Sympathy for School Kids When Deadbeat Parents Won’t Pay for Lunch


America’s “gibsmedat” philosophy has the working families of America not only paying their own bills, but also picking up the tab for irresponsible people. The array of “free sh*t” that the American parasite can consume without paying for it is mind boggling.

Liberals can always come up with a heart-tugging anecdote like the one that starts this story off. Anecdotes designed to trigger emotions are not the proper basis for public policy.

AP News

US schools rethink meal-debt policies that humiliate kids

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Teaching assistant Kelvin Holt watched as a preschool student fell to the back of a cafeteria line during breakfast in Killeen, Texas, as if trying to hide.

“The cash register woman says to this 4-year-old girl, verbatim, ’You have no money,’” said Holt, describing the incident last year. A milk carton was taken away, and the girl’s food was dumped in the trash. “She did not protest, other than to walk away in tears.”

Holt has joined a chorus of outrage against lunchroom practices that can humiliate children as public school districts across the United States rethink how they cope with unpaid student lunch debts.

The U.S. Agriculture Department is requiring districts to adopt policies this month for addressing meal debts and to inform parents at the start of the academic year.

The agency is not specifically barring most of the embarrassing tactics, such as serving cheap sandwiches in place of hot meals or sending students home with conspicuous debt reminders, such as hand stamps. But it is encouraging schools to work more closely with parents to address delinquent accounts and ensure children don’t go hungry.

“Rather than a hand stamp on a kid to say, ‘I need lunch money,’ send an email or a text message to the parent,” said Tina Namian, who oversees the federal agency’s school meals policy branch.

Meanwhile, some states are taking matters into their own hands, with New Mexico this year becoming the first to outlaw school meal shaming and several others weighing similar laws.

Free and reduced-price meals funded by the Agriculture Department’s National School Lunch Program shield the nation’s poorest children from so-called lunch shaming. Kids can eat for free if a family of four earns less than about $32,000 a year or at a discount if earnings are under $45,000.

It’s households with slightly higher incomes that are more likely to struggle, experts on poverty and nutrition say.

Children often bear the brunt of unpaid meal accounts. A 2014 federal report found 39 percent of districts nationwide hand out cheap alternative meals with no nutritional requirements and up to 6 percent refuse to serve students with no money.

The debate over debts and child nutrition has spilled into state legislatures and reached Capitol Hill, as child advocacy groups question whether schools should be allowed to single out, in any way, a child whose family has not paid for meals.

“There’s no limit to the bad behavior a school can have. They just have to put it in writing,” said Jennifer Ramo, executive director of New Mexico Appleseed, an advocacy group on poverty issues. “We live in a credit society. I think schools should handle debt like everybody else does: You don’t take away food from children. You feed them and you settle the bill later.”

Spurred by Appleseed and others, New Mexico in April passed its anti-meal-shaming law, which directs schools to work directly with parents to address payments and requires that children get a healthy, balanced meal regardless of whether debts are paid on time.

And so once ALL the parasites learn that there are no consequences for not paying their bills, what do you think they’re going to do?

Getting real, we’re talking here mostly about nonwhite women whose wombs pump out the young ‘uns fathered by one mack daddy after another, just so they can get their gibsmedats.

Sterilize ’em as a condition of being on the dole.

14 thoughts on “Sympathy for School Kids When Deadbeat Parents Won’t Pay for Lunch

  1. The USA, the worlds most competitive capitalist nation (allegedly) is in fact a Socialist Utopia and has been for a long time. Especially for fast breeding tinted people, drug addicts, alkies, bums and winos and ex crims. Why work? Note that this free food is paid for by the Agriculture Dept. – which is thus subsidising US farmers who are feeding the millions of kids of deadbeat parents. Where is the free competition, this is yet another example of US policies in fact being no different to the protectionist French with their butter mountains and cheese mountains.

    “New Mexico this year becoming the first to outlaw school meal shaming”. Will Ferguson be the first city to outlaw shaming of cigar thieves strongarming dark midgets? Why State will be the first to outlaw shaming of shoplifters or Knockout Game players or antifa terrorists?

    If kids learn that everything is free, when do they learn that things are in fact not free, but must be paid for?

    According to Pat Buchanan, half of all working age US adults pay no Federal Income Tax and all receive some rebate of roughly $3,000 per year – on tax which has never been paid. This is in addition to food stamps and Christ knows what. Why not just give welfare recipients money instead of demeaning them with all these programs? There is a Big Sister implication (or admission) that Americans are stupid and do not know how to look after themselves or their children.

    On the plus side, these school meals might be the only healthy food these kids eat in their entire lifetimes after babyhood. The Socialist Govt knows this. Americans eat a huge amount of garbage. Though there are health food fanatics in California for example.

    • All those different programs keep all those bureaucrats employed, many of whom are nonwhite. Furthermore, transparency, such as just giving the muds cash would be too honest. This is a country that is fundamentally dishonest at the government level. Probably at various other levels too. Students pretend to learn. We pretend to care about poverty. Priests pretend to believe in God. Blah, blah, blah. It’s big con game.

      • The Australian Govt pays welfare as cash. There are no food stamps or free lunches at school (as far as I know). A lot of welfare money is spent by bums and bad parents on alcohol, gambling and cigarettes. These are all heavily taxed, especially tobacco. Petrol/gasoline/benzine also has a big tax, just like Europe. Food is also taxed at 10%, excepting fresh uncooked food. The Govt thus gets half their welfare money back, which the US Govt does not.

  2. Gee, Paladin, you’re really cruel! Lol!

    Agree…we’re feeding them so these future leaders will finish us off!

  3. I grew up in an all white city. We had no school lunches, our parents all packed lunches for us. Nobody was malnourished and nobody was racist.

    You can never go home again, they say.

    • I later moved to New Mexico; a more corrupt and cursed state I cannot image. There’s nothing “new” about that “Mexico”.

      I’d never experienced such blatant racism until I was surrounded by 50% Mexicans.

      I also haven’t since.

      But I’m the racist, I’m told.

      • New Mexico is shit. I traveled through there 7 years ago. I stayed over night in Albuquerque. I was shunned and ignored. The cashier turned her back on me and refused to engage with me. I left. I finally had to go to a McDonald’s to eat some dinner before I retired to my hotel room.

        Spics are very hateful to whites when they are the majority. I try to tell my dumb fucking family and in-laws this but they won’t listen. I’m just the loud mouthed evil Nazi.

      • Deb, if it makes you feel any better, my family is the same way. They have never lived in majority non-White hell holes like I have, and don’t believe me when I show them crime statistics. Even showing them a list of child molesters in my town (99.8% Mexicans on that list, I should add!), they refused to believe me. They’ll learn, though – the hard way, when Dayquan and Paco kick down the door and culturally enrich them.

  4. “School lunch shaming”, 1st time I ever heard that. It is all a big racket. Our system tells everyone they have to fill out the papers for free lunch. I was told, ” No one validates these papers so go ahead and get your kid the free lunch”. They were actually mad at me for not filling them out. They asked me for the papers back a half dozen times or so. I told them my kid would have lunch money or a sack lunch and that I did not need to fill them out. They insisted everyone had to. I returned the papers to them, blank of course, and informed them that the school and/or the government did not need to know how many people are in my house or what our income was. I am sure the gov’t already knows all this. The school was very angry with me and I had to get nasty and difficult. I hate to be that way but find I am pushed into it more and more when dealing with multicult people. More than 90% of the kids in our system were on free lunch and even my friends asked why I would not take advantage of free lunches. Do White people have ANY pride left?
    Later in the year our local paper ran an article about and stated that the students actually PAYING for their lunch (a very small minority) was being subsidizied by the free lunch crowd. I am so glad my kid is out of school.

    • You can’t eat pride they say. Whites do not have much to be proud of based on who they vote for. Take the cash, that is one less tinted person that gets it. Whites shoudl max out all such claims in order to collapse and end the welfare system, for all but the most needy as was done in the past. Stop work and go on welfare. Who said you have to work? Let someone else do it. the Protestant work ethic is out of date. Copy the freeloading Coons and the Muslims and bludge on the system.
      Sean Connery took the UK pension when he was 70 or so even though he was wealthy. I support his decision, he was entitled to it and he had paid a large amount of tax to earn his tiny pittance,
      Why pay high taxes all your life, much of it given to Coons and Muzzies, then refuse a pension because of pride?

  5. When I was a boy in school, we usually took our lunch to school. Some schools had cafeterias. If you wanted to eat the cafeteria food, you paid money. There were no lunch programs/gibsmedat for niggers, spics, mystery-meat.

    • Same for me. At my high school there were 1000 boys, 990 were white. Only one of these boys was a “bottle scab” who collected empty soft drink bottles and got cash for them, at the school where all the boys could see him. Do I have to say that he was a Jew?

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