Trump Makes It The Best 4th of July Ever

President Donald Trump, argues Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, is the funniest president in American history. The fun this Fourth weekend just won’t stop.

The above video proves it. It’s the old Trump vs. Vince McMahon video from a decade ago that I’ve had up here a half dozen times before, but altered to obscure McMahon’face with CNN’s logo. A Trump supporter created it a few days ago. I put it into a Trump post a few hours ago before the excitement that broke out today.

Liberal heads are exploding, wallowing in the claim that the President is inciting people to kill reporters.

Wrestling is fake. CNN is fake news. Apparently, CNN doesn’t know that wrestling is fake:

The same libtards who applauded the bloody assassination of Trump in the Shakespeare in the Park play last month are condemning today’s Trump Tweet. This stupid spic is someone worthy of contempt. Why the Hell is she on TV?

CNN is scared. They must think that Trump is sending them to a FEMA camp.

Since Trump isn’t going to stop, CNN is trying to ban him from Twitter:

The dumb and dumber who have no understanding of how the Internet works are everywhere condemning:


But there are some people with sense. Trump supporters, people who like a good fight, and even some conservatives are Tweeting support.

You may think all of this is unimportant, but the left is using it to promote the 25th Amendment, which would allow a doctor to declare Trump mentally unstable and thus be removed from office.

The question is would Americans allow a soft coup d’etat of that sort, lulled into complacency by Big Pharma, Netflix, and the NFL?

3 thoughts on “Trump Makes It The Best 4th of July Ever

  1. Our Trumpenfuhrer has these fancy little fairy f*ck kikes in a froth. The Christ-killers do not know which end is up. Keep pounding them.

  2. Doesn’t matter, what you think ??
    Global Warming is real in America ??
    All those “snow flakes” melting ???

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