The Trump Family Arrives in Poland to a Warm Welcome


President Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, and daughter Ivanka, arrived in Poland to a warm welcome on July 5 in advance of the G20 Summit.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, was also along on the trip, which was the president’s second foreign trip.

According to NBC News, Trump was “greeted by U.S. Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones and his wife, as well as Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski and Minister of State Krzysktof Szczerski, before loading into the motorcade.”

Melania Trump wore a green coat with scarf. Ivanka Trump wore a red suit.

The president was expected to give a speech to the Polish people on July 6 in Krasinski Square, NBC reported, likely commemorating Polish courage during World War II. The square commemorates “a 1944 anti-Nazi uprising, one of the country’s most important historical chapters,” Politico reports.

Trump is expected to receive a warm welcome in Poland, which is run by a “populist, nationalist” government, according to The Washington Post. The Post reported that Trump’s choice of Poland to start his foreign trip is regarded as a “snub” at the EU.

The Polish government is conservative, and Trump chose Poland as his first stop over “more powerful American allies like Germany, France or Britain,” The New York Times reported. The Polish will be watching for whether Trump “reaffirms the United States’ commitment to respond to an attack on another NATO member,” according to The New York Times.

After the Polish trip, Trump will head to Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit. There, Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom there have been tensions. He also may sit down for a much anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among the topics on the agenda at the G20: “Trade, climate and migration,” according to CNN.

In contrast to the warm reception in Warsaw, Trump is expected to find protests in Hamburg.

“The United States made some of the worst Trade Deals in world history,” Trump tweeted before leaving for Poland. “Why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us?”

Live stream from Poland:

Even CNN can’t hide the warmth for the United States that Poles are likely to be feeling during the Trump administration.

Trump, who will meet with Putin Friday after visiting Poland, will deliver an address to the Polish people on Thursday, as well as meet with Duda and speak to the leaders at the Three Seas Initiative, a project that aims to unite Eastern Europe through energy infrastructure.

Trump may find a partner in his Polish counterpart, though. Duda rose to power in 2015 on the back of nationalist, anti-immigrant sentiment, not dissimilar to Trump’s 2016 election win. Both Trump and Duda have been publicly skeptical of international organizations, with the Polish president worrying European Union diplomats with some fractures he is causing in Poland’s relationship with the union.

And local media have been reporting that Duda and his conservative Law and Justice Party promised people close to Trump sizable crowds for Trump’s visit, particularly for his speech to the Polish people at the Warsaw Uprising Monument, a memorial in honor of Poles who rose up to fight Nazis in 1944.


3 thoughts on “The Trump Family Arrives in Poland to a Warm Welcome

  1. Will Trump visit Katyn Forest (inside Russia) where Soviet Jews in 1940 killed 35,000 of the leaders of Poland after the Soviet invasion? Will he visit a monument in East Poland marking this Soviet Invasion of 1939, Hitler’s ally? Or are both of these not history, inconvenient truths as Al Gore might say?

    “The square commemorates “a 1944 anti-Nazi uprising, one of the country’s most important historical chapters,””
    One of the more dopey decisions, along with not letting Hitler free access and troops to attack Russia instead of fighting Hitler. In 1944 the Soviets waited patiently while the Germans crushed the Polish resistance and demolished Warsaw. This made the Communist takeover of Poland much easier. So why attack the retreating Germans who were no longer a threat? The Poles should have saved their guns and ammos for the (((Commie Rats))) who were about to inflict 45 years of misery on Poland. What happened about Britain’s prewar “guarantee” to Poland? Might is right and Stalin knew it.

    • These people are stupid and have a masses of asses mentality. Does not seem to stop Western men to prey upon ‘da Pole and Slav wimenz though.’ Tyranny is tyranny. Eastern Europe never gets a break and is never left alone. It is now the cheap pu$$y capital of the world.

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