Ann Barnhardt Podcast #10 (Audio)

Ann and her highly intelligent partner Supernerd express politically incorrect analysis of recent news.

Highly recommended. I play the conversation in the background while I’m working on my posts.

Ann Barnhardt

In this episode we discuss the recent collision of the guided missile cruiser USS Fitzgerald off the coast of Japan, the invasion of sodomites into the ranks of Romans Bishops, and talk a bit about Michael Voris — do these three topics share a common thread? Also we explain why the Barnhardt Podcast won’t be uploaded to YouTube anymore.

Q: How hard is it for a container ship to ram an Arleigh Burke class destroyer?
A: Harder than for a 400 pound Walmart shopper on a half-charged scooter to catch up with and run over Usain Bolt.

Correction from SuperNerd: I referred to AIS — Automatic Identification System — as system of shore-based radars tracking ships; it’s actually a transponder system on ships which transmit a vessel’s current location along with other information. AIS transmits on VHF (which has a range of 20 – 40 miles depending on conditions) as well as via satellite. There are shore-based radar systems which are used by the equivalent of air traffic controllers to coordinate and deconflict the movements of vessels in busy waterways (eg: Strait of Juan de Fuca) or the approaches to busy ports (eg: Port of Long Beach) and I conflated those two things during the recording this morning… because I’m not a media pro. The point being: while navy ships probably have the ability to transmit AIS information they never do, so the navigation suite on a merchant vessel won’t automatically see a naval ship. It doesn’t change the bottom line based on what is known at this time: both ships will get the blame for this accident though it’s likely from preliminary data that it was the bridge team of the USS Fitzgerald who is most to blame for what happened — and affirmative action policies and politically correct personnel decisions certainly could have played a non-trivial role in this affair.

Recommended Reading for this episode:

The USS Fitzgerald Is At Fault. This Is Why.
Masculinity and Catholicism: The Michael Voris talk in Denver, CO
Feedback: You can email Ann and her co-host at with your questions, comments, details about stealth freighter technology, etc.

The links are live at Ann’s site.

3 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt Podcast #10 (Audio)

  1. I had wondered the same thing. The tanker was crewed by Filipinos. The Navy ship watch-men for that shift might have been lazy non-Caucasians of some sort who fell asleep or were malingering. I can not imagine that in a busy water-way, a U.S. Navy combat vessel was so negligent. If it was due to non-YT dereliction, we may never hear the real truth.

  2. Helmsman Bubba was probably making a video for World Star “Look, I be de Cap’n o’ dis boat and sheeeit!”


    “I dindu nuffin!”

  3. Nope! Supernerd blaming Fitzgerald is wrong to me. Crystal was going to Tokyo and hadn’t reached the place where it would make a left turn when it hit the Fitzgerald. Why did Crystal backtrack when it was going to Tokyo? It should have continued straight ahead. Had it not done that, it wouldn’t have hit the Fitzgerald.

    See a map of the Crystal’s route below.

    Preliminary investigation pointed to a faulty computerized navigation system on automatic pilot at time of collision. Fitzgerald allegedly signaled the cargo ship, Crystal, but it didn’t respond, so Fitzgerald tried to get out of the way, but the cargo ship hit it anyway.

    Supernerd implied Fitzgerald can zip around like a speed boat…not so. Watched them in the past going full speed…it also takes them awhile to reach top speed. They are fast as ships go, but not THAT fast. It’s possible, the crew signaled the Crystal too long before stepping on the gas. But, why should the Fitzgerald take the blame for not being able to get out of Crystal’s way? Seems as if blame is headed in that direction, at least by the public!

    As in car accidents, an insurance company might say the Crystal was the guilty party since it ran into Fitzgerald’s side, but in shipping, who knows the investigative outcome and whether we are told the truth. I suspect the Navy will take the blame so it’s not seen as ‘racist’ for placing it where it belongs… on the Crystal.

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