Tatted and Pierced Teen Emo Hottie Shocked After Being Asked to Leave Mall Over Brief Outfit

Narcissism, expressed as bad taste in clothing, hair, tats, and piercings, is revealing of a sick Western culture. But it’s not illegal.

The question in my mind is whether a business should be legally allowed to have a dress code, if they want one. I firmly believe so. Furthermore, every school and college in America should have a dress code.

America looks like a nation of pigs, fruits, and nuts.

CTV News

A Manitoba woman says she felt humiliated and harassed when security staff at a shopping mall forced her to leave the building because of an outfit they deemed “indecent.”

Sierrah Anderson, 21, says she was wearing shorts, a crop top and a long vest on Monday, when she went to Kildonan Place in Winnipeg and lined up to look at a new phone.

The Selkirk, Man., resident says she was approached by security staff who ordered her to leave immediately or be charged with public indecency.

Anderson says she was confused, considering that she had purchased her shorts at the same mall.

“I felt completely humiliated,” she says. “It was embarrassing to walk through the mall while everyone could watch this happening.”

Anderson says she has more confidence than many people, and wonders what such an incident would mean for women with less self-esteem.

The mall’s general manager has apologized and said that the contracted security staff involved will no longer be working at the shopping centre.

Even among the youthful youtube comments, there was significant condemnation of her facial piercings. They show up very, very clearly in the video.

Two and a half minutes.

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Beth Macdonell on how a Manitoba woman says she was escorted out of a Winnipeg mall because of what she was wearing.

12 thoughts on “Tatted and Pierced Teen Emo Hottie Shocked After Being Asked to Leave Mall Over Brief Outfit

  1. She looks nasty. All those face piercings and tats. People who need metal in their face to make a statement need their head examined. I think she looked like a slut. She screwed up her body and put holes in her face to get a reaction, but this is not the reaction she wanted. Too bad. I don’t trust people who look like her. I think they are crazy. Its my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  2. “Sierra Anderson has a distinct and colorful sense of style.”

    Dressing like a prostitute is now a “distinct and colorful sense of style”.

    “She left feeling shocked and ashamed.”

    Considering that she uses her face for a pin cushion, I wouldn’t have thought shock and shame is even possible.

  3. Trolling for a lawsuit…someone like that CANNOT be shocked or humiliated ; shock is what they thrive on.
    Odd tho that this allegedly happened in canada ; they allow/encourage queers to parade around in worse/less and consistently push an antiChristian agenda – one would think they would make this dumb ugly whore a poster girl…

  4. She looks like a hooker – it is illegal to tout for sexual business in public almost everywhere. So the security staff did the right thing – and got fired for it. Maybe it was a police matter. Maybe she was touting for customers – i.e. soliciting. She looks like it. I did not watch the filth video. Canada is long gone.

  5. I avoid interacting with such degenerates as much as possible. For instance, if I was unfortunate enough to, say… wait for the same elevator as she, I’d simply walk away, and take the next one.

    The above depiction is one of the best advice PJ has ever given. One can substitute the black figure with anything else that’s wrong with society.

  6. I’m dismayed to see the word “hottie” anywhere near this emu [no sic]. Please consider changing the title of the article. “Skank” or something similar would be far more accurate.

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