White Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Social Media Post: ‘Nothing Like Almost Shooting Someone’

Another white person has lost a job because of a social media post.

Austen Callus, 23, has been fired from his position as a sheriff’s deputy.

You can read the single sentence that led to his firing. It’s in the photo above.

The question is whether the conclusion that Callus is a threat to society based on a single sentence is a fair conclusion.

I consider his firing to be Orwellian. It’s not reasonable for government bureaucrats to infer that he’s itching to commit murder based on that single sentence.

Sometimes I ask you to convince me that I’m wrong. Not this time. Nothing will change my mind.

If Callus had a history of behavior problems or if he had a history of making threats, it would be a different story.

What happened here, reading between the lines, is that he answered a domestic violence call at a black household and left feeling agitated at almost having to kill a human being. It’s actually a statement that could be interpreted as that of a sensitive man.

I’m pretty sure, reading between the lines again, that blacks pressured the Sheriff to fire him.

The takeaway is again, don’t post under your real identity on social media. Share your thoughts in private only with a close family member.

Big Brother is watching you.


A sheriff’s deputy in Florida has been fired after posting on social media about almost shooting someone, officials said.

Austen Callus, 23, was initially put on administrative leave from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office after a photo he posted to Snapchat, which included a caption about firing his weapon, made its way back to the department, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said.

“Nothing like almost shooting someone to set your head right lol,” Callus wrote on the picture of himself in a plain blue shirt. “God I gate [sic] people with knives.”

On Sunday, Callus was sent to a “family trouble” incident in Dunedin, where it had been reported that one person was armed with a knife.

But the reports of a knife-wielding person were unfounded and the situation was handled, Gualtieri said. Later that day, Callus reportedly posted the troublesome photo to Snapchat.

News of the photo left fellow social media users outraged and questioning who their local law enforcement had hired.

“That’s not what we are about that’s not what we do,” Gaultieri said.

The sheriff’s office received a complaint about the photo Tuesday, placed Callus on administrative leave Wednesday and ultimately terminated him Thursday, Gualtieri said.

“When somebody makes that kind of a statement after going to a call and you see the quote is, ‘Nothing like almost shooting someone to set your head right lol.’ You know, there’s a couple things in there that are very troubling, but not the least of which is the ‘lol’ or laughing out loud at the end,” he told reporters on Thursday. “That, to me, is telling. That’s an indicator.”

Callus was a probationary deputy who was hired in November, which allowed for an expedited termination, but Gualtieri said he was let go only after a thorough, fair and objective investigation was completed.

Gualtieri said Callus’s termination was a result of several factors, but was primarily based on his inappropriate language on Snapchat, which the sheriff said pointed to a large issue.

“When you say something to the effect of, almost shooting somebody to make your head right, i.e. make you feel good, and then you’re laughing out loud about it, that’s a problem,” he said. “You don’t need to be a deputy sheriff, you don’t need to be a law enforcement officer; you don’t need to be out there protecting people when you’re making comments about shooting somebody to make you feel better.”

When his superiors questioned the post, Callus never tried to explain it, the sheriff said.

“He never offered any explanation to alleviate or mitigate the concerns that I have,” Gaultieri said.

Gualtieri also said that Callus tried getting legal advice on what recourse might be available against the person who reported the photo, who had also told the sheriff’s department that Callus recently broke up with his girlfriend.

“There were some things that were problematic in his life, but as a deputy out of the field training program for three weeks — he’s only out there by himself for three weeks — to respond to a call… and have to make a decision about use of force, and then to make a comment that that in somehow is therapeutic and it’d make him feel better if he could shoot somebody,” Gualtieri said. “It’s obviously concerning and you don’t need to be carrying a gun and a badge if you make comments like that, and especially if you feel that way.

“This has nothing to do with social media,” Gaultieri continued.

“This has to do with a statement that he made to someone else that is very concerning [and] reprehensible. And, it shows that state of mind of someone who shouldn’t be a law enforcement officer.”

InsideEdition.com’s attempts to reach Callus for comment were unsuccessful.

8 thoughts on “White Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Social Media Post: ‘Nothing Like Almost Shooting Someone’

  1. I have a buddy who was an evil YT sheriff’s deputy. He had two shootings under his belt. He loved the action and putting down the bad guy. That is what they get paid to do, and shooting some a**-hole is part of the job sometimes. I did so once myself, and it felt great. Contrary to popular non-white and jew opinion, all LEO’s go into law-enforcement expecting and many hoping to shoot a bad guy. It is as basic as when we were children playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. It is basically the concept/conflict of good and evil. Nothing more to it. Colored, jew, and goy libtards are upset, because the coloreds are usually the perps getting shot, the jews just want to make their usual trouble for YT, and the goy libtards are just plain effete, nancy-boy faggot pearl-clutchers.

  2. Most police are low IQ , power hungry and corrupt morons. The government does not want moral, independent thinkers that might question the validity of the majority of the “laws” they’re required to enforce. They are nothing more than glorified revenue collectors and thugs for the state. The fact that they drop a few low life shit skins here and there doesn’t make up for the fact that they gleefully fleece their fellow man with traffic stops, obscene overtime pay for standing around, cutting deals with drug runners, etc. And, let’s not forget that their training comes directly from israel. Fuck em all.

    • Will not argue that in the last 50+ years, since we stupidly/tragically turned loose the sh*t-skin niggers, via the Civil Rights bull-sh*t, and passed the 1965 Immigration Act (opened the flood-gates to non-white immigration and shut off YT immigration) the police have been indoctrinated to treat everyone like a nigger in the ensuing years. The blacks and browns were the main drug distributors/dealers getting tens of millions of YT’s hooked on drugs and turning them into white niggers prone to crime/violence. I myself, though I was once law-enforcement, do not like or respect our law enforcement officers (LEO’s) anymore either. They consider anyone not wearing a badge to be an a**hole/nigger and treat them accordingly. They target YT’s for revenue, because YT has something to lose (job/career/profession, personal liberty to jail/prison, money to fines, loss of reputation, etc.), and YT pays up. Colored peoples have nothing to lose. But, be aware that YT law enforcement authorities are race-realists, though they can not give voice to it or lose their jobs. Also be aware that they are “public servants” who look forward to receiving a pension and will allow nothing or no one to interfere with that. Us evil YT’s as non-LEO Caucasians mean nothing to white law enforcement officers and even less to non-white LEO’s. The LEO exists only as a report-taker/statistician to police-up your body when the sh*t hits the fan. So, arm-up yourselves and realize that you can depend on only yourself in the event of a threat to your life/limb.

  3. Back in the good ol days if you had a deputy that wanted to shoot someone Andy put him back in his place and kept his bullets. Having been a behind the scenes observer of LEO attitudes and the way they act when they think the public isn’t looking, the way they talk about everyone (black, White, Brown all the same to them) who is a “Civilian” as they call em… of course they are civilians themselves but they seem to forget that. Their actual lack of respect for the people they claim they protect. I have no faith in or use for LEO’s at all. I will not defend them from anyone even orc lives matter protestors. The way I see it LEO’s been enforcing the MUlti-Cult/Feminist laws on me for 50+ years when those same asshats turn on the cops I got no dog in that fight and really just hope they cancel each other out.

    What does worry me though is these pussified White cops that are now falling left and right will be replaced with Affirmative Action non-White and Female cops. When that happens I won’t be able to even go into a city limits any longer.

    Damned if you do… damned if you don’t

  4. To paraphrase a famous quote, “Every nation gets the police force it deserves”.

    About the guy that made the original quote – about govts…..from Turdpedia……
    “Joseph de Maistre, the most visionary of France’s early counterrevolutionaries, was one of the first to speak of this. A Catholic, he traced the French Revolution to the acrid solvents of the Reformation. With its celebration of “private interpretation” of the Scriptures, Protestantism paved the way for century upon century of regicide and revolt originating in the lower classes. It is from the shadow of a cloister that there emerges one of mankind’s very greatest scourges. Luther appears; Calvin follows him. The Peasants’ Revolt; the Thirty Years’ War; the civil war in France…the murders of Henry II, Henry IV, Mary Stuart, and Charles I; and finally, in our day, from the same source, the French Revolution. ”

    Yet he may be in error partly – the Frog revolutionaries were Catholics, not Protestants. Most protestants in France were killed long before the French revolution. Frog Protestants were about 2% of the population and mostly living in remote Eastern provinces, not Paris.

  5. New Zealand has a very clever system. The hated revenuers of the roads are not police. Instead they are designated with some other title, much like Rangers, Traffic something or other, or Tax Collectors, or whatever they are called. So the real police are respected by the honest part of the population.

    I like the way hillbillies in Prohibition always called Govt agents revenuers – which was a very accurate title, even for local cops and sheriffs. Granny Clampett had an abiding rage and hatred against all revenuers and always got out her gun whenever one came to their home. Where her still was, of course, making her “roomatiz medicine”.

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