Creator of Trump Wrestling CNN Video Apologizes, Leaves Reddit After CNN Threatens to Reveal His True Identity

The pukes at fake news have bullied the creator of the above video into making an apology for creating it. He’s also leaving the Internet.

You have to believe that he’s been intimidated into silence because CNN threatened to dox him (reveal his true identity).

The alt-light’s Mike Cernovich has launched a Twitter war on CNN to get the truth out.

Hollywood Reporter

“I do not advocate violence against the press and the meme I posted was in no way advocating that in any way, shape or form,” Redditor “HanAssholeSolo” wrote in a since-deleted message on the site.

Reddit user “HanAssholeSolo,” who claimed credit for first posting the video of President Donald Trump bodyslamming a man with the CNN logo superimposed on his head, has apologized for seemingly condoning violence against the media.

The 28-second clip sparked outrage from media pundits and Hollywood stars alike when the president tweeted it on his personal account Sunday morning alongside the caption “FraudNewsCNN.”

The Redditor who created the gif took to the site’s message board Tuesday and issued a public apology in a post that has since been removed.

“I would like to apologize to the members on the reddit community for getting this site and this sub embroiled in a controversy that should never have happened. I would also like to apologize for the posts made that were racist, bigoted, and anti-semitic. I am in no way this kind of person,” the user wrote, clarifying that the gif was just a “prank” that had been misconstrued as “calling for violence.”

“I do not advocate violence against the press and the meme I posted was in no way advocating that in any way, shape or form,” the post continued. “The meme was created purely as satire, it was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other news affiliation. I had no idea anyone would take it and put sound to it and then have it put up on the President’s Twitter feed. It was a prank, nothing more.”

The user added that he had the “highest respect for the journalist community” and commended reporters for putting their “lives on the line every day.”

The apology comes one day after CNN was able to identify the person behind the username “HanAssholeSolo” and attempted to contact him for an interview, as detailed in an exclusive story posted by the outlet Tuesday night. Though calls and emails were not returned by the user, his letter of apology was subsequently posted to Reddit and all of his prior posts on the site were taken down. According to CNN, the user has since confirmed his identity to the outlet, which has agreed not to reveal his name “because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology” and “showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts.”

CNN initially responded to Trump’s tweet with the following statement:

“It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”

The apology sounds like a confession coming out of one of Stalin’s show trials back in the 30s. Fake News CNN has forced a fake apology from a guy probably afraid of losing his job.

As Trump would Tweet: Sad!

8 thoughts on “Creator of Trump Wrestling CNN Video Apologizes, Leaves Reddit After CNN Threatens to Reveal His True Identity

  1. Who says pro wrestling is fake? It is obviously real. Trump body slams man with CNN head to the floor. Ref unconscious lying in the ring, this is fair and good, right? This is video proof that pro wrestling is as clean as womens tennis. Both sports have very big men who take roids to bulk up and never, ever get tested for drugs. Money talks. Actually it shouts.
    CNN has no humor. Maybe Mike Cernovich is bullshitting as usual. He is a publicity hound.

    • Cernovich likes to get out in front of these stories. I’m guessing that by now others have weighed in, but when I was researching this story, Cernovich was the only one trying to expose CNN as scum. I was hoping I could throw in a Styx video on this, but at the time, he hadn’t made one.

      The advice we give here all the time applies: Never apologize. The Redditor is probably going to have his real identity exposed anyway. I wish I knew who exposed him to CNN. My site was suspended for a week a couple of years ago when I doxxed a Latino CNN reporter.

    • OK, everyone has jumped on board with taking CNN to task over blackmailing the Redditor. This is trending big on Twitter and alt-right folks are angry

      A few sample Tweets:

  2. Guy will be loudly fired by CNN before the sun comes up tomorrow. He’s been dark on Twitter for over an hour now. So they’ve probably already told him.

  3. Fvck, reading this was literally the last thing I was going to do before going to bed (after brushing my teeth).

    I’m now so filled with rage I need to break something.

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