AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: Life in the Suburbs (720p)

Optimism. This is what an all white nation looks like. Great film.

Life really was better back in the day (except for the lack of air conditioning if you lived in the south). This look at life appears to be a promotional film for Redbook magazine.

About 19 minutes.

Published on Jun 11, 2014

This documentary film shows American life and culture in the mid-1950’s.

Youtube comment:

This is 100% amazing. I’d gladly give up the internet, computers, cell phones, GPS mapping in cars, and all the cheap disposable crap they make these days for a one-way ticket in a time machine back to mid-century America.

5 thoughts on “AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: Life in the Suburbs (720p)

  1. I watch for the street scenes and the cars in their original time. Of all things there’s an English Austin A35 pops up in this one. You could have stuck it in the boot of your Buick Super back then. Didn’t know it was sold in the US.

  2. I am with the YouTube commenter. I would give-up all our Icrap, kikes, muds, and illegals and return to that evil YT, oppressive America.

  3. What Redbook is publishing now!

    “I Caught My Fiancé Cheating With an Escort — Now We Have Threesomes Once a Month”

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