Miss Amanda Lee Stars in How to Use Ration Coupons (WW II Educational Film)

The charming Miss Amanda Lee learns about ration coupons. With so much material needed for the war effort, the lovely Miss Lee decides to save fabric by buying A BIKINI instead of a regular bathing suit.

How patriotic! Thanks, Miss Lee.

Less than six minutes.

While researching this video, I found that there’s an equally lovely modern incarnation of the World War II pinup who lives in Phoenix and calls herself Miss Amanda Lee.

Her website is jitterbugdoll.com.

You can look up the nostalgia babe if you like and see more. Here are three of her photos found through Google search:

6 thoughts on “Miss Amanda Lee Stars in How to Use Ration Coupons (WW II Educational Film)

  1. Patriotic? No. Duped. Americans at home were forced to skimp while jew bankers and the arms industry, among many other corrupt industry, got filthy rich funding fratricidal warfare abroad. This bullshit “Good War/ Greatest Generation” myth needs to end

    • My ancestors told me there were big black markets where things could be had for a price. I suspect a certain group controlled those black markets, but I’ve never seen anything in the history books about it.

  2. To control the population of a country, to get them to do what you want, feed them propaganda. Don’t allow the truth to get out.

    If they knew the truth harmed the country, would any of them have gone along with the war , including military members? That was then, not now, seeing how more than half of the population can easily find the truth, but brainwashed not to want or believe it.

    Then there’s this: The majority of the population didn’t want the 1965 Immigration bill to be passed, but legislators and LBJ passed it anyway. So, even though the population didn’t want to get involved in World War II, FDR, Churchill, and their White (((destroyers))) were scheming behind their backs. Then, when FDR was the reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor; although, Whites didn’t know that, they were ready to fight.

    Looks to me Whites during this time would have been patriotic under all circumstances. We should look to that time to see what patriotism among the population really is.

    • America was still heavily populated with farm boys and girls as well as small town folks. All they would have known was what they heard on the radio, in the movies, and from their little local paper. The propaganda had the Japs and Germans as really bad, both subhuman.

      They should have listened to Charles Lindbergh and they did. Only thing is that after the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, everything changed. There’s no way that they could have known that Roosevelt lured the Japs into making the attack.

      • Many of those farm people though had European ancestry so they should have known better.

        That being said, European feudalism, which still exists subtly today fueled many poor Americans to fight.

  3. Where are the crass commentators here who deride women for not being booby hung? I am surprised the little jackals did not show up to tear her apart.

    Where are you pu$$ies?

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