British Army Celebrating Sucking D*ck on Fourth of July

I hope the Army doctors know how to treat anal prolapse.

Dead British soldiers are spinning in their graves.

Happy Fourth from the gay British army.

7 thoughts on “British Army Celebrating Sucking D*ck on Fourth of July

  1. If I was ever to be conscripted, the following would be my irrepressible conditions:

    1) No faggot in my unit
    2) No chick in my unit
    3) No one but White people in my unit
    4) No one but people with an IQ above 109 in my unit

    Failure to meet these demands would land me court-martialled, depriving the army of one hell of a marksman.


    Dear Liberal: If diversity is good, why put just normal food on your plate? How about making it “diverse”? The most super way a liberal can make his/her plate of food “diverse” is to put manure pickles on it. It is racist to leave manure pickles out. Just because manure is dark, it is not fair to leave it out–it is racist.

    In this day and age of inclusiveness, it is good for a liberal to include manure pickles in his/her plate, isn’t it?

    What better way for a liberal to show “tolerance” than to tolerate the smell and stench and nausea of manure pickles on his/her dinner plate?

  3. On Norfolk Isalnd, harsh penal Colony island off NSW Australia, faggotry was known as the English disease. The Irish and Scottish convicts preferred no sex to bum banditing with men. But the English were all good with it, some not all of course. So said a history I read recently, and written 30 or 40 years ago. So I have made a small change below……

    English Army

    @English Army Queens Own Regiment

    Raising the rainbow flag to celebrate strength in our diversity and poop on our cocks.

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