The Day the Music Died: Swedish Music Festival Cancels 2018 Event after Sexual Assaults

The politically correct media won’t name the rapists and other sex criminals that have forced the Bravalla festival in Sweden to shut down next year.

Would you like to take a guess?

You’ll have to because I can’t find anyone reporting on the identities of the thugs.

A large music festival in Sweden that has seen performances by artists such as Kanye West, Robbie Williams and Iron Maiden has called off next year’s event after several reports of sexual assault.

The Bravalla festival in Norrkoping, southern Sweden, says the decision was made after a rape was reported Friday. Swedish police say they so far have 11 cases of sexual assault in addition to the rape at the festival, held June 28 to July 1.

The music festival said Saturday in a statement it had attempted to prevent abuse but “some men — because we are talking about men — apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.”

The festival, which started in 2013 and draws about 40,000, urged people to “take care of each other, choke hatred and violence and let the music win.”

My guess is that it’s the Amish that did this. What’s yours?

13 thoughts on “The Day the Music Died: Swedish Music Festival Cancels 2018 Event after Sexual Assaults

  1. Far more disconcerting (no pun intended initially) than the rape culture is the usual light in the loafers intelligence and thought police thinking the best way for cancelling concerted musical gatherings is the Rape Fear (modern movie title) cover yourself up debate. If someone cannot sing the US National Anthem without dogs howling their musical contribution hopefully is utilizing a musical instrument. Rap(e) of music terminology does not alone make it musical.

  2. “some men — because we are talking about men — apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.”

    The concert could have gone ahead men only. This would have been politically incorrect, plus muzzies will shove their cock in any hole.

    This is the end times of the West, and cancelling events that females could feel safe at is just the beginning. Female freedom will end very soon, with or without Sharia Law. Ironically, it is women that vote for the Lefturd parties that bring in African and Muslim men by the millions.

      • You are neither a goddess nor a deep thinker. You dish out insults but you can’t take criticism of any kind. Go and enjoy your next rock festival – until they are all banned. Watch out for mad bombers and shooters – mostly Muslim men. Paladin should have banned you years ago, he has lost many good posters due to your insults.

        No living woman is a goddess. But a lot of nutty ones think they are one.

    • You are right Robert. My German expat friend tells me he won’t let his wife and daughter out to the park without him when they are home ( Hamburg). He tells me he goes shopping with his whole family together, and won’t let any family member use public transport. Apparently his wife “got violently harassed by some youth “in the town centre. He wont say it outright( still got his head in the sand) but he means culture enrichers,after all at 40 they are still considered youths! Perhaps because they all have the mental development of 8 year olds…

  3. The muzzies aka sand nogs are just used by the hidden true state to police women from being able to walk freely and do things like go shopping, go to work, take their kids to the park, and other normal life experiences.

    White sharia is semitic and does not belong in the Anglosphere or in Europe. The DL gays in the Alt Right and in WN support it. Reside they hate women as well.

    Truly sad times. When the gays are outed, things will get better. The faux West needs to purge itself of practicing gay and psychologically gay men…. not all, but most. Their hatred of all things female and their ever encroaching greed has killed civilization. A truly male who truly loves women would not cheer about events such as this.

    • It’s women who have been the most supportive of bringing the Muslim filth to the West. Remember all those “Refugees welcome” signs? It’s also women that support the welfare state that supports the “refugees” after they arrive in the West. These are facts, not woman hating.

      You should be trying to wake up women to the real life dangers of the blacks and other nonwhites. You used to do that on Amren when I first read your comments.

      • Not all women- just a loud minority. Just as the LGBT scene is a loud minority.

        I think women who support minorities over their own sisters are psychological lesbians. They hate women like them.

        The LGBT has fomented hate against normal ‘breeder’ women. Many lack an identity so they identify with refugees who have no space either.

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