Florida Pit Bull Rescued from Hot Car by Police After Good Samaritan Calls in Report

Leave doggo at home with the air conditioning on in the summer in America when you leave in your car to run errands. That’s true even in northern states, because the inside of a car can get really hot there too.

When a woman saw a little pit bull inside a car in Florida with the windows rolled all the way up, she phoned the police.

The Good Samaritan is a Jewish woman who has four foster dogs at home. Kudos to her for calling law enforcement, who estimate that the temperature in the car was around 110 degrees. Doggo’s life was saved by quick action this time. Not every dog in a hot car will be so lucky.


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – A Boynton Beach police officer was forced to break into a car Monday, after a dog was left inside in the heat of the day.

It happened around 10:30 a.m., in a parking lot near Bank of America off of Woolbright Road.

Ilisa Diamond and her husband had just parked nearby, and noticed the dog inside a locked car.

“We looked and we knew it was wrong, just knew it was immediately wrong,” she told us in a FaceTime interview from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. They were preparing to fly home to New Jersey.

“As soon as we got out of the car, we thought oh my god, are we being taped? Like on an episode of What Would You Do? We just did what we thought was right,” she said.

Ilisa, who has 4 foster dogs at home, noticed the car was not running and all the windows were up. She called the Boynton Beach non-emergency line. Officers believed it was at least 110 degrees inside, they got to work to free the male pit bull.

“He didn’t even flinch when the police officer banged on the window trying to open it,” she recalled

“You guys are heroes. Thank you,” you can hear her say on the video.

Less than 2 minutes after authorities showed up, the was dog free.

“The dog looked like a great dog, he looks like he was really well cared for. I think the young girl needs education and I think if we could just get education out there, that you cannot leave dogs in cars,” she said.

They got him into the shade, and gave him water. Eventually, the dog’s owner came out. She told officers she just left the dog park and drove to the bank. When the drive-thru was closed, she ran inside. The woman learned it’s against the law to do this to a dog, she was cited and allowed to take her dog home.

“We have a lot of tragedies that can be avoided by some education,” Ilisa said.

We reached out the dog’s owner, she did not want to comment.

In 2016, the governor signed into law, making it legal to break into locked vehicles to rescue pets or people.

Watch the police break out a window and bring the panting dog some water.

Heed this warning, please.

4 thoughts on “Florida Pit Bull Rescued from Hot Car by Police After Good Samaritan Calls in Report

  1. Probably a black person. I think they should have shown the owner. WHO THE HELL DOES NOT KNOW NOT TO LEAVE A DOG OR CHILD IN THE CAR IN THE SUMMER!!! She should not have been given the dog back. Two yrs ago (think GA summer, it’s brutally hot here), I went to a local grocery and the car beside me had a dog locked in it. I stood outside my car and called the police. The negress (owner) came barreling out of a local business with a wish to fight to me. You know, they all say the same thing Not your business. Well I wasn’t armed that day except with a knife. We almost became physical but she was scared that the police would show up during our fight so, lucky for me, she jumped in her car and peeled out of there. When the cops arrived, he was black too and wasn’t real interested.
    Now, look, I am not a fighter. Because of this (my scrawiness) I learned at an early age that you must, I repeat, must make the first of the blows as deadly as you can as you won’t get another chance. Like I said, I’m not a fighter. I don’t think I would’ve won that fight, however I was prepared to drive my knife into her throat had it been necessary. You may not be able to post this because of what I have written and I will understand. I hate violence and avoid it when possible, but sometimes it is not possible and you have to do the best you can.

  2. Hell, I get mad at myself when I bring my boy out for his daily exercise and ten minutes later I realize I forgot to bring out his water bowl. Makes me feel bad!

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