Women’s Mag (((Editor))) Urges Readers to Break Mail Law and Send Trump Their Used Tampons


Lea Goldman wears several hats, including leadership roles on Lifetime TV networks, Marie Claire magazine, and more.

She’s a nasty piece of work.

Excerpt from Downtrend


Feminists are currently in an uproar because of the silly feud between MSNBC dingbat Mika Brzezinski and Donald Trump. The president hit back at her childish antics by saying he saw her bleeding badly from a facelift. This comes after feminists were outraged that Trump once said Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her eyes and her “whatever.”

In response to these nothing statements, the editor-in-chief of Lifetime and FYI, Lea Goldman, tweeted out this:

Trump’s kryptonite is women’s blood! So send your boxes of pads & tampons to the White House! #RedResistance

— Lea Goldman (@lea) June 30, 2017

Downtrend goes on to inform women that sending body waste through the mail is a federal crime, unless the conditions for shipping biomaterials are met.

Goldman incited her followers to break a federal law. That may be why I couldn’t find the Tweet. She’s apparently deleted it.

Nothing the leftist/feminist cabal has tried has derailed the Trump train. These morally bankrupt fools keep showing the world what jackasses they are, which only helps insure that they are denied power for a long time to come.

Here’s Styx opining on Lea Goldman for six and half minutes. Styx suggest the Secret Service pay Goldman a visit.

This is actual feminist “art.” What’s wrong with these kikes?

Read more about this particular feminist abomination at the moistsomoist blog.

8 thoughts on “Women’s Mag (((Editor))) Urges Readers to Break Mail Law and Send Trump Their Used Tampons

  1. Typical dirty JU. Lifetime the woman’s network that pushes violence against women…it’s all JUed up backwards inside out world ..you know demonic like their god and them! UGH! What’s the big deal if Mika was bleeding from a facelift and Trump said it?? Oh the truth is bad!

  2. Posting bodily fluids could lead the police right to the culprits, including this Jew named woman for inciting Federal crime. Cops have experience with tracing letters from kidnappers and the like bad eggs. Blood is DNA evidence which would lead to an easy conviction of the guilty. So pretty stupid advice. Maybe intentionally so? Does this woman hate low level postal workers, most of whom would have brown or black skin?

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