Trump Ignored LGBT Pride Month

Good grief! Look at the poor children in the Tweet above.

Wow! What kind of evil father would celebrate their children being condemned to Hell for eternity? Not to mention condemned to a life of promiscuity and disease during their shortened lifespans.

President Trump is sending a subtle message that homosexuality may be tolerated but offers no reason to celebrate.

By the way, how many of these leftist “months” are there? I recall Black History Month and Women’s History month at the university. The women would always try to hit me up for donations to spend on leftist, lesbian speakers. Ugh!

The Hill

President Trump’s White House broke with the tradition of officially recognizing June as LGBT Pride Month.

While other members of Trump’s administration, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, issued statements marking the month, Trump’s White House never officially acknowledged it.

Former President Bill Clinton was the first to declare June as LGBT Pride month, but the tradition didn’t continue under former President George W. Bush. The White House began recognizing the month again during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The absence is surprising in part because of Trump’s apparent support for some gay rights on the campaign trail. Last October, he posed with a rainbow flag in Colorado. In July, he promised a mostly conservative crowd that “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful, foreign ideology, believe me.”

First daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted recognition of the month. “This month we celebrate and honor the #LGBTQ community,” she wrote on June 1.

“In recognition of LGBTI Month, the Department of State affirms its solidarity with the human rights defenders and civil society organizations working around the world to uphold the fundamental freedoms of LGBTI persons to live with dignity and freedom,” Tillerson also said in a statement.

Last week, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) introduced a Senate resolution to formally recognize June as LGBT Pride month, responding to the White House’s declining to do so.

“This year, the White House broke with an 8 year tradition and did not issue a presidential proclamation acknowledging June as Pride Month,” he wrote on Twitter. “So I’m proud to lead the first-ever Senate Resolution recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month.”

Brown was joined by 23 other senators in sponsoring the resolution.

So Obama the divider, a down low gay gentleman himself, celebrated perversion and degeneracy officially. Not surprising is it?

14 thoughts on “Trump Ignored LGBT Pride Month

  1. I didn’t notice. Probably, knew he’d get a lot of flak from his supporters if he did.

    Someone from the lefty media asked Trump if he supports LGBTs. His response…he stumbled with his words, then said, “If it’s the law.”

    It’s obvious to me he doesn’t, but what choice did he have during the campaign. He was trying to get some liberals to vote for him, so I think the reason he came out to support them later.

  2. How do we get months for Whites. Can think of many reasons we should be honored. 93% of all the inventions. The oldest 10 universities in the country and probably 99.9999% others were founded by Whites, all except Columbia had Christian roots established to teach theology. University of Pennsylvania, besides theology also to teach classics and medicine.

    And, of course, founded and built the United States.


    The oldest university in the world, University of Bologna in Italy, established in 1088.

    The Greeks introduced the concepts of medical diagnosis, prognosis, and advanced medical ethics, the Hippocratic Oath.

    Many more.

      • Well, ‘American’ no longer refers to only Whites. Don’t we want to point out it was Whites who invented the most, so shouldn’t we include all of them including Europeans? Call it White Inventor’s Month.

  3. Paladin,

    “The Apprentice. I was wondering what sort of attitude he might have displayed toward them on TV.”

    Watched once or twice. Wouldn’t know to give you an answer.

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