all know how that worked out. So after ruining most of southern Europe they are now back at square one. These bastards are highly paid to betray us, if we can’t get rid of these bastards by any means necessary then we deserve to be wiped out. Vote the F*ckers out.


    Bill Gates should be spending his billions setting up planned parenthood in Africa.

    Free birth control.

    All girls must get their tubes tied and all men must get vasectomy in order to be eligible to get a free bag of rice per month for a year.

    Free male and female sterilization for Africa is the key.

    Making it a precondition for foreign aid is the key.

    • Arthur you are 100% correct. No vasectomy or tubes tied – no free food. Pay a cash bonus as well to each individual volunteering – a few months income, which might be only $100 or so in the worst African nations.

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