PEACHES: Here’s an Easy Way to Help White South African Farmers

I wandered over to my local Dollar Tree (Where Everything’s a Dollar) today and saw that the Eden’s Kitchen big cans of peach halves (almost 30 ounces) are back in stock.

They’ve had these before, but had been out of stock for months.

Most of these peaches come from South Africa, although I did see some cans last year that were marked Kenya.

When they’re in stock, I buy them mostly because I’m guessing that some of my dollar goes to white South African farmers.

If you’ve never walked through a peach orchard, I recommend it for fun. Peaches grow well in the Deep South in the States, but not so much in the North.

Here are some photos I found that show peach farming in beautiful South Africa.

In case you were wondering about some of the foods at the Dollar Tree, the pickles from India are good as are the olives from Spain. A number of the frozen foods sold there leave much to be desired, although I do like the frozen Larry’s Mashed Potatoes.

I watch every Wolfe Pit video that comes out. Dale does several of these a week and for a while he was stuck on taste testing foods from his “own personal adult playground, the Dollar Tree.” In this video from May, he taste tests some of the dollar frozen microwavable sandwiches. He’s a funny guy, who entertains and informs.

4 thoughts on “PEACHES: Here’s an Easy Way to Help White South African Farmers

  1. Will you look at that. Evil YT’s picking/harvesting fruit. A job that supposedly evil YT’s just will not do. Those Afrikaners need to import some Mexicans for that work.

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